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Love Conquers All Part 97

“Mate I can’t believe you let Stephani go,” Louis told Harry.

Harry groaned, “It’s been exactly a month! Stop reminding me!”

“Well you were stupid to agree with Zayn,” Eleanor mumbled.

                Eleanor, Louis, Harry, Niall, Andrea, Liam, and Danielle were hanging out in Harry’s flat. Amina and Zayn were on a date. The seven of them were all cramped on Harry’s bed.

“I can’t believe we lost contact from (y/n) and Steph,” Liam said trying to sway the conversation into a different direction to avoid everyone from fighting, “They changed their numbers.”

“They promised that they’d keep contact with us,” Danielle pouted, “El, Andrea, and I went to visit them during our free time, but they were out of the house. Why are they avoiding us?”

“Kat, Ni, and I went to her flat to see if she was there,” Andrea added, “But someone lives there now. Mr. Mitchell even hired someone else and when I asked if he knew where she was he said that she resigned.”

“But you know what sucks the most?” Niall said, “Zayn doesn’t even know any of this. Why are we keeping this from him?”
“Well what’s the point of telling him?” Eleanor snapped at Niall, “He doesn’t care about her. All he has is Amina and his ‘perfect’ life. Hell, (y/n) and Steph doesn’t even give a damn about us anymore!”

“Chill El,” Andrea soothed, “I know things haven’t really been well between you and Zayn, but just don’t take it out on us, yeah?”

“Sorry,” Eleanor muttered a thoughtful apology to Niall.

“It’s fine, El,” Niall gave her a toothy grin.

“It has been a month El,” Liam gave her a look, “I really do believe that you and Zayn can patch things up. You and Amina have been get along.”

“Yeah well there’s really no point of being angry at Amina,” Eleanor pointed out, “Whereas Zayn could not careless where (y/n) is and how she’s doing. He hasn’t even mentioned a word about her or Steph!”

“Look, how about we go to (y/n)’s place tomorrow to see what’s going on, since you have no class, Andrea and I aren’t working tomorrow,” Danielle offered.

“What about us?” Niall asked.

“Well you boys have to do recording don’t ya?” Andrea said, “I’m pretty sure that Steph wouldn’t really want to see Harry.”

“But I’m not Harry,” Niall reminded her, “We want to see them as much as you girls do.”

“Yeah but the less people she sees the more she’ll be more lenient to talk to us,” Andrea reasoned, “We promise to take you lot to the next trip.”

“Well maybe not Harry,” Danielle teased.

Harry groaned, “Just because I haven’t heard from Stephani, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t want to see me!”

“Just teasing Haz,” Danielle chuckled and ruffled his hair.

Liam pondered, “What’re you guys going to do if they’re there?”

“I don’t know figure out why they left?” Andrea answered hesitantly, “I’m not sure what we’d actually do.”

“We’re probably just going to go with it and see where it takes us,” Danielle added, “We’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen.”

“I don’t understand why they left,” Louis said, “(y/n) did say she just needed time and it sounded believable. I genuinely think she was telling the truth. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Well it didn’t make sense when Zayn took Amina back,” Danielle retorted.

“Yeah but,” Louis began but was interrupted by Niall.

“Oh my gosh!” He whined, “Can we please talk about something else? I know there are some problems, but I thought we were all here just to watch some movies and do random things.”

“Sorry Ni,” Liam apologized, “We’ll stop.”


“Amina stop!” Zayn laughed trying to push the spoon away, “I don’t want any of your ice cream!”

She pouted, “Suit yourself!”

                The couple was sitting in Zayn’s flat watching television with two cartons of ice cream. Zayn and Amina knew that the others were right next door, and Amina was clearly hurt of not being invited over. Zayn reassured her that they knew that they had a date, so that’s why they weren’t being invited.

“What do you want to watch now?” Zayn asked flipping through the television channels.

“Doesn’t matter,” Amina replied resting her head on his shoulder, “You choose.”

                Zayn stopped pressing the channel button and waited for the television to stop at a channel, since the action was delayed. Eventually the television stopped and Zayn’s ears perked to the sound. The chorus of ‘Music of the Night’ began to soar throughout the room.

Zayn smiled and let out a light hearted laugh, “This musical.”

“What about it?” Amina asked looking at him questioningly.

“(y/n) forced me to watch this with her,” Zayn explained with a gleam in his eye, “Well not really forced, it’s just a long story.” He began to ramble and explain, while Amina listened. He paused and he frowned, “Sorry, I shouldn’t really be mentioning this to you.”

Amina smiled, “It’s fine Zayn, really. I can see that you’re very fond of her. I really wish I got to know her, you had very interesting stories.”

Zayn laughed, “Yeah..interesting. I really am sorry, ‘mina. So how about we have some Chinese food later”

“I’d like that,” Amina said.

“Good,” Zayn replied I’ll give them a call.

                He stood up and went to retrieve his phone at the kitchen counter. Little did he know, Amina’s lovely smile faltered and she let out a sigh. She knew that things wouldn’t go back to normal, but she didn’t think there’d be unresolved tension between her friends. She made a mistake and now everything isn’t going right.


“Look at the shiny cars!” Kat exclaimed pointing at three cars parked at the drive way.

“I actually thought they wouldn’t be at home,” Danielle confessed, “Now I’m nervous.”

“Good thing we brought Kat to ease the tension, eh?” Eleanor patted Kat’s head while the youngling beamed.

                Andrea parked the car. The four girls got out of the car and walked towards the house. Kat skipped her way to the front door, while Andrea, Eleanor, and Danielle followed hesitantly. Before they could stop her, Kat knocked on the door several times. The three adults held their breath when the door was opened.

“Hello?” Bryce answered.

“I’m down here mister!” Kat giggled.

He looked down feigning surprise, “And who are you?”

“I’m her sister!” Kat announced pointing at Andrea.

Bryce looked up and his giddiness disappeared, “Eleanor, Danielle?”

Andrea picked Kat up, while Eleanor and Danielle gave him a sheepish smile. Danielle waved, “Hey Bryce.”

“What are you doing here?” Bryce questioned in a curious tone.

“We were wondering where-,” Danielle began to answer.

“Bryce who are you-,” Stephani paused as she made her way to the door. She looked at him and back at the girls. She told Bryce, “Can I talk to them?”

Bryce nodded, “Sure thang, Steph.”

Bryce left and Stephani swung the door wide open, “Do you guys want to talk inside?”

                They nodded their heads and Stephani led them to a guest room. Kat began to chatter and tell Stephani all the things she has been doing lately. Eventually Kat was distracted by the furniture in the room.

“So want to explain why you changed your numbers and completely shut us out of your lives?” Eleanor immediately asked, “Like what the hell.”

Andrea glared at Eleanor, “Little ears are in the room!”

“Where’s (y/n) anyway?” Danielle questioned.

“Look it’s a long story,” Stephani answered.

“Well then tell us the long story,” Eleanor said, “Did you guys really not want to talk to us after this whole fiasco? I mean I would kind of understand why you would stop associating with us, but going to drastic measures to stop talking to us…”

Stephani blurted out, “Basically there was a murder and now (y/n) doesn’t even remember a thing.”

“What?” The three of them said simultaneously.

Stephani informed them, “I went to go after (y/n). I got caught up in traffic, so I decided to stay a night at the hotel. When I got to (y/n)’s house that day Bryce, Rikki, and her mum was in the kitchen. Bryce took me out to the garden and told me the news. Their Granddad was murdered, and their dad was arrested for ‘committing’ the murder, since his DNA was found at the crime scene. The case isn’t even till next year, but he has to stay in jail.”

“Then where’s (y/n)?” Andrea asked, “Was she traumatized?”

Stephani sighed and looked away with tears in her eyes, “I just don’t even know how this happened. When Bryce was explaining what happened we were called to the hospital. She was sent to Veronica’s to tell her about her dad’s arrest, but I don’t know. She slipped on water at the top of the staircase and fell down the stairs. (y/n) hit her head on the stairs and I don’t even know how this is possible. She lost her memory. She doesn’t remember who we are and what she’s been through.”

“Where is she now?” Danielle asked.

“Resting in her room,” Stephani told them, “The doctor said that we’d be able to trigger her memories back by reintroducing events that occurred within her life, but.”

“But?” Eleanor pushed, “But what?”

“It might take quite a while until she gets her memory back. Her mum, dad and brother think that it’d be better if we take things very slowly,” Stephani announced, “She’s been through a lot. We’ve got her remembering things about psychology though. She’s enrolled in a university to study psychology and perhaps become some psychologist. It’s all up to her. They don’t want to stress her out with the case and just whatever bothered her a month ago. (y/n) doesn’t even know anything about the case. Her mum, Bryce and Rikki convinced her that her Dad’s abroad.”

