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The Judge’s House…(for toinfinityandeyond)

The boys were at Simon Cowell’s vacation house in Spain, and were nervous about singing ‘Torn’ in front of him. They weren’t sure whether or not if they would make it to the finals. Too ease of their nerves; they decided to go to a pizzeria near the vacation house. The lads knew that they couldn’t go out of the house, but they sneaked out anyways, because they probably would never be at Spain ever again. They arrived at the pizzeria, and Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Niall grabbed a booth, while Liam went over to order a pizza. In line, he saw a beautiful girl at the cashier register.
“Hola,” The girl said, “¿Que puedo conseguir?” (Hi, what can I get you?)
Liam did not say a word because he was hypnotized by his beauty, and he also did not understand her.
“¿Perdon?” She said, “¿Hablas espanol o ingles?”
“Hey Liam!” Louis yelled from the booth.
Liam shook his head and looked at her shyly. He gave her a small smile and said, “Uh, I do not speak Spainsh.”
“Oh, okay,” She said with an accent, “Sorry, what can I get you?”
“Uhm, a pepperoni pizza please,” Liam said, “May I ask what your name is?”
“Okay I will get you the pizza, and my name is Marta,” She replied with a smile.
“Thanks, and my name is Liam. Nice to meet you,” He said.
She game him one last look with a smile and went to go get the pizza. She handed him the pizza, and he looked at her. He smiled again at her, and took the pizza in his hands. As he was walking back, he tripped over and dropped the pizza. Marta giggled at him, and he laughed along with her with a blush on his face. She went up to him and helped him clean up the mess.
“You know you are cute,” Marta said to him.
He giggled, and said, “You’re gorgeous.”
She blushed and said, “How about we go out sometime?”
“Yeah, sounds great,” Liam said.
“Here’s my number,” She said giving him her number.
“Great I’ll call you,” He replied.
“Ok, so I’ll go get you a new pizza, and I’ll deliver it to your booth then,” Marta said with a wink.
Liam gave her a smile, and headed to the table.
“So Liam, who was that girl you were talking to?” Louis asked.
“She’s Marta, and she wants to hang out sometime,” Liam replied, “but the problem is that I don’t know how I can, since we’re in Simon’s vacation house.”
“Liam Liam Liam,” Louis began, “Even though us five aren’t close friends, know that we can help you hang out with her. You see we already sneaked out of the house, and we can help you sneak out a billion times to hang out with her. Now, I have a great plan, but need the boy’s help too.”
“I don’t know,” Liam said, “Are the boys even in?”
“Well are you boys?” Louis asked.
“Yeah, sure!” Niall said enthusiastically.
“Yeah I’m in!” Harry said.
Zayn nodded at him, because he was a shy kid.
“You see?” Louis said, “The boys are willing to help.”
“Okay,” Liam said, “I’m in.”
Days later, the boys helped Liam sneak out the house. Liam went over to meet Marta at the Pizzeria, and she led him to a nice restaurant. The two had a great time, and hit it off.

a/n: hope you enjoyed it! Xx 

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Liam The Gentleman…(for you-are-my-life-1d)

Maddalin was waiting for Liam to pick her up at her friend’s house and take her on their first date. She was so excited to see him. She was also thankful towards Niall, for setting up this date.
“You nervous?” Her friend asked
“A bit,” Maddalin said, “But I think I’ll get over it, once we get into the date.”
“You think he’ll kiss you tonight?”
“Hopefully,” She replied, “Well he probably will.”
“Oh,” Her friend said, “I see. Like to rush things?”
Maddalin laughed sarcastically and said, “No, I’m just saying that all guys do it.”
“True, true,” She replied, “Well I think he’s here, since there’s a car pulling up the driveway.”
“Oh cool, well see ya,” Maddalin said.
“Good luck babe.”
The doorbell rang, and Maddalin answered the door.
“Hey,” Liam said shyly, “You look great.”
“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”
“You ready to go?”
“Yeah, let me get my sweater first.”
Liam took her by the hand, and led her to the car. He drove her to the restaurant, and they had a lovely dinner. Throughout dinner, Maddalin tried to use a fork like Liam, and it was quite amusing. They laughed, and had conversations about everything. After dinner, Liam brought Maddalin on a horse ride, and he put his arm around her. Maddalin then rested her head on his shoulder. Liam brought her back to her friend’s house and walked her to the door. They bid their farewells, and Maddalin was waiting for his good night kiss. Liam turned around and was about to walk away until Maddalin stopped him.
“Wait,” Maddalin said.
“Yeah?” Liam said.
“Not trying to be rude, but why didn’t you kiss me?”
He looked at her shyly and said, “It’s ‘cause I didn’t want to take advantage of you.”
She smiled at him and said, “Aw, you’re so sweet, but you know I was hoping you would kiss me.”
“Your wish is my command,” He said giving her a passionate kiss.
Maddalin smiled, and they bid their farewells once again. Maddalin entered her friend’s house and her friend was watching her.  She mocked, “I was hoping you would kiss me.”
Maddalin stuck her tongue out at her and said, “Shut up.”

