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What I Did For Love…Part 2

                The next day, I woke up and see Louis and Harry smiling at me and they wiggled their eyebrows. “What?” I asked stupidly
“You comfortably babe?” Louis asked me
“Um yes?” I said confusingly
“Being in Zayn’s arms must be comfortable isn’t it?” Harry asked
                I realized that I was in Zayn’s arms and squeal. I rolled over and fell off the sofa. The boys laughed at me, while I blushed. My fall caused the other boys to wake up. Niall, Liam, and Zayn looked at us confusingly, while Harry and Louis were laughing uncontrollably on the floor.
“You okay, (y/n)?” Zayn asked me
“Yeah fine thanks,” I replied, while making a face at Louis and Harry who were still laughing. I excused myself from them and got ready for the day. After getting dressed I went back into the living room to see the boys watching cartoons. Harry and Louis have calmed down, but when they saw me they laughed a bit. I rolled my eyes at them and walked into the kitchen.
“What do you boys want to eat?” I asked
“Anything really,” Niall replied
“Here let me help you,” Liam said as he walked towards me, “So, (y/n), why were Harry and Louis laughing a while ago? And why’d you fall down? Are you okay?”
“Well you see,” I explained, “I kind of fell asleep in Zayn’s arms, and when I woke up I didn’t really know. Harry and Louis were staring at me weirdly and asked me if I was comfortable in Zayn’s arms. Then I realized I was so I fell.”Liam chuckled a bit, and I playfully hit him on the shoulders.
“So what are we going to cook?” He asked
I thought to myself and said, “Well maybe we could cook some scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes?”
“Sounds amazing, but to be honest I don’t know how to cook,” Liam said, “But you know, Zayn knows how to cook great eggs. I just wanted to know what happened last night.”
I stuck my tongue out at Liam and made a face. I said, “Oh, so you’re a snoopy person aren’t you? I guess I could cook by myself it’s no big deal.”
“Just think of me as an older brother,” Liam said with a wink, “Hey Zayn can you cook your eggs? (y/n) needs help!”
“Uh, sure,” Zayn said as he took his eyes away from the television screen. As he went towards me, Liam went back into the living room, after I whispered, “You suck.”
“So, um you need help with cooking eggs?” He asked
“Um well you don’t need to help me,” I assured him, “I can cook it if you want. Liam just thought I needed help, since I’m cookin’ some eggs, pancakes, and some bacon, maybe some sausages too. I don’t know, but the point is. You don’t have to help me.”
“No it’s okay I’ll help you,” Zayn said with a smile, “It’s fine I’ll help you.”
“It’s fine you don’t have to,” I said once more.
“I’m going to help you, whether you like it or not,”  Zayn said.
“Hey!” Louis screamed, “Sorry to interrupt you guys, but Zayn teach her how to cook your eggs!”
“Yeah!” The other lads agreed with him. Thinking about it now, it was probably one of Louis’s mischievous plans.
“Can you guys start cooking?” Niall begged, “I’m starving! I think I’m gonna die!”
“Okay, we’ll start cooking!” I said, “Here have some cereal.”
                I tossed him a box of cereal, and he started to eat the cereal. The boys returned to their program, and Zayn and I didn’t know where to start.
“So uh, we’ll start with the eggs?” I asked him.
“I guess so,” Zayn replied.
                I grabbed a carton of eggs in the refrigerator, and set them on the counter. Zayn looked for some ingredients in the refrigerator. I’m really not one of those professional cooks. I didn’t know how to hold things or do things like other cooks, but I managed to do things on my own. The things I cooked were great anyways. I took the egg, and a fork and hit it on the egg.
“Um, what are you doing?” Zayn asked me with a funny face
I cracked the egg open, and put it in the bowl. I looked at Zayn and said, “Um, what? I’m just cracking eggs.”
He laughed at me, and I blushed. He said, “That’s how you crack eggs?”
“Yes? I know I’m weird,” I replied back to him
“No you aren’t,” He assured me, “Let me demonstrate.”
He took an egg, and tapped it on the bowl. Zayn opened the egg graciously, and put the yoke into the bowl. I attempted to do the same thing as him, but it only resulted into me smashing an egg into a bowl. I made a face, and Zayn laughed at me.
“Here,” Zayn said, “let me help you.”
                He went behind me, while I grabbed another egg. He put his hand over mine, and led it to the bowl. When he did this, I forgot about what we were doing. I looked over to him, and we both smiled at each other. Zayn cracked the egg carefully, but we were still staring into each other’s eyes. Because of this, he didn’t know that he dropped the yoke onto the floor instead of the bowl. A second later, we both turned away, and resumed to cook. I stepped forward a little, and I slipped on the egg. Zayn tried to catch me, but the floor was too slippery. We both hit the ground, with me falling on top of him with my head and arm resting on his chest.
“Oh my gosh, are you okay?!” I asked
“Yeah, fine,” Zayn said giving me one of his charming smiles
 “Oh my god!” Harry screamed, “You better not be doing what I think you guys are doing! There are people in the room!”
                I laughed at Harry’s comment, and stood up. Zayn followed suit, and we resumed cooking in the kitchen. We finally finished cooking, and Niall ran to the kitchen to grab a plate of food. The boys had to leave, after breakfast, so I was left alone at the apartment. As soon as they left, I cleaned up the kitchen. My phone was buzzing, and I checked it. I had a message from each of the boys.
From Harry:
“You are a naughty. Who even goes at it in the kitchen!”
“So…um…from a scale to 1 to 10 how comfortable were you in Zayn’s arms?”
“Blah, I’m bored. Do you miss us? Maybe Zayn more?”
From Louis:
“Hello der! You had a nice sleep in his arms?”
“Remember be safe!”
“We will never leave you guys unsupervised again! You naughty people.”
“Okay, so this is serious, we should meet again, but with Eleanor!”
From Liam:
“Hey! How you doing (y/n)? You okay being home alone?”
“We didn’t make a mess did we? Oh we should’ve helped you clean it up!”
“So, if you have any problems just talk to me! Especially the kind of problems with Zayn! ;)”
“We should all hang out again, and Lou and I will make sure to bring our girlfriends!”
“I hope you have a great day!”
From Niall:
“Thank you for the food! You’re a great cook!”
“I’m confused I don’t get what’s going on. Louis, Harry, and Liam are just laughing with each other, especially Louis and harry. Zayn and I are confused. Care to explain?
“Make more food for me next time please? Tanks!”
From Zayn:
“Hey babe! ;)”
“The lads won’t stop laughing at me for some reason. Niall and I are confused! Aha! Xx”
“We should all hang out again!”
“I should give you another cooking lesson, but we need to watch out for those eggs! Aha.”
“Anyways, what happened this morning? Lou and Hazza are laughing their heads off about it!”
                I laughed at their texts, and replied to their comments. It has been a great morning, but I was alone now. I received a text from Aurelian and I was happy to get it from him.
“Hey, how are you? I hope you’re not bored! See you soon!”
                I replied to him after I read the text. Aurelian was coming back in a week, but what I didn’t know that there was going to be a drastic change in that week. The change though was great at first, but then it has gotten worse.

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