“So you’re just going to go along with it?” Eleanor said, “You’re going to let (y/n) forget about us and everything? Can she at least know who we are?”

“It’s not up to me,” Stephani notified, “It’s up to Bryce and their mum.”

“Can we talk to them?” Danielle pleaded, “We just can’t leave here not knowing what’s going to happen.”

“Why’d you change your numbers then?” Andrea questioned.

“Knowing you lot, you’d come as soon as possible,” Stephani laughed a bit, “We just don’t want to stress (y/n) out.”

“Then what about your bakery?” Eleanor asked.

“I’ve been making trips once a week to see how the bakery is doing,” Steph educated, “It’s doing great without me there, and I’ve been thinking of running another bakery around here. My best friend needs me.”

“What if the boys decide to stop by?” Danielle said, “Do you really think you can keep everything away from (y/n)?”

Stephani looked at her sternly, “We’re trying our best here Danielle. We don’t want to keep everything away from her. We’re doing what’s best for her.”

“That doesn’t answer the question,” Danielle retorted, “And doing what’s best?! Keeping her away from the lime light? Would she really want you to do this to her?”

“It isn’t my decision,” Stephani said angrily, “It’s her family’s decision! I want to protect my best friend! I don’t even know why you all are here. We’ve known each other for a short period of time. Our times came and now they’re gone.”

“Shh,” Andrea comforted, “You all need to take a breather. We’re going to cause a commotion if we continue this! Look we can’t do anything right now. We can’t create any what if situations, alright? Steph, we promise we won’t tell the boys any of this. We’re all just a bit frustrated at the moment.”

“Can we please just see her?” Eleanor pleaded with desperation in her voice, “I just want to see if she’s okay. Don’t you ever say we don’t care about you and (y/n)! Do you think we would have been here if we didn’t want to know what happened to both of you?”

“Do you think we would be badgering you if you didn’t think we cared?” Danielle inserted.

“Just please,” Eleanor cried, “Let us see her!”

They heard someone clear his voice and the girls looked at the doorway. Bryce stood by the doorframe with his arms crossed. He scolded, “You four need to keep your voices down.”

“Can you please let us see (y/n)? Andrea asked, “She’s sleeping isn’t she?”

“If she’s sleeping then you can see her if you three promise to be quiet,” Bryce compromised, “Let me check on her. If she isn’t sleeping then I need to kindly ask for you three to leave our house and go home.”

“Can we keep in contact?” Eleanor inquired and forced herself to say, “Can we know how she’s doing? If we decide to keep out of your lives, will we know how everything is going?”

“Absolutely,” He nodded in a heartbeat, “We’ll notify you her progress.”

“What happens if she regains memories dealing with us?” Danielle said, “Can we be introduced once again in her life?”

Bryce answered thoughtfully, “We can’t answer that until we’ve reached that point. It all depends on her state. I know we sound completely over protective and the need for control, but we think it’s the best for her. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go check if she’s sleeping or not.”

Once Bryce was out of the room, Stephani said, “If she starts remembering about you guys I’ll be sure to attempt to trigger the memories. I’m sorry about exploding earlier. We all just left with unresolved issues, and it’s just been hard.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Andrea responded.

“I’m sorry about our behavior too,” Eleanor said.

“Yeah,” Danielle agreed, “It was unreasonable. Can we please keep in contact, Steph? We don’t want to lose you and (y/n).”

“She’s asleep,” Bryce informed them, “Better do this fast just in case she wakes up.”

The girls nodded their heads and stood up. Stephani followed and muttered, “Well I’ve got to give you my new number then, but promise me that you won’t say a word.”

                Bryce went to the door and opened it slightly to check if (y/n) was still asleep. He motioned for Andrea, El, and Danielle to come over.

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Love Conquers All…Part 28

I snorted, “Yeah right. I bet you won’t remember a thing.”
“Want to bet?” He slurred
“Bet?” I cocked an eyebrow, “What’s the bet?”
He inched towards me and explained, “You said that I wouldn’t remember what I said tonight, and I’m positive that I will remember. If I don’t remember then you can hate me as much as you do right now. If I remember then give me a chance.”
“Give you a chance?” I questioned
Zayn nodded his head slowly, “Yeah, give me a chance. I swear I’ll be civil.”
“You blew your chances,” I retorted, “Why the hell do you care about me anyways? Just because I let out a few tears doesn’t mean you have to do anything.”
“I feel guilty,” Zayn whispered
I glared at him, “You feel guilty of making me cry? You make tons of girls cry. You’re a pop star.”
“I made you cry for bringing that kid up,” Zayn told me, “I was trying to get you riled up. I’m an ass.”
I laughed sarcastically, “Way to point out the obvious.”
“Just agree in the bet,” Zayn ignored my comment, “You don’t think I have a reason to remember this conversation.”
I sighed, “Fine whatever.”
He smiled widely and said, “Good!”
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah whatever. Can you leave now?”
“Where?” Zayn questioned
“How much did you drink?” I asked him
“About seventy bottles,” He hiccupped and laughed while holding three fingers up, “I don’t know actually.”
“How did you change from serious to a drunk?” I scowled, “You’re being obnoxious.”
“It’s because you agreed to the bet!” Zayn replied, “Now I have a chance to prove to you that I’m a good guy!”
I said, “Sure…”
“Why did I upset you?” Zayn questioned, “What’s so bad about him?”
“There’s nothing bad about him,” I told him avoiding eye contact now
“Then how come you cried over him?” He pushed
“It’s a long story that you will never know,” My voice rose, “Can you stop?”
“I want to know,” Zayn whispered
“Well I don’t want to talk about it,” I spat standing up from the couch, “Why did you even get drunk? You’re resuming the shoot tomorrow, idiot. You’re going to get a hangover.”
Zayn shrugged his shoulders, “I thought I’d try to make you feel better by cheering you up. I needed to at least be drunk to come back here.”
I rolled my eyes, “Well that’s nice to know that you can’t come here without being drunk. I’m leaving you on the couch. I’m going to bed, if you mess up the place I will kill you.”
Zayn giggled, “You can’t kill me.”
“Watch me,” I retorted while walking towards my room
                I slammed the door and locked it just in case Zayn tried coming into my room. I have to make sure that the boys could keep an eye on him so Zayn couldn’t come inside if he tried. I collapsed on my bed and attempted to go to sleep. It took about an hour for me to fall into a deep slumber. My alarm clock woke me up, and I remembered that Zayn was over my place. I opened my door slightly, and saw that he was on the couch. After getting ready for the day, I walked out into the living room and discovered that he was awake. He was groaning and I smirked. He has a hangover, I thought happily to myself.
Zayn looked at me and mumbled, “So, when can I have my chance?”
My smirk faded, “What are you talking about?”
“The bet,” He explained, “When can I have my chance? I told you I’d remember.”
“You’re not getting the chance,” I retorted
“Why?” He questioned, “I won the bet. I have a hangover. You could at least give me a chance.”
“I only agreed because you were pestering me last night,” I told him, “Now get dressed. You need to go film.”
“I’m not going anywhere until you give me a chance,” Zayn said stubbornly
“Why are you being so annoying?” I hissed
“Because you’re stubborn,” Zayn replied
“You’re stubborn too!” I screamed, “Just get dressed already! We’re going to be late!”
“Give me a chance!” Zayn repeated
“How can I give you a chance if you’re being obnoxious right now?” I countered, “I’m heading to the studio.”
“I don’t have another pair of clothes,” Zayn told me
I rolled my eyes, “Then go back to your place and get clothes. Go call the boys. I don’t know. I just need to get to work.”
Zayn muttered some incoherent words, while taking out his cellphone. He dialed a number and he started to speak, “Hello? It’s me, Zayn. I can’t make it today. I have a massive headache. Could we do this tomorrow? Alright, see you tomorrow.”
After he hung up, my cellphone rang. I answered it, “Hello?”
“(y/n), it’s Mr. Mitchell,” He responded, “There won’t be any filming today, so don’t bother coming to work.”
“Why, sir?” I questioned
“Zayn can’t make it because of a massive headache,” He explained
“Aren’t you being too lenient?” I questioned
“Don’t talk back to me,” Mr. Mitchell scolded, “Do you want me to take that promotion of yours away from you?”
“Sorry, sir,” I apologized
Mr. Mitchell hung up and I glared at Zayn. He smirked, “Give me a chance now?”
“Go fuck yourself,” I retorted

