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What I Did For Love…Part 135

“How’s (y/n) and Zayn doing?” Danielle asked Liam
“Zayn’s healthy,” Liam answered, “(y/n) has an infection, and they gave her antibiotics. We don’t know if the antibiotics will be effective or not.”
Danielle frowned, “How’s Zayn taking the news?”
“Terribly,” Liam told her, “He keeps telling us that she’s going to be okay and that she’s going to live. We all want to believe it, but we can’t just think that she will. What if she doesn’t live Dani? We can’t just keep our hopes up and think that everything is going to be fine.”
“Did you think you would never find me and (y/n)?” Danielle questioned, “Did you have any hope that you will find us?”
“Yeah but-,” Liam started

“No,” She said, “There’s no buts. You had hope, Liam. Try to have hope for (y/n).  Don’t put down Zayn. He’s hurting, and I know everyone is hurting right now too. It’s the only way Zayn can assure himself. Imagine, Liam, what if I was (y/n)’s position. Wouldn’t you act the same way as Zayn? Be a friend and comfort him. Don’t try to put him down. Be optimistic with him.”
There was a knock at the door, and Danielle and Liam’s attention went to Harry. He smiled bashfully, “Hope I’m not interrupting anything. I was just going to say that there are some police officers here.”
Liam looked back at Danielle then at Harry, “Just give us a moment. I’ll be out there.”
“Okay,” Harry said going back out of the room
“Just try to understand what I told you, Liam,” Danielle whispered
Liam gave Danielle a peck on the lips, “I’ll see you later.”
                Liam walked out of the room and saw the lads and girls talking to the two officers. Liam walked up to them and greeted them.
“Good day officer,” Liam greeted, “Any news?”
One of the officers nodded his head, “We found Aurelian, and brought him to a different hospital to be treated. He didn’t go far, since he got shot in the leg. We’re still searching for Avery and the three other men.”
“What are you going to do with Aurelian?” Niall questioned
“He’s been tested and diagnosed with psychosis,” The other officer answered, “They will be taking him to an asylum.”
“What?” Liam fumed, “He doesn’t get to go to prison for what he’s done?! He almost raped (y/n) and he abused her!”
“He is suffering from psychosis,” The officer repeated, “Ms. Peazer has said that Avery has done the most torturing towards (y/n). (y/n) has the say whether or not if she wants them to be charged.”
“We don’t know if she’s going to be alive,” Jordan added, “Who gets to say what happens if she dies?”
“Ms. Peazer,” The officer said, “She was tortured also, and she has witnessed the crime.”
“We will keep you guys updated,” The other officer said, “Now we must go off to business.”
“Thank you officer,” Eleanor thanked
                The two officers left, and everyone was silent. They didn’t understand what was happening. Things were happening too fast. Everyone sat down at the seats lost in their thoughts. Jordan was the first one to break the silence.
“We forgot about Jeremiah,” She spoke up
“We dropped him back to his place, remember?” Harry questioned
“Well, I’m going to see him,” Jordan said, “I need at least something to keep me happy.”
“I’ll go with you,” Harry offered
“See you guys later,” Louis told them
                Jordan and Harry exited the hospital and got into Harry’s car. He drove to Jeremiah’s house. Once they parked, Harry opened Jordan’s door, and they both went towards the door. What terrified them was that the door wasn’t shut. Jordan opened the door slowly. The house felt cold and eerie. There was broken furniture scattered across the place. Jordan and Harry walked into the living room. She let out a scream, while Harry’s eyes widened. Lying on the ground was her aunt with a bullet hole in between her eyes, and Jeremiah with blood pooling around his head. There was short breaths coming out of the child, and the two adults ran towards the child.
“Joride,” He whimpered, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Shh,” She cried, “Stay strong okay? We’re going to call the police and bring you to the hospital.”
“I thought my daddy loved me,” Jeremiah wept with his eyes starting to flutter
Jordan took Jeremiah into her arms and put pressure against the cut on his head. She whispered into his ear, “Don’t leave me.”

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