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Best To Know The Truth From You…(for dontchangetoimpress)

“Niall,” Kristal said, “Is this true?”
“What?” He asked
“What’s on twitter,” She said, “Is it true that you were with this girl?”
“I was with a girl,” Niall said, “But she’s just a friend.”
“Really? Then explain this picture,” She said showing him her cell phone.  In the picture was Niall kissing a girl.
“Look,” Niall said, “I can explain.”
“You don’t need to,” Kristal replied and went out the door before Niall could stop her. She waited outside the streets for a cab. Niall came out and saw her, but she didn’t.
“Kristal!” Niall said
She looked at him and then looked away, “Just leave me alone Niall.”
Niall went up to her and made her face him, “Look Kristal, (insert name) was a friend of mine, but she changed that. She told me she liked me, and then kissed me. Trust me Kristal, I didn’t want that kiss. All I could think about was you. I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t want you to leave me. I didn’t lie to you though. I told you I was with a girl.”
“You didn’t tell me that you guys kissed,” Kristal said
“I didn’t want to hurt you,” Niall said, “Please Kristal I love you.”
“I love you too Niall, but I would have rather learned the truth from you than from finding it from the internet,” She said
“Please forgive me,” Niall replied, “I really do honestly love you.”
“I forgive you,” Kristal said

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Clumsy Is A Good Trait…(For harrygetnakeforme)

“Hey Heili, you ready to go out?” Niall asked his date
“Yeah,” She said grabbing her bag.
The two have been friends since grade school, and Niall has finally had the courage to ask her out. Niall led her to the car, and they drove off to some restaurant around the block. They entered the restaurant and were escorted to a small table. They were sitting across from each other, and the place was dim. It wasn’t posh, it was a casual restaurant. While they were waiting, they were talking about some childhood memories.
“Remember when you got suspended?” Heili said with a smile
“Yes,” Niall said with a face, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“You put thumb tacs on the teacher’s chair, and she sat on it!” She said laughing herself
“I didn’t mean to do that,” Niall said, “I was reaching over to grab something on her desk, and there was thumb tacs in the way!”
Heili kept laughing, and boy was her laughter contagious. Niall soon joined in with her laughter, and the waiter came up to them. He looked at them weirdly, while they kept on laughing.
“I guess I’ll come back later,” The waiter said and left
The two continued to laugh, and a few minutes later they calmed down. When they calmed down, the waiter returned, and they ordered food. Once the waiter set down their drinks, Heili reached for it, and by accident she hit it, and it spilled over.
“Oh god,” She said, “I’m so clumsy.”
Heili started to grab some napkins and attempted to clean up the mess. Niall was staring at her and she looked at him
“What?” She asked
“Oh nothing,” Niall said, “You’re just so cute.”
She blushed and went back to the cleaning. They were served their food, and they ate. When they were done, Niall brought her home and they were walking up the front porch. Heili was walking in front of Niall, and when she got the step she slipped and fell backwards. Niall caught her, and steadied her. She looked at him, and he gave her a smile. Niall turned Heili around, and gave her a kiss on the lips.