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Love Conquers All…Part 26

                The music was banging on my eardrums, but I could care less if my hearing was going to worsen. It didn’t matter right now. I wanted to escape this damned world. As much as I wanted to calm down, I couldn’t. My memories came bursting into my thoughts, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My pillow became damp from my tears. If there wasn’t music on right now, I would’ve heard the door open quietly. It was when I felt hands on the covers that I noticed someone was in my room. Once the covers were down, Zayn was revealed. Angrily, I tried to pull the covers back up, but he didn’t budge.
“Can you let go?! Get out of here!” I cried, “I’m going to call the police. I told you to leave!”
                He ignored what I was saying, and it really did piss me off. Zayn had the nerve to take a seat on the bed. Then he stared at me. I glared at him, and attempted to shove him off my bed. However, he didn’t budge.
“Why are you still here?” I questioned, “Can you please leave?”
“I didn’t mean to make you that upset,” He blurted out softly
I studied his face, and there was guilt in his eyes. I retorted, “Well you did. Can you leave now? We’re even now.”
Zayn let out a frustrated sigh, “This is why we never get along. It’s because you’re annoying. I’m trying to apologize!”
I glared at him, “I have the right to be annoying. This is my damn apartment. We never get along because you’re an ass. I tried to get along with you!”
He rolled his eyes, “Look. I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry for being an ass, and I didn’t want you to cry.”
I let out a sarcastic laugh, “Don’t you sound sincere. Is that why you’re apologizing because I started crying?”
“Can you just talk normally to me?” Zayn asked annoyed
“Why don’t you do the same?” I retorted with the same annoyed tone
“I’m sorry,” Zayn apologized once again with some sincerity in his voice
“I’m sorry for even trying to be civil towards you,” I told him. Then I pleaded, “Please just live me alone.”
                Zayn let out a sigh and walked out of my room. I heard the apartment door open and close. Once I was sure he left, I let out a shaky breath and resumed to what I was doing, think about my damn past.
 “Stephani are you going to stay over or not?” I cocked an eyebrow with a smile playing on my lips
She made a disgusted face, “I don’t want to be a third wheel on your little date with Xavier. Anyways I just came to stop by to see if you guys want me to bake you guys something.”
Xavier laughed, “You’re really into that bakery stuff.”
Stephani mock glared at Xavier, “I plan on having a bakery on my own, and when I do, you will actually have to pay.”
Xavier pouted, “But I’m like you’re brother!”
“Doesn’t matter,” She winked, “See you guys later! Enjoy you’re little date. Don’t get to feisty!”
                Stephani walked out of the house leaving Xavier and me in my parent’s enormous house. Xavier still had that little pout on his face and I laughed at him.
“It isn’t funny,” Xavier whined, “I want free food.”
I assured him, “She was just kidding. Now let’s finish The Phantom of the Opera shall we?”
“I swear you’re obsessed with that movie!” He exclaimed
                The two of us walked to the living room and sat back on the couch once again. Xavier and I were sitting on the couch when Stephai came bursting into my house asking if we wanted anything.
“I can’t help it,” I retorted, “It’s just a beautiful story! You know my parents read the story to you, Steph, and me.”
“Sure,” He replied sarcastically
“You know you like the movie,” I told him, “You just don’t want to admit it.”
“Just press play,” Xavier mumbled
I laughed, “Okay.”
                 The movie resumed. The scene was when Raoul and Christine were on the roof singing All I Ask of You. I hummed along with the song, while Xavier sang along to some parts of the song.
“You’re weird,” I joked
“Shut up,” He laughed
“Christine should have picked Eric,” I told him
“Why?” He asked confused, “He’s bad.”
“He’s done bad things,” I said, “But could you blame him? He’s never experienced love before. His mother never showed him love. Christine was the first person to ever kiss him and show him what love is. That’s why he let her go. Raoul could’ve found someone else, instead of Christine. The Phantom had no one.”
“You overthink,” Xavier chuckled
I shrugged my shoulders, “Not my fault. You know I do that, and you know I’m a curious person.”
“That’s what I like about you,” He touched the tip of my nose
I made a face, “You’re weird.”
He laughed again, “I also like how you get awkward when someone compliments you.”
“I like how you won’t admit that you like The Phantom of the Opera ,” I retorted changing the subject, “I especially like how you won’t admit that you love the song All I Ask of You.”
“Will it make you happy if I told you I liked the song?” He questioned me. I nodded. He muttered, “Fine…I like the song.”
I smiled triumphantly, “That wasn’t hard was it?”
“Let’s just keep watching the movie,” Xavier told me
                I laughed and he pulled me closer to him.
End of Flasback…
                There was a knock at bedroom door, and pulled the covers down.
I questioned, “Who is it?”
“Stephani,” She answered
“Why are you here?” I asked
She opened the door and sighed, “I heard the loud music coming from your apartment when I passed it. What happened? Why were you crying?”
“Zayn asked me about Xavier,” I told her, “I mumbled his name when I was asleep. He started asking me questions and taunting me.”
“Are you okay?” She asked taking a seat on the bed
I shook my head, “No, but I do know that I need to go next week.”
Stephani gave me a small smile, “Good.”

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Love Conquers All…Part 25

I woke up with my head feeling much better. I sat up on the couch and wondered how I got back to my apartment.
“Well you’re awake,” I heard a voice from the kitchen
As a reaction I jumped and turned towards his direction. I glared at him and questioned him, “What the hell are you doing here?”
“You should be nice to me,” He replied, “I drove you home you know.”
“I’m thinking the boys made you do that,” I retorted, “Why didn’t you leave?”
 I’ve got a question for you,” Zayn said
“What is it?” I asked obviously annoyed
“Who is Xavier?” He questioned cocking an eyebrow
I dropped my annoyed expression and gave him a blank look, “What are you talking about?”
“Who’s Xavier?” Zayn repeated, “You fell asleep and I heard you mumble don’t leave me Xavier. Now who is he?”
“He’s no one that you need to know about,” I snapped, “Can you leave me alone? Go back to your apartment or wherever you mope around. Let me rest.”
Zayn smirked, “Why should I do that? You never stop bothering me. I’ll leave if you tell me who this guy is. Who is he?”
I glared at him, “Seriously, get the fuck out of here.”
Zayn was clearly amused, “Why? I’m just a curious person. Can I guess who he is?”
“Just get out of here,” I fumed, “You have no right to know about him.”
“Is he an ex-boyfriend of yours?” Zayn questioned his smirk growing, “Did he cheat on you? Leave you?”
“You’re an ass you know that?” I hissed with tears forming in my eyes, “Get out of here. I don’t want you here!”
                He couldn’t see me from where he was. It was a good thing. I couldn’t look like that weak girl I was years ago. Multiple emotions were building up inside me, and I had no idea how to express myself, except for the tears that were starting to show. I tried holding it back. If I were to cry, I wouldn’t let Zayn Malik of all people see me like this. Slowly, I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. From where I was sitting, I could hear the chair move against the wooden floor and footsteps. It was obvious that Zayn was inching towards me.
“Who is?” He taunted, “Were you not good enough? What did you do wrong?”
Zayn’s words hit me, and I couldn’t control my tears anymore. I glared at him and whispered, “Please leave me alone. Are you happy? You got what you wanted. Your words finally got to me. You know nothing about what happened in my past and no one is ever going to figure it out. Just get the hell away from me. I don’t want to see your face in my life, except for work. Good day.”
                I stood up and walked towards my room slamming the door on my way in. I collapsed on my bed and cried my eyes out. Who gave him the right to do that? Sure, I’m a hypocrite, but I stopped once it got to him. He decided to go further into the subject, but I fucking stopped. I couldn’t wait till the music video was over. It’d be the last day I could see his fucking face. To try and ease my pain, I reached over for my phone and plugged it into the speakers. I pressed play and Bring Me to Live by Evanescence began to play. I turned it up, and pulled my covers over my head. Fuck everyone.

