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Piano isn’t that bad…(for ifluff1d)

Shawnee and Louis have been introduced by Niall, and they became the best of friends for months now. However, today was going to change. Anyways, Louis and Shawnee were hanging out together one day. They decided to go inside an empty theatre just for the fun of it, even though they knew they would get in big trouble. When they entered the empty theatre, Louis noticed a piano on stage and ran over to it. Shawnee laughed at him because he looked like a child running towards the toy section at a store. As all directioners know, Louis can play the piano very well. He started playing the piano, and Shawnee went up the stage and walked over to him. She stood next to the piano and leaned against it. She listened to him play, and watched his fingers move around the piano touching the keys. After Louis played a piece, Shawnee started cheering and clapping for him.
Louis laughed at her loudness and said, “Come here.” He patted to the spot right next to him on the bench. She sat down right next to him, and he said, “Okay, now play something!”
“I don’t know how to play though!” She replied.
“I’ll teach you,” he said. He stood up and went right behind her wrapping his arms around her. He took her hands and put them on the keys. His head was resting on her shoulder, and he started to move her fingers on the piano. After making her playing the C scale, he took her hands and started stamping her hands on the key. They both laugh at that, and turn to face each other. They both stared into each other’s eyes and Louis leaned in to kiss her.
Their lips were about to meet, but they were startled by a yell, “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?”
They both got up and ran away laughing. Luckily, Shawnee and Louis escaped and they hid in an alley. Louis turns to Shawnee and says, “So where were we?” he then leaned in again and kissed her.

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