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Some Luck

Mackie was in her pajamas. She wore her short shorts, and a tank top. Her best friend was coming over, so she didn’t bother changing, since they were like sisters. The television was on, and she was watching her favorite program, while eating some chips. Her parents and siblings were out of town, so she was home all by herself. Mackie heard the doorbell ring and she opened it thinking that it was her best friend.
“Hey (B/F/N)-,” She said but then stopped. Right there on her front porch was One Direction. Mackie looked like a deer in head lights, while the boys were smiling at her.
“Um, you okay?” Zayn asked
When Zayn spoke she snapped out of it, and realized what she was wearing. She crossed her arms and smiled shyly at them.
“Yeah,” Mackie said, “Fine thanks. Um may I ask what you’re doing here?”
“Our bus broke down, and we needed to wait at someone’s house. If it’s okay with you,” Liam said.
Mackie looked outside, and saw a gigantic tour bus. She could not believe that this was happening.
“Sure, come right in,” She said. The boys smiled at her and walked right in. She led them in the living room, and she went in the kitchen to fetch them some food.
“Thanks, babe!” Louis said
“Yeah tanks!” Niall said
“Thank you,”  Harry said
“Thank you soo much! You are a great host!” Liam said
“Thanks,” Zayn said
“No problem,” Mackie said, “Um, well I’ll just get changed, and if the bell rings can you answer it? My friend is supposed to come in a couple minutes.”
“Okay, but you know you don’t have to change. We’re all grownups here,” Harry said mischievously
“Shut up Harry,” Niall said, “You can change now if you want, what’s your name?”
“Mackie,” She said with a smile, “I know your names already.”
“We kind of figured,” Zayn said, “You’re a chill person.”
“Thanks, so I’m gonna go and change right now,” Mackie said.
                Mackie changed into something less revealing, but it was cute. As she was changing, she heard the doorbell ring. Then she heard the lads get up and run to the door whispering to each other. They answered the door and Mackie heard (B/F/N) scream. Mackie ran downstairs and her friend couldn’t see her.
(B/F/N) said, “Oh my gosh. Am I at the wrong house?”
The lads laughed at her and Harry said, “You got the right house babe. Our bus broke down and your friend Mackie was it, said we could stay at her house for a while. Paul and others are out looking for technicians.”
“Oh,” She said, “Um can I come in?”
They laughed once more and said, “Yeah she said to let you in.”
Her best friend went in and saw Mackie. They all went into the living room and started talking to each other. A few hours later, Paul rang the bell telling the boys that they have to leave.
When they were about to leave, Zayn pulled Mackie aside and said, “Um, you’re a great girl, and you see Niall is interested in you. Are you interested in seeing him?”
Mackie smiled and looked over towards Niall and he smiled sheepishly. She then said loudly for Niall could here, “I would be delighted to.”

a/n: hope you like it mackie! sorry for taking awhile! Xx

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Genetic Disorder…(for anon.)

“Sarah!” Niall called out as he was entering their house. They have been dating for quite a few months, and they have recently moved in together.
“Sarah!” He called repeatedly.
He walked into the kitchen, and saw that she wasn’t there. Niall went upstairs, and checked their bedroom. Sarah was not in there, but he heard some crying in the bathroom. He crept towards the bathroom and put his head against the door. Niall heard some more crying and decided to go in. The floor was quite bloody, and Sarah’s back was faced towards him. He looked over her, and saw that she had a razor blade in her hand. Sarah was cutting herself, but she didn’t notice that Niall has entered the room. She was too involved with the pain she was feeling to notice that Niall was there. Niall quickly tried grabbed the razor out of her hand, but she fought with him. Eventually, Niall got the razor blade, but his hand was had some cuts.
“Give it back Niall!” Sarah screamed
“No,” Niall said sternly, “Why are you harming yourself?”
“I don’t know. I just want the blade back Niall give it!” She said
“Never,” Niall screamed, and flushed the blade down the toilet, “We need to get you to the doctors come on.”
“No!” She screamed.
                Niall grabbed her and she struggled in his grasp. Sarah kept on kicking and screaming, but he ignored it and dragged her in the car. Niall put her in the backseat and put the child safety locks in the back, so she wouldn’t escape. He drove to the hospital, and hauled her in the hospital.
“Excuse me nurse,” He said, “I need a room for her please.”
                He filled out some papers, and they brought Sarah to a room. Niall stayed in the waiting room, thinking about why she was doing this to herself.
“Excuse me, sir?” A doctor asked, “Did you bring Sarah?”
“Yes sir,” Niall said, “She’s my girlfriend.”
“Okay, well we examined her and she has Leych-Nyhan syndrome. It’s a rare genetic condition. We’ll be helping her though,” He explained
“Oh okay,” Niall said sadly, “Can I see her?”
“Yeah this way,” He replied, and led her to the room.
Sarah was on the bed with bandages on her arms. She saw Niall enter the room and looked away shamefully. Tears started to form in his eyes when he saw her. The doctor left the room to give them some space. Niall went up to her and pulled her face towards him.
“I’m sorry,” Sarah said with tears in her eyes
“You don’t have to apologize, Sarah. It’s a genetic disorder. We’ll get through this together. I love you and I don’t want to see you harm yourself,” He said
“I love you too,” She said

a/n: hope you enjoyed it Sarah! Sorry for taking so long!