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Love Conquers All…Part 24

“Other brother?” I cocked my eyebrow
Niall laughed, “Yeah. We’re all kind of like your brothers.”
I shrugged my shoulders with a smile forming on my face, “I guess so.”
“I’ll let you rest,” Niall patted my head softly, “Drink the soup. We’ll see you tomorrow at the studio yeah?”
“Yeah,” I answered softly
                Niall walked out of the apartment leaving me on the couch. I opened the thermos, which supposedly contained the chicken noodle soup. To my dismay, there was hot water in the thermos. At the top of the container there was a damp note attached to it. Enjoy your hot water. ~Zayn. I rolled my eyes after reading the note, and set the thermos down. For the rest of the night, I went to sleep with faint memories of the past.
                My alarm clock woke me up early as usual, and I groaned. I didn’t feel well, and I’m thinking that I’m worse than yesterday. I ignored the buzzing in my head and decided to get ready for the day. If I wanted to get that upgrade, then I need to show Mr. Mitchell that I deserve it. Since I was going to be an assistant again, I decided to wear my old clothes. After choosing one of my comfortable, yet unstylish, I went to do my usual routine for work. I arrived at the studio with two coffee’s in each of my hand, and my bag over my shoulder.
“Right on time,” Mr. Mitchell greeted with a smile. He grabbed one of the coffee’s and said, “The boys are on set. Fetch them what they want, will you?”
“Yes sir,” I replied with a cough followed after my answer
                Mr. Mitchell left off to do whatever, so I went towards the set. My mind was buzzing, but once again, I ignored it. I saw the boys, save Zayn, playing with the props. Zayn was at the corner leaning on one of the sturdy props. The boys smiled at me, when they saw me.
“Feeling better?” Liam questioned
“I actually feel like shit still, thanks to Malik over there,” I glared at Zayn
Zayn smirked, “I didn’t do anything.”
I laughed sarcastically, “Your little note in the thermos. You gave me hot water, jerk.”
The boys glared at Zayn, while Zayn shrugged his shoulders. Niall asked him, “What the hell did you do with the chicken noodle soup then?”
“Ate it,” He answered like it was obvious
Mr. Mitchell interrupted our conversation, “Ready boys?”
“Yeah,” Liam answered
“Do you need anything?” Mr. Mitchell questioned
“A bottle of water would be nice,” Harry replied, “Maybe some fruit?”
“I’d like a bottle of water as well,” Louis added
“So would I,” The other boys agreed
Mr. Mitchell looked at me and demanded, “Well get the boys what they want.”
I nodded my head weakly, but Liam objected, “You know, I don’t think we want a drink anymore.”
“Nonsense,” Mr. Mitchell told him, “(y/n) will get it for you.”
I spoke up, “Yeah, it’s fine Liam. It’ll only take a few minutes.”
                I left before they could protest. I grabbed their items that they wanted and gave it to them. For the rest of the day at work, I sat on the chair obeying every demand or resting in the chair with my eyes closed. I wanted to go home and sleep. The buzzing in my head became worse, so I was zoning out.
3rd POV
“That’s it for today,” Mr. Mitchell called out, “We’ll be resuming the filming tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow,” Niall responded
                The boss left, while the other boys grabbed their coats. As they were putting it on, they spotted (y/n) with her eyes closed leaning against her chair. She looked very ill.
Louis crept towards (y/n) and shook her lightly, “Hey do you need a ride home?”
“Wh-what?” She responded opening her eyes slowly
Louis smiled, “Do you need a ride home?”
“I’m fine,” She assured, “I’ll just take a cab or something.”
She closed her eyes again, and Louis returned to the boys. He looked at Zayn, “Can you drive her home?”
“Why me?” Zayn cocked an eyebrow, “Can’t you guys do it instead?”
“You’re the reason why she’s still sick,” Niall retorted
“Plus, Lou and Eleanor are doubling with Danielle and me,” Liam added
“What about you Haz?” Zayn questioned
“Niall and I are going to Steph’s bakery,” Harry told Zayn
“He’s dragging me along because he doesn’t want to seem like the weird clingy boyfriend,” Niall laughed
Harry made a face, “That’s not true.”
“Oh, and because I just want to eat some sweets,” Niall beamed
Louis changed the topic, “Now bring her home Zayn. Then maybe you could make her some soup.”
“I’m not going to do that,” Zayn made a disgusted face
Liam glared at Zayn, “She’s trying to be civil, and you should be civil too. Now bring her home now. The girls are waiting for us.”
Zayn sighed, “Yeah, fine, whatever.”
                The four boys left, while Zayn stood there not knowing what to do. A few moments later, he went towards (y/n) and poked her.
“What do you want?” She mumbled softly
“I’m bringing you home. Let’s go,” Zayn told her monotonously
                He grabbed her arm and helped her up. She was a bit wobbly, so he supported her. Zayn led her to his car, and opened the passenger’s seat for (y/n). (y/n) sat on the passengers, and immediately went into a deep slumber. Zayn rolled his eyes, when he noticed she fell asleep. He started driving and arrived at the apartment a few moments later.
“Wake up,” Zayn shook her roughly this time
“Yeah I am,” She responded
                She stood up and walked inside the apartment building. Zayn laughed to himself because she looked like a mess and a drunken person attempting to walk straight. He followed her, and helped her upstairs. (y/n) opened the door and stumbled into her apartment. Zayn reached for her, just in case she fell.
“You’re barely awake aren’t you,” Zayn said
                (y/n) retorted something incoherent, and it seemed like she fell asleep. Now, her body was limp, so she fell asleep while standing. Zayn rolled his eyes, and tried to push drag her body onto the couch. He tripped and landed on the couch with (y/n) next to him.
“Great,” He muttered
                Zayn tried to get up, but (y/n) snuggled into him. He decided that once she moved a bit further away from him, he’d try to escape. While he waited for that moment, he studied her facial features. Her expression was innocent, but she had this little frown.
“Don’t leave me Xavier,” She mumbled in her sleep
                Who the hell is Xavier?  Zayn thought.

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Love Conquers All…Part 23

“You’re going with me,” Stephani demanded
“It’s a week away,” I pointed it out, “I have time to decide.”
“I just need you to tell me that you’re going,” Stephani informed, “You have never attended one.”
“Don’t you need to check on your bakery or something?” I questioned trying to change the subject
Even though my face was buried into my soft cotton pillow, I could feel Stephani glare at me. She fumed, “Why do you always change the subject? I’ve been going there every single year, but you haven’t! You always had a damn excuse about not going! Sometimes I wondered if you ever loved him.”
I lifted my head and stared at Stephani and hissed, “How can you accuse me of not loving him? I love him and I still do.”
“Then do something to show that you love him!” Stephani exclaimed, “It’s been years since that tragic event, and you never visit the Montgomery’s! They ask for you, you know.”
“Maybe I want to forget about what happened,” I retorted, “I need to time to heal my pain, Stephani!”
“Time isn’t going to heal your pain, if you don’t face your problems,” Stephani countered, “You can’t run away and try to forget! It’s always going to be there. It will haunt you. Make amends with your past.”
I sighed loudly, “Look, I’m sick and tired. Can you please leave me alone?”
She rolled her eyes, “Fine, but I’m not done badgering you about this.”
“I know,” I said
As Stephani walked out of the building she called out, “Your boss called. Thought I’d let you know.”
                She slammed the door, and I inwardly groaned. What did he need? Why can’t the world just suck me in and never let me out? I stood up wrapping my soft blanket around my body and walked slowly to the couch to retrieve my cellphone. I dialed Mr. Mitchell’s number and held my phone towards my ear.
“Hello?” He answered
“Hey Mr. Mitchell, Stephani told me you called,” I told him
“You sound sick,” Mr. Mitchell said, “I was just checking on your progress between your friendship with Mr. Malik. I have seen some pictures on twitter, and it seems like the two of you have started to get along.”
“Uh, I have a slight cold, and so does Zayn. We were both out in the rain yesterday,” I explained, “I guess the two of us are deciding to be civil, sir.”
“If the two of you feel better, come to the studio, so we can resume the filming of the music video,” Mr. Mitchell replied, “We need to get the music video done. Once you’re done filming, then you don’t have to see them in your life anymore. You will get an upgrade in your career.”
“Okay sir,” I said
                Mr. Mitchell hung up, and I tossed my cellphone onto the couch. I sat there and thought to myself. Do I really want to stop hanging out with them? I brushed it off, and thought about the real situation going on. Do I really have the will power to visit the Montgomery’s? Do I have the strength to face my fear, to face the love of my life after all these years? Will Stephani really make me go? Next week would mark another year of the tragic event, the one that haunted me since then. There was a knock at the door, and I was taken out of my thoughts.
“(y/n),” I heard a voice, “It’s Niall. I brought you some soup.”
“Come in,” I called, “I think the door’s unlock.”
                The door swung open, and I saw Niall with a thermos in his hand. He walked over and sat next to me, handing me the warm container.
“It’s chicken noodle,” Niall smiled
“Thanks,” I thanked, “What are you doing here? Where are the others?”
“The others are out for lunch,” Niall told me, “Zayn’s at the apartment moping around like usual. I ran into Stephani as I was walking up here. She seems a bit pissed off.”
“We had a little argument,” I explained
“Oh,” He replied
“You know you didn’t have to bring me some soup,” I said
“Soup makes you feel better,” Niall informed me
I laughed, “Well if it does, then tell the lads to go to the studio tomorrow. We’re resuming the making of your music video.” My cellphone rang, and I answered it. I told Niall, “Excuse me.”
“It’s fine,” Niall assured
“Hello?” I answered
Mr. Mitchell lilted, “Great news! The girl that played Zayn’s love interest decided to come back. Don’t worry, you’ll still have that upgrade I promised.”
“Thanks sir,” I replied
He hung up once again, and I set my phone down. Niall cocked an eye brow at me. I informed him, “Zayn’s love interest is coming back on set.”
“Well that means the two of you can bicker less,” Niall analyzed
“Yeah,” I said softly
Niall questioned, “Did you want to play his love interest?”
“Not really,” I told him, “I just have some things on my mind.”
“Want to talk about it?” He asked
“Pretend that you boys split up due to some horrific event. Then years later, they call back for a little reunion,” I said, “Would you go back to see them?”
Niall nodded his head right away, “We promised each other that we would always have a little reunion. Nothing can come between my friendship with the lads. Why?”
“What if the thing that broke you up was so traumatizing that it haunted you ever since it happened?” I asked with tears starting to form in my eyes
Niall looked into my eyes and reached in to give me a hug. He whispered, “What’s so traumatizing?”
“I don’t know if I should go back,” I cried, “I don’t know if I should go back to my problems.”
                Niall had no idea what was going on, but he knew that I needed comforting. He tried to soothe me down, while I let the tears I was holding in for years fall out. I pulled back and wiped the tears away.
“Well that was embarrassing,” I laughed half-heartedly
Niall said, “Don’t be embarrassed. Why were you crying?”
“It’s a long story that I’m not ready to talk about,” I said softly, “But thank you for comforting me.”
“No problem,” Niall assured, “Think of me as your other brother.”