a/n: hope you enjoyed it! Xx 

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Disney Night…(for onedirectionfan1997)

“What do you want to do tonight Liam?” Haylee asked her boyfriend of two months.
“Well,” He said, while wrapping his arms around her, “I was thinking about relaxing at home and watch some movies.”
“Hm,” Haylee said, “I’m guessing you want to watch some Disney movies?”
“Yes,” Liam replied, “If you don’t mind.”
“Oh you know I love Disney movies as much as you do Liam,” Haylee said, “Now, what movie do you want to watch?”
“You can choose,” He said, “I always pick Toy Story, so pick which one you want to watch sweetheart.”
“Okay,” She said with a smile, “Can we watch “The Princess and The Frog”?”
“Sure,” He said, “Let me go put it in the DVD player. Can you get a blanket for us, please?”
“Yeah, will do Mr.” She said. She grabbed a very comfy blanket along with her turtle pillow pet that she got from Liam for her birthday.
They watched the movie, and both of them cried when Ray died. Liam was holding her throughout the movie, and gave her random kisses on the cheek. After the movie, Liam stood up and went to take the disk out.
Haylee sighed and said, “I wish my life was a fairy tale. It would be adventurous, and maybe I’ll kiss a frog that would turn into a prince.”
“If it makes you feel better,” Liam said putting on his kermit the frog voice, “you can kiss me. I may not be a frog, but I will turn into your prince charming.”
She smiled and said, “Well then come here Kermit the frog.”
“Coming,” He replied, “I hope I don’t get caught by Ms. Piggy.”
Haylee laughs, and said, “Well then you better kiss me quick, so you’ll turn into a prince. Then she won’t go looking for you.”
“Okay well then pucker up my beautiful princess.” He said giving her a passionate kiss.
“So, wanna watch a different movie now?” She asked
“I was thinking we could watch Aladdin, so we could remake the flying carpet scene.” Liam said thoughtfully.
Haylee giggled and said, “Well we could watch it, but I don’t know how we can recreate it.”
“We’ll see.” He said. 

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The Prince and the Turtle?

Imagine babysitting your neighbor’s children with your boyfriend Liam. You guys were playing princess and prince. One of the little girls made you the princess in distress, so you had to be waiting on the couch, while Liam was your prince. The little girls were directing the story to make sure everything goes perfect.
“Now (y/n),” The 6 year old says, “call for help!”
“Oh help me! Please,” you mock, “I’m stuck in a tower and I need my knight and shining armor.”
“Good good!” The 5 year old says. You laugh at them for taking it to seriously, but they gave you a stern look, which was hard to take seriously since they were so young. “Now Liam, it’s time for you to come in!”
“Okay,” He says, “I am coming!” You see Liam scooting in the room riding a turtle. You laugh at him, and the little girls look at him angrily.
“Liam!” They both scream, “Why are you using a turtle? You need a horse! Where’s the horse we gave you?”

“I want to be different and come for (y/n) with a turtle instead of a white horse,” he says innocently.
You laugh at him and says, “Just let him do it (insert name) and (insert name).”
“Okay okay,” they say.
Liam made his way over to you and say, “Sorry I took so long princess.”
“It’s okay my prince,” You say, “I can see why, you took a turtle.”

You both laugh and give each other a peck on the lips. The little girls gagged, and you two laugh at them. The two of you then chase the girls around the house.

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