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Unplanned Dinner…(for thehungergamesdk)

“Hey babe,” Niall answers his phone, “Ready to out for dinner tonight?”
“Hey Niall, I’m sorry but I can’t go tonight. My boss gave me a lot of work today, and said that he needs it by tomorrow. I would really love to see you, but I really want to keep my job,” Maria explains sadly.
“Oh,” He says with a heart breaking tone, “It’s okay I understand. I guess I’ll just hang out with Zayn or Liam.”
“I’m really sorry,” Maria apologizes
“It’s okay really,” Niall assures, “I’ll let you work on your paperwork. Love you Maria.”
“Love you,” She says sadly. Niall hung up, and she sighs silently to herself.
Maria sat at her kitchen table with her work sprawled around the table. She has spent hours on it, and it was getting late. There was a knock at her door, but she wasn’t expecting anyone. Maria was afraid to answer the door because she wasn’t sure who would be at the door at this time of night. For protection, Maria grabbed a glass bottle and crept slowly to the door. She opened it, and there was Niall with a basket in his hands.
“Hey what are you doing here?” Maria asks, while inviting him in.
“Well I thought you needed a break so I brought you dinner,” He replies setting the basket down and removing the paperwork off the kitchen table.
“How’d you know I didn’t eat dinner yet?” She asks curiously
“I know you Maria, you will never stop working until it’s done,” Niall says. After removing the paperwork, he set down some candles and lit them up. Then he dimmed the lights, and set out two plates. For their food, he took out some food from Nandos. He looks at her shyly and says, “I know it’s not that posh, but who doesn’t like Nandos?!”
Maria laughs at him and says, “Don’t worry I love it.” She went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
The two sat across from each other, and talked about random things. After they ate, Niall led her to the couch, and they snuggled. Once again, they talked about any possible thing out there in the world. They felt like there was no one else in the world. A couple minutes later he asks, “Did you get your work done?”
“No,” Maria says, “Not even close.”
“Oh,” Niall says, “I’m probably distracting you.”
“It’s fine,” Maria assures, “I guess I’ll just call in sick tomorrow.”
“Oh really?” Niall asks
“Yeah,” She says, “Thanks for bringing me dinner babe. I love you.”
“I love you too,” Niall says, while giving her a kiss and bringing her closer to his chest.

a/n: hope you enjoyed it! Xx 

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Perfect Is Boring…(for anon.)

Elena hasn’t seen her best friend in months, and she couldn’t wait to see him today. Her best friend is Niall Horan, and he is in the famous British Irish boy band, but in Elena’s point of view, Niall is just her childhood best friend. Anyways, they were coming back from their tour at the U.S. She received a text from Niall saying to meet him at their usual location. Elena smiled at the message because he remembered their “secret” location. She got dressed and grabbed her backpack, and went to her backyard. When she got there, she jumped over her fence and into the woods. She followed a path, leading her towards an isolated location where there was a little tree house. Memories rushed back into her head, where her and Niall played games, talked, and forgot about the rest of the world. Elena climbed up the ladder, and the curtain of the entrance was opened by Niall. He gave her a friendly smile and took her into a warm embrace. They pulled back, and Elena’s eyes were a bit teary.
“What’s wrong?” He asks in a concern tone.
“Nothing,” Elena replies with a smile, “I just missed you.”
“I missed you too,” Niall says, “So did you bring some food?”
She laughs at his question, and says, “I obviously do, how could I forget? I brought the usual.” She opened her backpack and brought out the usual snacks they ate.
Niall and Elena ate their snacks and caught up with each other. They also threw some of their foods at each other, and had some playful banter. Both Niall and Elena felt like they were kids again, and that nothing mattered in the world. Elena smiled to herself because Niall fame has never changed him. Hours went by and the sun started to set.
“So when are you and the boys leaving?” Elena asks
“I don’t know, but it’s gonna be awhile,” He replies, “so, we’ll have time to hang out with each other!”
“That’s great,” She says with a small smile, “so, did you meet any nice girls?”
“Well one girl,” Niall says, “We kept in touch.”
“Really? What’s her name?” Elena asks
“Elena,” He replies
“Oh, she has the same name as me?” Elena says
“She’s exactly like you,” Niall says, “Well she actually is you.”
She stared at him shockingly and says, “What?”
Niall looks at her shyly and says quietly, “When we were off on tour I realized that I thought about you and missed you every day.”
“Same here,” Elena says, “But Niall, you could date a model! Why’d you choose me?”
“I could never date a model, because models are perfect, and perfect is boring! Anyways, you won’t ever treat me differently,” Niall says.
“Oh,” She could only say
Niall looks into her eyes, and they both leaned in for a kiss.