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Love Conquers All…Part 22

“Maybe you’re the one that enjoys my presence,” Zayn taunted with a smug look on his face
I scoffed, “Are you really that sick? Should I get the boys for you?”
He rolled his eyes, “You’re the one who started it.”
“Can’t you take a joke when you see it?” I snapped, “Be quiet Malik.”
“You first,” He retorted
I yawned, which was followed by a cough attack. I coughed in my elbow, while I felt my head throb. As I was coughing, I felt someone pat their hand on my back.
“You okay, yeah?” Zayn questioned
I reassured him by nodding my head. Once I calmed down, I lied on the mattress and shut my eyes.
“I’m going to sleep,” I mumbled
“Okay?” Zayn replied
I mentally sighed. Zayn was just annoying sometimes. He would just change from the nice guy I like to talk to, to the jackass I bicker with. In a matter of minutes, I fell asleep. However, I was awoken by some gun shots. I woke up with a startle and looked frantically around the room. Then I heard Zayn snickering.
“Did I wake you?” He questioned innocently
“Obviously,” I fumed, “Turn down the television will you?”
“No thanks,” He retorted, “I like listening to the effects.”
“You’re sick Zayn,” I said, “Your head has to hurt from the noise.”
“My head is perfectly fine,” Zayn lied
I rolled my eyes, “Fine. I’m just going to as one of the boys or girls to drive me home. Have fun with your sound effects.”
I wrapped the blanket around me and got up slowly, leaving Zayn to himself. I opened the door, and found Louis and Eleanor in the hallway talking about who knows what.
“You aren’t supposed to be out of that room,” Eleanor scolded
“Can you drive me home please?” I asked softly, “I’ll feel more comfortable there. Plus, I’ll be away from Zayn.”
“I understand,” Eleanor replied, “He’s just an annoying prat isn’t he?”
“Eleanor,” Louis warned, “We already talked about it.”
“Yeah whatever,” Eleanor retorted. Then she looked at me, “Let’s go shall we?”
I nodded my head weakly. Eleanor and I walked down the stairs, and the others stared at us.
“Where you guys going?” Harry questioned
“Back to my place, so I can actually rest,” I answered
“Hope you feel better!” Liam said
“Feel better!” The others chanted
Eleanor and I went into the car and she started to drive.
I asked, “What’s the deal between you and Zayn? You guys always get into an argument.”
“Zayn and I always bicker in a brotherly sisterly way,” Eleanor explained, “I wasn’t really affected when Amina broke up with Zayn. I had a feeling she wanted to break up with him a few days before she did. I told everyone about my hunch, save Zayn. Zayn figured this out a couple days later and he’s just angry at me since then.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” I replied
“It’s fine,” Eleanor said, “He’s just being overly dramatic. I’m just waiting till he comes to his senses. Now how are you feeling?”
“Feeling okay I guess,” I shrugged my shoulders, “I just want to sleep the whole day.”
                The rest of the car ride was silent. Once I arrived at my apartment, I thanked Eleanor and walked into my apartment. I went straight to my answering machine, since there was a red light blinking. I pressed a button, and the messages started to play.
Hey, sis, it’s Bryce. Just checking on you. Call back when you get the message!”
‘Hey, (y/n), it’s Mrs. Montgomery. I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked. I was just wondering if you’d like to visit next week. I know you’re busy with your work, but you know it’s almost that time of the year again. It’s still been hard on us, and it must be hard on you too. Please-‘
I stopped the message and deleted it. I knew it was rude to ignore her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go next week. I plan on forgetting and living a new life. I didn’t want to be reminded. After clearing the messages, I walked into my room and went to sleep for the next few hours. When I woke up, I saw Stephani at my doorway.
“Looks like someone decided to wake up,” She greeted, “Feeling better?”
“A bit,” I said, “What are you doing here?”
“Did you get the message from the Montgomery’s?” Stephani got to the point, “Are you going to go?”
“No,” I answered abruptly
Stephani gave me a shocked look and said, “You aren’t going to pay your respects?”
“You know I can’t go,” I retorted
Stephani let out a frustrated noise, “Seriously, (y/n)!?”
“I might change my decision in a few days,” I told her, “Who knows.”
“You better go,” She replied, “I’m going. If you don’t go then I won’t make any excuse for you.”
“We’ll see what happens,” I whispered

a/n: well i suck once again..i got tired…so..i’m doing the same thing i did with what i did for love…so yeah..sorry it’s short..i’ll try to post a lot tomorrow! Xx

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Love Conquers All…Part 21

Danielle and I walked upstairs and heard some muffled voices coming from the mattress room. I guess the two were in a heated argument. Danielle knocked on the door softly.
“Is it okay if we come in?” Danielle questioned
The door swung opened, and Liam stormed out of the room. He said, “Do whatever you want.”
“Liam,” She called after him. She gave me an apologetic look and whispered, “I need to go after him.”
“It’s fine,” I assured, “Go after him.”
Danielle went after Liam, while I too a peek inside. Zayn was at his little corner sitting comfortably while glaring at the air. I walked in slowly, and sat in front of him. He glared at me and I gave him a small smile.
“You know, if you glare more you’ll start getting ugly,” I informed him, “Oh my god! What’s happening to your face?!”
“Shut up,” Zayn sneered
I said softly, “Just trying to make you feel better. Now, calm down will you? El was just kidding.”
“Whatever,” Zayn retorted, “Can you leave me alone?”
I huffed, “You know I can’t do that.”
He rolled his eyes, “Obviously, you’re like a little germ. You never go away.”
“Fine,” I replied standing up, “Have fun moping around.” I stood up and walked away. I might have stood up too quickly because I fell to the ground. Zayn snickered, and I glared at him. I mumbled, “Not funny.”
“Well from my view it was,” Zayn smirked, “How many times did you fall today?”
“How many times were you called a kill joy?” I retorted standing up slowly this time
I walked out of the room with a scowl on my face. I heard some chatter near the stair case, which were probably Danielle and Liam. When I inched closer, their talking ceased and Liam saw me. He gave me a weak smile.
Liam pointed out, “You don’t look well. Do you feel sick?”
“I’m perfectly fine,” I assured, “Just fell a while ago.”
“I think (y/n) is sick from the rain,” Danielle said as she came into the conversation
Liam touched my forehead and furrowed his eyebrows, “I think she might be sick.”
“I can’t get sick that quick,” I told her, “I swear I’m not sick.”
Danielle replied, “Well I’m going to check if Zayn’s sick too.”
“It’s impossible to get sick in less than an hour,” I called back as she went into the room
“I have a feeling you’ll get sick tomorrow,” Liam informed me
I shrugged my shoulders, “Believe what you want to believe.”
Liam questioned, “So what’s going on between you and Zayn?”
“Nothing,” I answered, “He’s an emotional boy that gets on my nerves. Were the two of you fighting minutes ago?”
Liam nodded his head, “Zayn’s just being complicated, you know?”
“Sure,” I replied, “Do you want to get something to drink? I’m going to make some tea.”
“I’m fine thanks,” He returned, “I’ll go see what Dani is up to.”
“Okay,” I said
                I walked downstairs and made myself a cup of tea. Quietly and peacefully, I drank my tea. There was pure silence in the room, well other than the rain hitting the pavement and building and the clap of thunder. It was just a comfortable silence, and I was comfy. While Zayn’s clothes may be old, there was a strong scent on it, which was relaxing. I’m guessing the scent might be axe. It seemed like only five minutes have passed, when Stephani and Harry came bursting through the door laughing about something. Stephani made eye contact with me, and I knew she wasn’t angry with me anymore. Boy, was I glad.
“Hey,” Stephani greeted
“Hello,” Harry gave me a wide grin
“What are you guys laughing about?” I cocked an eyebrow
“Nothing,” Harry said abruptly
I looked at them skeptically, “Well Eleanor and Louis left. They’re coming back tomorrow. Niall went off to who knows where. Danielle and Liam are probably lecturing Zayn about whatever.”
“So you’re a loner?” Stephani asked
“Pretty much,” I laughed
“Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some company,” Stephani told me
“It’s fine,” I assured, “I don’t want to be a third wheel.”
Stephani and Harry asked dumbly, “What are you talking about?”
“Oh nothing,” I mumbled
“Well I’m going to interrupt whatever Dani, Liam, and Zayn are doing,” Harry said, “See you guys in a few.”
Once Harry was gone, I examined Stephani. She questioned, “What?”
“Nothing,” I replied, “How was the bakery? Bring me cupcakes?”
“Bakery is doing fine, and no,” Stephani answered, “So I guess you’re going to keep it bottled up?”
“Mhmm,” I said, “Until I die.”
Stephani sighed, “Fine…”
“Don’t worry I’m fine,” I told her, “Anyways, what’s going on between you and Harry?”
“What about me and Harry?” She asked
“The laughing, the flirting,” I explained, “Are you not telling me anything?”
“Harry and I are just friends,” Stephani informed me
I snorted, “And Zayn and I are the best friends. That’s bullshit.”
“Whatever,” She retorted, “Now, do you want to go back to your apartment to grab some clothes?”
“Nah,” I shook my head, “I’m comfy.”
She smirked, “Comfortable in your arch enemy’s clothes?”
“I’m too lazy too,” I ignored her little remark
“Sure,” She laughed
“Want to like watch a movie or something?” I changed the topic
                Stephani nodded her head, and we headed upstairs. The place was quiet, so Stephani and I had no idea what was happening between the four. We went into the entertainment room and inserted a movie. While it may be early, I had a long day, so I fell asleep during the middle of the movie. I woke up in the mattress room feeling like shit. My throat hurt and I was freezing. I had a blanket around me, and Stephani was a few feet away from me with a blanket too. The door opened, and Danielle’s head popped in.
“Good you’re up,” Danielle whispered, “We all stayed over here last night.”
“Who brought me inside?” I questioned
“Go ask Harry that later,” She answered, “Now Zayn’s sick. I’m thinking you’re sick too. Let me take you’re temperature.”
“There’s no need to take my temperature,” I retorted
Danielle went towards me and touched my forehead. She pulled her hand back and said, “You’re right. You’re burning up. Let me get Stephani out, so we can put Zayn in here. The two of you are going to stay here until you guys get better. We’re going to give you our full service.”
“Can’t you like keep him somewhere else?” I complained, “We’re going to fight.”
“Sorry,” Harry was halfway into the room, “We can’t do that. We’re putting Zayn in here, so it’ll be either to attend to your needs.”
He pushed the door opened, and pulled Zayn into the room. Liam held Zayn’s legs, while Harry had a hold of Zayn’s upper body. Zayn was struggling, but it wasn’t helping him at all. They “gently” dropped Zayn. Harry went towards Stephani and shook her.
“Wake up,” Harry said softly, “We need to get you into a different room. Zayn and (y/n) are sick.”
Stephani groaned and reluctantly stood up. She said, “I’m going to the girl’s room then.”
Liam looked at me and a scowling Zayn, “Well if you guys need anything call us with your cellphones.”
“Have fun!” Harry smirked
Zayn and I was alone in the room and I sighed, “Well here we are again, stuck in a room together once again.”
“Which is your fault,” Zayn glowered, “If you didn’t decide to walk in the rain and making me go with you, then we wouldn’t have gotten sick.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “It’s not my fault you decided to join me.”
“Yes it is,” Zayn retorted
“How is it my fault?” I countered, “Did I force you? Threaten you?” Zayn didn’t say anything, so I smiled to myself in victory, “Thought so.”
“Out of all the people in the world, why do I have to be stuck with you?” Zayn asked
“Oh stop whining,” I told him, “You have to admit you like my company Malik.”
“No I don’t,” He said abruptly
I smirked, “Admit it. You enjoy spending time with me.”
He scowled, “That isn’t true. You’re so annoying.”
“But you enjoy talking to me,” I repeated
Zayn cocked an eyebrow and countered, “I’m thinking you’re the one that enjoys talking to me.”
“Now why would you think that?” I asked
Now it was Zayn’s turn to smirk, “You invited me to Starbucks, told me to have some fun in the rain, tried to be civil, and you’re the one who brought this up.”

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Love Conquers All…Part 20

“We didn’t go on a date,” I informed, “Thank god I have no twitter or Facebook, and thank god that it’s hard to track my email. Well, I can’t underestimate directioners.”
“Damn right,” Niall laughed
“You two look so cute together,” Eleanor joked, “How’d he ask you on this date?”
“Shut up El,” I retorted, “He was alone, so I invited him to go to Starbucks. Now stop pestering me about it.”
“I’m thinking (y/n)’s got herself her first little boyfriend,” Danielle mocked
“I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life thank you very much,” I said, “Can you guys go on twitter informing your fans that Zayn and I aren’t friends or whatever?”
“Sure thing,” Liam smiled
“What are we supposed to say?” Louis questioned, “The girl Zayn’s with is the director’s assistant for the music video we’re shooting.”
I nodded, “Please.”
The boys nodded their heads and took out their phones to tweet. Danielle and Eleanor gave me some kind of weird smile.  Eleanor questioned, “So you only had one boyfriend in your life?”
“Yeah,” I said looking at Stephani
“How long have you guys dated?” Danielle questioned
“I don’t know,” I answered, “We were childhood friends.”
“Then how come you never mentioned him?” Eleanor asked, “Was it a bad break up?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know. Can we change the subject please? I don’t want to talk about it.”
Stephani whispered into my ear, “I feel like they’re going to figure it out soon. Why don’t you tell them now?”
“Never,” I retorted sternly
“What are you two talking about?” Louis asked curiously
“Nothing,” I told him
“I need to get to work,” Stephani said, “I’ll see you guys later?”
“We’ll be here all night!” Harry told her
“Do you need a ride?” Louis asked Stephani, “I think Harry has time for you.”
“Maybe he’s got all the time for you,” Niall added in with a laugh
“Why don’t you two shut up,” Harry told the boys off. He questioned Stephani, “Do you need a ride?”
“In what kind of ways?” Eleanor laughed
Everyone started to laugh, save me. I knew Stephani was angry at me, but I don’t really care at the moment. She needs to respect my decision.
Stephani smiled, “I’ll take your offer for that ride to the bakery.”
“You know,” Liam added, “Harry worked in a bakery. I think he can teach you some techniques.”
Stephani retorted, “I think I’ve got everything out of control.” She looked at Harry, “We should go now. I need to see what’s happening at the bakery.”
“See you losers later,” Harry told us
Stephani was out of the door, and Louis retorted, “We’re not the whipped one. You aren’t even dating her yet, and you’re already whipped!”
Harry flicked off Louis and went after Stephani. Niall asked me, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I answered softly
                We heard steps from upstairs and saw Zayn coming down. His hair was still damp and he wore a sweater with some pajama pants.
“You’re head feeling better mate?” Liam questioned
“Very,” Zayn said, “I had some water.”
“Which I paid for,” I interrupted
“You’re not supposed to have a girl pay on a date!” Eleanor told Zayn
“Shut up El,” Zayn retorted, “It wasn’t a fucking date.”
“Then you should look on fucking twitter and tweet something you fucking arsehole,” Eleanor fumed, “I’m sick and tired of your little attitude. She left you. Now get over it!”
“Fuck off you little fucker,” Zayn sneered
“Zayn,” Louis warned, “Calm down.”
“I’ll whatever the fuck I want,” Zayn said
“You shouldn’t have joked around with Zayn like that,” I heard Danielle telling Eleanor
“He needs to get over it,” Eleanor replied, “He’s been moping for a long time.”
“Sometimes it takes a long time to fix a broken heart,” Danielle said, “Just apologize to Zayn.”
“I’m never going to do that,” Eleanor said abruptly
“Can everyone shut up?” Niall screamed, “Why is there always a fight?”
“It’s because of Zayn!” Eleanor exclaimed
“Maybe it’s because of you,” Zayn retorted
“Zayn just back off Eleanor,” Louis said, “She was joking around with you.”
“Well maybe it’s best for me to leave,” Zayn stormed upstairs
“I’ll go check on him,” Liam told us
“Well I’m heading back to my flat,” Eleanor said, “I can’t deal with mister kill joy.”
“Eleanor,” Louis begged, “Don’t go.”
“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Eleanor assured Louis
“I’m going with you then,” Louis told her
“If you really want to then okay,” Eleanor said
Eleanor and Louis left. Now it was Danielle, Niall, and me. Niall cleared his throat, “Well I need to go somewhere.”
“Where?” I cocked an eyebrow
“Somewhere,” Niall answered, “See you guys in a couple of hours.”
Niall walked out of the apartment. Danielle sighed, “Well things escalated rapidly.”
“You’re telling me,” I told her