a/n: hope you like it! 

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Terrifying As A Penguin…(for annettemedinaa)

Niall came in storming into the apartment with a furious look on his face. He was angry because Annette’s ex-boyfriend has just insulted her a while ago. However, she didn’t really care about it.
“I can’t believe he said that to you!” Niall said to Annette.
“It’s fine Niall, you know me,” She assured him, “I don’t give a damn to what people say about me.”
“But what he said was rude!” Niall said.
“Just leave it Niall.” Annette said, “I don’t care. Anyways, you wouldn’t scare him at all.”
“Now why won’t I scare him?” He said
“It’s ‘cause you’re terrifying as a baby penguin,” she said as she was poking him at the chest at every single word.
Niall laughed with sarcasm and said, “Aren’t you funny. I can be scary.”
“Oh yeah prove it!” She said mischievously.
Niall grabbed her, and threw her on the couch. Annette screamed and giggled at his foolishness. He then sat on her, and said, “Am I scary now?”
“Nope,” She replied, “You’ll never be scary to me Niall James Horan.”
“We’ll see.” Niall said giving her a kiss on the lips. The two of them spent the rest of the night eating and cuddling with each other. The next morning Annette found herself alone in bed. She wondered where Niall was, and remembered that about the conversation of him being ‘scary’. She laughed at the thought, and lay on her back in bed. As she did that, Niall popped out from the side of the bed and screamed.
Once again, Annette laughed and said, “Nice try, but you can’t scare me you little penguin.”
He stuck her tongue out at her and said, “I will never give up.”
Throughout the whole day, Niall has been trying to scare her in multiple ways, but it was never possible to. Anyways, Niall said that he had to see the boys for some reason, so Annette decided to go to the grocery store. There, she saw Louis and Eleanor.
“Thought you and the boys had to see each other,” She said to them, after their usual greetings.
“No,” Louis said.
“Oh,” She replied. Then she explained how Niall was trying to scare her and etc. Louis and Eleanor laughed at the idea, and said good luck. Annette went home, and figured that Niall would be at home and would scare her when she went through the door.
“Hm, I might as well make him believe that he could scare me, so he will stop.” She thought to herself. She prepared herself, and went through the door. Niall came out and screamed, and she faked screamed. Niall looked pleased with himself and said, “See, I got you.”
She laughed and said, “Yeah you did.”

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Double Date…(for someonesjuliet)