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What I Did For Love…Part 129

“Where are they?” Zayn asked for the millionth time
“We don’t know Zayn,” Harry answered him once again, “I bet they’re fine.”
“We need to find them!” Eleanor exclaimed, “I really think Avery has something to do with this.”
“We went to her house thirty minutes ago,” Louis said, “She said she knows nothing and that she doesn’t give a damn about our lives.”
“That’s a fucking lie,” Jordan spat out, “I agree with El. Avery is a sneaky bitch.”
“Liam, you alright mate?” Harry questioned
Liam spoke up, “I agree with the girls. It’s not like Danielle to disappear without saying a thing. On the other hand, (y/n) has disappeared before. What if they were killed or hurt?”
“Shut up!” Zayn screamed, “They’re okay! Harry said so!”
“How do you know that?” Liam asked angrily, “Why don’t you stop being optimistic and face reality! You always think that everything is okay! That’s why (y/n) gets annoyed from you! You push her away with always thinking on the bright side attitude!
“Liam!” Louis warned
Zayn glared at Liam, “What do you want me to do, Liam? Do you want me to lose hope? Do you not feel like you have some sort of connection with Danielle? I strongly believe that they’re alive! I know they’re alive!”
“Why don’t you two boys calm down!” Eleanor scolded
“Where the hell is Niall anyways?” Jordan changed the topic, “He hasn’t hung out with us in days! He’s just been in and out!”
“Does it matter where he is?” Liam said, “My girlfriend and (y/n) is out there missing!”
“Hey!” Harry fumed, “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, and be nice to Niall! Stop being a prat!”
“Guys!” Louis yelled, “Why are we fighting? WE shouldn’t be fighting at all. Danielle and (y/n) are missing, and we need to find them. We’re obviously not going to the police because then the damn media will get involved. Liam, Zayn, apologize to each other!”
“Sorry,” Zayn mumbled
“Sorry,” Liam also mumbled
“I just don’t want (y/n) to disappear again,” Zayn admitted, “I don’t want to think that she’s out there hurt. I know you love Dani so much. You’re afraid as I am aren’t you?”
Liam confessed, “Yeah. I don’t want to lose Danielle. I think she’s the one. I’m so afraid that she might be gone too. I didn’t even give her a proper goodbye.”
“I’m afraid that I will never tell (y/n) that I love her,” Zayn said softly
“Guys stop,” Eleanor interrupted, “I’m going to cry.”
“No time for crying and this sappy stuff,” Harry spoke up, “We need to try to find them.”
“How though?” Jordan questioned
“There isn’t any evidence or any way we can track them down,” Louis said, “And we have no idea where Niall is.”
“Call him,” Eleanor said, “We need him to be here.”
“Let’s go to the rooftop,” Zayn suggested, “We might find things there.”
“I’ll go with you,” Eleanor suggested, “We all need to split up.”
“I’ll go too,” Louis said, “Harry, Jordan, and Liam can check some other places. We’ll call Niall later.”
“Wait,” Jordan spoke, “I have to pick up Jeremiah first. He’s good at finding things, plus I have to do some talking to his parents.”
“Okay, we’ll meet back here in two hours then?” Liam questioned
                Everyone split up and went towards their destinations. Harry, Jordan, and Liam went to a modern house forty five minutes away from (y/n)’s apartment. Jordan knocked on the door and was greeted by Jeremiah.
“Hi!” Jeremiah greeted his face shining, “I was waiting for you!”
“Harry and Liam are in the car,” She replied, “I need to talk to your parents first.”
“Okay!” He said running to the car
“What do you want Jordan?” Her aunt questioned
“I never got the story as to why you left Jeremiah at Portugal,” Jordan said calmly, “Since my life couldn’t get any worse, I want to know.”
“We don’t have time,” Her aunt said
“I’m not leaving until you say so,” Jordan retorted, “Where’s uncle?”
“Not here,” She mumbled
“Then tell me the story,” Jordan pleaded
“It’s too personal,” Her aunt said
“I know you cheated on him,” Jordan got to the point, “You got pregnant with another man’s baby.”
Her eyes widened, “I did no such thing!”
Jordan laughed sarcastically, “Everyone in this family, except your husband, knows what happened. Now tell me the story.”
“Come in then,” She said. Jordan and her aunt walked into the house and sat on the sofa. She questioned, “Where do I start?”
“From the beginning,” Jordan replied, “Why did you cheat on him?”

Her aunt looked away from Jordan and said, “I lost my love for your uncle. He changed, Jordan. I love Jeremiah. You know that. I met the man at work and he complimented me each day. I never felt beautiful in a long time, Jordan. The two of us got closer, and then we had sex. I got pregnant with his son. Your uncle and I have had sex around that time, so he thought it was his. I was a couple of months pregnant, and we were at a party at Portugal. I asked Jeremiah to get me my regular medication. He handed it to me, and I l-lost the baby. Your uncle was furious, and I was too. We didn’t mean to lose Jeremiah. I didn’t mean to. Your uncle said that he was bringing Jeremiah somewhere at the airport. I was already on the plane, and I fell asleep. Once we got back here, Jeremiah wasn’t there. The police came and arrested us. I’m thinking the man called the police on us. Your uncle and I are getting a divorce soon, Jordan. He’s starting to hit us, but he’s been gone these past days doing who knows what.”
“I need to go,” Jordan interrupted standing up
“I know you hate me,” She said softly, “But please do believe me.”
                Jordan didn’t say a thing. She walked towards the door, but before she left, she looked at their family portrait. Jeremiah was about three years old at the time. His mother had the same hair color as him, and her hair went up to her shoulders. She was a petite woman. However, her uncle, the one that she wasn’t related to by blood was tall and buff. In the portrait, he wore a wicked grin.

a/n: any connections? ;) 