A couple days ago….
“Hey, come on Laura,” Louis begged his best friend, “just go on the double date.”
“I don’t know,” Laura said, “Does Niall even want to go on it?”
“Yeah! Just go, you’ll be with Eleanor and me,” He said.
There was a pause in between the conversation, until Laura said, “Fine…..”
“Yes!” Louis screamed and hung up on the phone.
Niall showed up at Louis apartment saying,  “Louis, I don’t think I can do this. I don’t know if she’ll like me or not.”
“She’s gonna love you Blondie,” Louis replies, “Don’t worry you’ll be with me and El.” When he said this, Louis wrapped his arm around Eleanor’s waist.
“Yeah you’ll be fine,” Eleanor assures, “Just be yourself.”
“Okay,” Niall says. While they were waiting for Laura to show up, Niall was sitting on the sofa telling himself that he was going to be fine.
A couple minutes later, Laura showed up at the door and knocked. Louis opened the door and gave her a hug. He says, “Hey, you excited babes?”
“Nervous,” she replies.
He chuckles at her, and welcomed her into the apartment. Eleanor spotted her and gave her a warming hug. Laura looked over to the couch, and saw Niall sitting there. He turned his head, and their eyes met. He smiled, and laughed nervously. Then they both looked away from each other. Louis and Eleanor look at each other and smiled knowing that Niall has never really done that around a girl before.
“Should we get going?” Louis asked.
“Yeah,” Laura said, “Let’s go.”
They decided to go to the movies, and watch a chick flick. Louis and Eleanor sat next to each other, while Laura sat in between Louis and Niall. Before they got to the movies, Niall and Laura got to know each other. Niall did not make eye contact, and laughed a bit too much when talking to Laura. She found it cute. During the movie, Niall did the “move”, which is pretending to yawn and putting his arm around her. When he did that, Laura adjusted herself, so that she could lean on to his shoulder. After the movie, Louis and Eleanor sneakily rushed out of the theatre leaving the two together.
“So uh,” Niall began, “I had a great time.”
“Me too,” Laura says with a smile, “We should do it again sometime.”
“Yeah, we should,” Niall says.
He stared into her eyes and leaned in until they heard the doors of the theatre swing. They look at the door and see Louis and Eleanor bursting into the room with a bucket of popcorn.
“Lou, why do you have popcorn? The movie is over,” Laura says.
“Just got hungry,” He said with a cheeky smile.
The couple went towards Niall and Laura and the started backing away from them. Eleanor put her hand into the bucket of popcorn and got a handful of popcorn. Niall and Laura knew what was going to happen and started to run. Unfortunately they both fell on the ground, with Laura falling on top of Niall. They laughed, and felt popcorn being thrown at them. They threw popcorn at each other throughout the whole night, until the workers came in and started yelling at them. At the end of the night, Niall dropped off Laura at her house.
He says, “Hey, so uh we never finished what we started.” He blushed at what he said.
“Oh,” Laura says with a smile, “Now what was that?”
“This,” He replies and gives her a kiss on the lips.
Louis and Eleanor were creeping across the street and looked at each other saying, “We are amazing at match making.”

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The kite…(for niallermakesmewanna)

It was mid fall and Niall wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend, Noemi. They went to the park, and had a picnic. Of course, the packed tons of food, since Niall is never full. Noemi laughs at Niall as he stuffs his face with all the food they brought. After eating, they decided to buy a kite from a vender. They went at a hill to fly the kite. Niall wrapped his arms around Noemi, so he could help her fly the kite, and to just feel her warmth. It was very nice, and they watched the kite fly in the sky. Niall looked at Noemi and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed, and by accident she let go of the kite. The kite flew into the air, and she tried to get it back. Unfortunately she tripped and fell. Niall tried to save her, but he went down with her. The two ended up rolling down the hill with laughter and fell on the ground. Noemi stood up and held her hand out to Niall, but he pulled her back saying, “No come down here with me.”
“Okay,” She says. She sat next to him and the cuddled in the park. Later in the evening they decided to eat some more, and went back to Niall’s apartment. There they watched a movie, and cuddled some more.

p.s. hope you enjoy it! 

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The spare key…(for Erin)

Erin had just got an apartment near the lads and her boyfriend, Niall. Like Zayn, she gave Niall a key to her apartment and told him to use it for emergencies.
“I think it was a bad idea to do that,” Zayn says.
“Now why would you say that?” Erin asks.
“ ‘Cause one day I found him in my apartment eating my food. Then he said it was an emergency because he almost starved!” Zayn explains to her.
She laughs at how adorable Niall is and says, “It’s okay if he comes in for food. I don’t mind.”
“Ha, well be prepared for an empty fridge,” He says.
The past days have been pretty hectic for the boys. They had no free time, and it was terrible for Erin. She could see Niall for days, and it was terrible. They texted each other, but it wasn’t the same. She needed to feel his touch and have his kisses. He too felt the same way. Even the boys texted Erin saying that Niall has been moping around missing her. Erin went to bed that night, and tried to think of something else other than Niall. She fell asleep, and in the middle of the night she heard the front door open and a huge crash. She woke up with a start and she became scared thinking that someone was intruding. Erin stayed in her room and searched for something that she could hit with the intruder. Luckily she found a broken bar of a chair she broke in her room. The chair was still in the room, so she took the bar and went back to bed. She pretended to sleep, so she could surprise the attacker. Erin faced the doorway, so she could see who was coming. The door creaked open and blonde hair was shown in the moonlight. Erin then felt relaxed because she instantly knew it was Niall, but she still pretended to sleep. He went into the room, and slipped under the covers and hugged her.
She “woke” up and turned to him saying, “Hey, what are you doing here? I told you the key was for emergencies.”
“This is was an emergency though,” he whispers, “it’s been days since I saw you, and it was driving me crazy.”
She looked at him and gave him a kiss. The two of them spent the night cuddling, talking, and flirting. The next day the two of them heard loud knocking on the door, and they rushed to the door. Niall opened the door to see the boys looking scared, but now relieved.
“Woah,” Harry says, “were you guys busy doing something?”
“No!” Erin screams, “What are you guys doing here anyways?”
“We were searching for Niall,” Louis says.
“Told you he would be here,” Zayn says, “Did he come here for an emergency, Erin?”
“Eh, kinda,” She replies, “He was going insane because he hasn’t seen me for days.”
The boys pretended to vomit, and Niall and Erin laughed at them.

p.s. hope you enjoyed this! xxx

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"Intelligence is sexy"…(for Blayne)

Blayne and Niall have been best friends since they were in grade school. She has missed him dearly when he went off to X-factor. She couldn’t believe that he has gone so far and got put into a group. Niall has always protected her each day at school, because she would get made fun of for being “geeky.” Ever since he has left, people have started to make fun of her for getting good grades and participating in class. Anyways, the boys were coming to visit Niall’s hometown, and she was excited to see him. It was Friday, so she had to go to school. That day was the worst day ever for her. A lot of girls were making fun of her once again, and then they said that Niall wouldn’t probably ignore her when he comes and visits since he’s big now. Blayne believed this, and when she went home with tears in her eyes. When she arrived home, she noticed a certain blonde at the front porch. He saw her and gave her a big smile, but it soon turned into a worried expression when he saw her face. She ran up to him and gave him a big hug.
“Hey Blayne,” Niall says, “What’s wrong?”
“Oh Niall I’ve missed you so much!” Blayne said, “Those girls have been making fun of me because I’ve been getting A’s and they told me that you wouldn’t want to see me when you came back.”
“Don’t listen to those girls Blayne,” He says, “You’re smart enough to know that’s not true. And remember, you’ll go far in life, since you’ve got brains. Also, intelligence is sexy.”
Blayne looks at him and laughs at his comment. He gave her a warm embrace, and the boys came up behind her.
The two of them didn’t notice them until Louis said, “So, Niall is this Blayne? The girl you’ve been talking about every single day?”
Blayne blushes and looks up at Niall. Niall blushes too and she says, “What?”
“Oh yeah,” Harry says, “Every day he’s like ‘oh Blayne this, Blayne that, Did ya know Blayne..”
The other boys started to imitate Niall, and it made Blayne and Niall blush even more.
Niall then says, “Thanks boys, now I lost my chance to tell her I like her in a special way.”
“Don’t mention it,” Louis and Harry say.
Blayne says, “It’s okay Niall, this is special.”
Niall turns to her and smiles and gives her a kiss. The boys started to whistle, and make obnoxious noises.

p.s. hope you enjoyed it!..oh and the wise words of Niall Horan! :) haha for smart girls who are reading this, well don’t act dumb, because most guys would like a girl that they could talk to about certain intellectual things. Haha, but how could I know? I have never been in a relationship and I am freaking 14! wow I have no life..oh well…just remember BE YOURSELF! xx

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Don’t let hate get to you…(for anonymous)

You come home from university and do your normal routine. You set your books down, close the blinds, and lock the door. Then you enter your bedroom and go to your bed. Instead of going in your bed, you go kneel at the side of your bed, and reach right in between the mattresses. A couple seconds later you retrieve your “friend”, which is a pocket knife. You roll up your sleeve and stare at your scars and a recent wound. You take the knife and reopen that wound. Tears start to flow down your face, and you think about all the bullying you have been put through. Everyone in university think you’re ugly, a slut, and attention whore, ever since you have been dating Niall Horan. What’s worse is that when you go home, you have jealous fans waiting for you and they start yelling in your face saying how much you don’t deserve him.
You sit there, and start bawling, “Maybe I don’t deserve him. Maybe I am too ugly for him. Maybe I should just leave him now. Maybe he’s just dating me for a joke.” You take the knife and start cutting yourself once more.
“No I’m not,” you hear a voice, “Please stop cutting yourself, (y/n).” You turn to look and see Niall at your bedroom door with keys in his hands and tears in his eyes.
“What are you doing here?” You say surprisingly.
“I was here to surprise you, the boys and I got back early, but that’s not important right now. Why are you doing this?” He says seriously with a tear drop falling.
“I don’t think I deserve you. Everyone has been telling me that I don’t. They have been calling me a whore, slut, and other things. I just can’t handle it anymore. You should just break up with me, since I’m a freak for doing this.” You whisper to him.
“Stop,” He says, as he was going towards you, “Just listen to me okay? They are just jealous! I promise in time the hate will go down. Not everyone is going to like you, but you just need to ignore it. Remember when you didn’t care about what people said? Well please do it again. I don’t want to see you hurt. I will not break up with you for this. You need me right now, and you are not a freak. Just please believe me when I tell you I love you. Please” Niall started to break down and you look at him sadly. He takes you in his arms and covers your cut.

p.s. hope you like it. To people who request this, I hope your not doing this to yourselves. Thinking about it makes me sad. I know it might be a way to ignore the emotional pain and to express yourself, but think about other ways to express yourself. I don’t want you guys to hurt yourselves. Each and everyone of you are beautiful and if people try to bring you down, just ignore them because if you don’t your letting them win. Love you guys so much. xx 

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Don’t you ever…(for Izzy2234)

It has been a couple days since Niall and Isabelle’s relationship has been revealed. Tons of fans have not been happy when they discovered that their Nialler has found himself his princess. Like they have done to the other boy’s girlfriends, they started to send hate towards Isabelle. Isabelle was going through her twitter, facebook, tumblr, and cell phone. Some people have discovered her cell phone number and started calling her saying, “You dumb b****, why would he date someone like you?” She also received text messages that were not friendly either. On twitter many girls started sending Isabelle death threats, and Isabelle was being affected by it. The boys were off away on tour, but they were coming home a few days later. Isabelle couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, so she went to the kitchen. She pulled out a knife, and said, “Welcome back old friend.” Isabelle has been bullied before, and to make herself feel better, she would always cut herself. Her mother has discovered it, and sent for help. She was treated, but now Isabelle lives on her own. She couldn’t handle the hate, and she needed to feel better again. She took the knife and slowly ran the blade on the skin of her arm. The blade cut through her skin, and blood began to trickle down. Isabelle started to cry, but she kept on cutting herself. The door opened and she did not realize it, since she was distracted by other things. Niall entered the kitchen and saw his beloved Isabelle on the kitchen floor cutting herself. He was shocked by it, and he ran towards her. He tried taking the knife away, but she wouldn’t budge. He eventually got it out of her grasp, and she started bawling.
“Babe,” Niall said, “Why are you doing this?”
“I just needed to feel better,” Isabelle said, “I was getting so much hate. I just needed to forget everything that was going on..”
“This isn’t right,” Niall said as he was grabbing a cloth and pressing it against her wounds, “I’ll help you get through this. Don’t let those girls get to you. They’ll get used to us eventually. Please don’t do this to yourself. It kills me to see you like this.” Niall had tears in his, and Isabelle could tell that he was truly affected by this.
“I’m sorry,” Isabelle said, “I just couldn’t control myself.”
“It’s fine, but just promise me,” Niall said, “DON”T YOU EVER do it again. I never want you to result to this.”
“I promise,” She said.
“Good,” Niall said, “We are going to face this together.” He took Isabelle in his arms and kissed her passionately.

p.s. hope this was what you wanted :) xx 

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Confidence…(for Betti)

Betti has been practicing for days for the talent competition for school. Her school said there was a surprise guest, but she does not have any knowledge as to who it is. Today was the big day, and she was so nervous. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to dance or sing, so she decided to do both. Betti prayed that she doesn’t embarrass herself, and she needed to gain some confidence in herself. “Maybe I should drop out,” she thought to herself. She brushed her blonde hair to the side, and started to panic.

“ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,” the principal announced, “Welcome to the talent show! Like I have said, there will be a surprise guest appearance, and they are here. However, it will not be announced yet. They are back stage, but we have security guarding backstage, so no one will be able to go back, unless they are part of the talent show. Thank you.”

Betti was shocked from the announcement. “They’re backstage?” she screamed in her mind. She turned around and saw 5 lads walking around backstage. “OH MY GOSH! IT’S ONE DIRECTION!” She screamed to herself. Betti became more nervous, and decided that she would just skip the talent show. She turned around and ran into someone. 
“Sorry,” she apologized. She looked up and saw that Niall Horan was the guy she ran into.
“It’s fine,” he said cheerfully, while looking into her deep green eyes, “You’ve got gorgeous eyes.”
Betti blushed at this and said, “Thank you, and you’re just gorgeous.”
He laughs at the comment, and Betti mentally slapped herself for saying that. Niall Horan has been her celebrity crush, so she couldn’t think straight.
“So,” Niall said, “You know who I am I’m guessin. You are?”
“Oh, I’m Betti,” she replied.
“Nice to meet you,” Niall said, “so you preforming?”
“Uh, yeah,” Betti said, “but I don’t think I am anymore. I’m afraid I’m gonna mess up, or make a fool out of myself.”
“No,” Niall said, “Please don’t. You should do it. Don’t ever give up. If the boys and I gave up after the X-Factor we wouldn’t have been where we are now. Please don’t do this to yourself. You need confidence in yourself. Look, you’re beautiful, and you probably are talented.”
Betti stared at him, and was hesitant. “I don’t know,” she said, “I’m just scared.”
“Would you feel more comfortable if I was out there with you?” He asks.
“Sure?” she said.
After a few acts, the principal announced Betti, and both her and Niall exited out onto the stage. Betti danced and sang her heart out, while Niall watched in awe. The crowd went wild, and right after her act Niall gave her a huge hug. The four lads looked at them and discovered that Niall has found his princess. When they got off stage, they both exchanged numbers, and Niall took her out to a restaurant. A few months later, he asked her to be his girlfriend and the rest was history.

p.s. hope you enjoyed it betti! :) xx 

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Can I have…(for ifonlyiwasnandosniallwouldloveme)

While in school, Issy has been working at McDonalds. She loves her job because this fast food restaurant was near studios, so she has met and took orders from a lot of celebrities. Fortunately, she has the job at the register. Issy has heard that One Direction was in town, so she was praying that they would get something from McDonalds.  She went to get ice cream for a customer, and as she turned around she noticed 5 lads entering McDonalds. She dropped the ice cream by accident, and hurriedly apologized to the customer saying she would get them a new one. Issy went back to the ice cream machine and got a new vanilla ice cream cone. She handed it to the customer, and went to the cash register.
“Welcome to McDonalds,” Issy says, “How may I help you?”
Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam all order a big mac with fries, and a medium soft drink. Now it was Niall’s turn to order. Issy has always loved Niall ever since she discovered One Direction. The boys stare at Niall waiting for him to order, and Zayn notices that Niall has never stared at a girl like that before.
“Uh, can I have,” Niall began. He was lost for words, because he couldn’t stop staring at Issy. Issy started to blush, and he smiled at that. The boys notice this, and they start smiling at each other.
“Hey,” Louis says to her, and she looks, “You fancy on going on a date with blondie here?”
Niall looks at him surprisingly, and blushes. Issy blushes even more and says, “Well I don’t know, does he want it?”
“Well he basically does,” Harry says, “since he can’t even order his own food.”
Zayn and Liam nudge Niall, and Niall clears his throat. He says, “Uh yeah,” he looks at her name tag, “Issy, would you like to go on a date with me? I mean if you don’t want to well that’s fine.”
Issy smiles at him, and says “I’m glad you talk now, and it would be a pleasure going on a date with you.”

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