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Love Conquers All…Part 19

He gave me a smirk, “Well isn’t that surprising.”
“Whatever,” I retorted.
                I took a bite of my muffin, and took in the savoring flavor. I smiled in delight, but Zayn gave me a weird stare. I made a face at him, and continued to eat my lovely muffin. I knew that once we got back to the apartment, I‘d ask Steph to bake me something. She hasn’t been to the bakery in a couple days, so I started to wonder what was happening. Stephani had employees there, but did they know how to run it without her? I pushed that thought away from my mind. I always overthink.
“You’re really into that muffin. Are you really that lonely?” Zayn laughed
“Shut up,” I told him, “I like muffins. Now go drink your coffee and water. Then we can go back to the apartment.”
“I told you that I didn’t want my coffee,” Zayn told me
I informed him, “That’s a waste of coffee. Drink it.”
“You can’t tell me what to do,” Zayn retorted
“Fine,” I replied, “I think I’ll just drink your damn coffee.” I grabbed his coffee and took a sip. I gagged, and Zayn started to laugh. I glared at him, “That wasn’t funny.”
“Is the coffee too strong for you?” He chuckled
“Drink your coffee. I don’t want it,” I ignored his question
“I told you I’m not drinking it,” He said
“The coffee is a waste!” I exclaimed
“Then you drink it,” Zayn smirked, “You can handle it.”
“I have my own coffee though,” I countered, “Why can’t you be a man and drink you’re coffee that you bought?”
“I am a man,” Zayn retorted
I ate the last bit of my muffin, and stood up with my frappe in my hand. I questioned, “Are we going to leave now, or do you want to talk about how manly you are?”
Zayn glared at me, “You’re the one who brought it up. Let’s go. I don’t want to be in your presence much longer.”
I laughed sarcastically, “You spent like two hours with me today. I think you might enjoy my presence.”
“Isn’t that a funny thing to say,” Zayn retorted
Zayn grabbed his coffee and water. I questioned, “What are you doing with that coffee?”
“I’m going to give it to one of the boys or possibly El, when we get back. Are you coming, or do you want to keep asking questions?” He cocked an eyebrow with a little smirk playing onto his lips
“Shut up,” I told him and walked passed by him. Zayn and I walked in silence on our way back. After two minutes of walking, I started to feel raindrops on my head. I smiled to myself and said, “It’s starting to rain.”
“Let’s walk faster then,” Zayn said
I gave him a shocked look, “Did you not listen to what I said to you earlier? I love the rain. I’m going to take my time. You can walk ahead if you’d like.”
“You are a freak,” Zayn told me, “You’re going to get sick.”
“Who cares,” I retorted, “I love the sound of the rain. Are you going to run back or what?”
“If I leave you, the boys will surely bother me about where you are,” Zayn said
“Aw,” I out my hand over my heart and mocked him, “You do care.”
“Shut up,” Zayn sneered
                The rain started to fall down harder and there was a clap of thunder. I laughed and continued to walk slowly in the rain. Zayn put his hands over his head.
I laughed, “Live a little Malik. Enjoy the rain! Don’t worry; you’re not going to melt.”
Zayn laughed sarcastically, “You’re so funny.”
“I know I am,” I said cheekily, “I should quit my job and become a comic shouldn’t I?”
                After I said that, I slipped and dropped my frappe onto my legs. Fortunately, well for me, Zayn broke my fall. He either slipped or I pushed him down with me. Our position was kind of awkward actually. It looked like we were just cuddling on the sidewalk. I turned my head to look at Zayn. His face was about two inches away from mine.
Zayn cleared his throat and said, “There’s no way you can become a comic. You’d try to pry into your audience’s personal life.”
I glared at him and stood up, “I would do no such thing.”
Zayn shrugged his shoulders, “Anyways, try to control your clumsiness. It’s starting to get annoying.”
“It’s not my fault that there’s always something making me fall,” I retorted
“Maybe my charms,” Zayn smirked
“You wish,” I said, “I just ruined my frappe.”
“Karma,” Zayn muttered
                I ignored him, and continued to walk. Zayn and I arrived at the apartment both soaking wet. Once I opened the door, I saw the lads and girls playing with the Nerf guns. When they saw us, they put down their guns and walked towards us.
“You were walking in the rain?” Stephani smiled, “Why didn’t you bring me along?!”
“I was stuck with mister kill joy,” I answered. Zayn glowered at me, but I gave him a smirk.
“You guys missed it!” Niall exclaimed, “Harry tried to shoot Liam, and the foam bullet went into his mouth! He almost ate it.”
I laughed and Liam mumbled, “That wasn’t funny.”
“You two are soaking wet and muddy,” Danielle said, “You guys should change.”
“I don’t have any clothes here,” I said
“Well the boys keep clothes here,” Eleanor spoke up, “Danielle and I got rid of our clothes because it was out of style. The boys don’t care about their clothes anyways.”
“It’s fine,” I assured, “I’ll eventually dry up.”
“You’re going to get sick,” Harry said
“Go with Zayn to get a change of clothes,” Louis told me. He looked at Zayn and said, “Give (y/n) clothes, and don’t fight.”
“Yeah whatever,” Zayn replied, “Come on.”
Zayn went up the steps, and I followed him into the boys’ room. There was a little tiny closet filled with shirts and some pants. He handed me a pair of guy pants and an oversized shirt.
He said, “Here take my old clothes.”
“You don’t have to give me your old clothes,” I insisted, “I’m going to dry up.”
“Just change into the clothes,” Zayn demanded, “The boys said so, and you’re going to get sick if you don’t.” He grabbed some clothes for himself, and headed towards the door. He looked at me and said, “I’m sure you can find the rest of us downstairs.”
                He shut the door, and I rolled my eyes at him. Zayn Malik is one complicated person. I changed into his old clothes, and put my hair up with the hair tie I carried with me. I walked out of the room with my wet clothes and went downstairs. Everyone, save Zayn, was sitting around the kitchen table talking. Once they saw me they gave me amused smiles.
“What?” I asked defensively
“Looks like you spent a night with Zaynie,” Lou gushed
“You look so cute in his clothes,” Eleanor laughed
“Whatever,” I responded. They continued to smile at me and I questioned again, “What?”
“There are some pictures on twitter you know,” Stephani sang out
“What pictures?” I asked
“Your little lunch date with Zayn,” Harry lilted
“And in the rain!” Liam added 

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What I Did For Love…Part 128

“(y/n),” I heard Danielle’s scratchy voice, “Please be alive.”
                I groaned, and I felt a sharp pain at different points of my body. It was obvious that my index and middle finger on my left hand were broken. My ribs were in pain, but I didn’t think they were broken. There were bruises on my arms, and probably on my jaws. I reeked in my own vomit, and the cut on my collar bone stung. I shut my eyes and spoke.
“What did they do to me?” I asked. I could barely speak, “What did they do to you?”
“They just beat me,” Danielle answered, “It’s better than what they did to you. They force fed you through the tube. I wasn’t sure what it was though. Then they cut your collar bone. You passed out at that time. Once they were finished cutting you, the started to beat you. They broke your fingers, I think. I heard some cracks on your finger, so it must be broken. Are you okay?”
“I’m alive aren’t I,” I replied, “Are you okay?”
“Fine,” She said softly, “I don’t want to die.”
“We aren’t going to die,” I assured her, “Maybe just a bit hurt, but we won’t die. I’m sure of it. The boys are probably searching for us.”
“You’re hurt bad (y/n),” Danielle pointed out, “What if your cut gets infected?”
“Then it gets infected,” I told her, “If there’s ever a chance to escape, then escape. Don’t look back. If I’m stuck somewhere, then leave me.”
“I’m not going to leave you,” Danielle said sternly
I replied, “It’s a better chance for the boys to find us. Trust me. Avery wouldn’t care if you got away. She only wants Zayn, and I don’t even know what Aurelian fucking wants. I should’ve listened to Zayn and you guys. I shouldn’t have hung out with Aurelian. I shouldn’t have married him, and left Zayn. I’ve made the stupidest mistakes in my life, and they’re all coming back at me.”
“Avery is going to kill you,” Danielle responded, “I’m going to stay here to make sure she doesn’t.”
“She isn’t going to kill me,” I assured, “Aurelian isn’t going to let her do that. It’s easier for you to get help than staying here to know that I’m alive.”
                Before Danielle could respond, the door burst opened. The three men entered the room once more. However, this time the buff one had a hose in his hand.
“Glad you’re awake,” He sneered, “Now we can get rid of that vomit off of you.”
                He turned on the hose. The water hit me hard, and I was pushed back against the wall. There was a great force pushing hard against me. I couldn’t breathe at all. It seemed like I was drowning. The pain in my cut, fingers, and bruises intensified. I tried so hard not to make a sound, but I wasn’t strong enough. I screamed out loud, in taking some of the cold water. Danielle’s screams for them to stop was heard over the water hitting against me.
“Stop!” I heard a booming voice
                The hose was turned off, and I crashed onto the ground gasping for air. My body started to shake due to the coldness in the air.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Did Avery tell you to do this? Why didn’t you ask me for my opinion?!” I heard Aurelian fumed
“Sorry chief,” One of the men apologized
“Get the fuck out of here,” Aurelian hissed
I heard footsteps. Danielle asked angrily, “Why the fuck are you doing this?! I thought you changed!”
“Shut the fuck up cunt!” Aurelian screamed, “We can kill you instantly.”
I felt someone touch me, and I curled up into a ball. My body was so sore. I whispered, “Get away from me.”
“(y/n),” Aurelian said softly, “It’s me Aurelian.”
“No it isn’t,” I cried, “This isn’t the Aurelian I’ve known my entire life. You lied to me. You said you were getting help.”
“I just wanted to get you back,” He explained, “Please let me help you get up. What did they do to you? I can punish them.”
“Just let me and Danielle go,” I pleaded, “Leave me and my friends alone.”
Aurelian’s voice rose, “Why would I do that? I can’t let you out of my life! I gave into the nullity, so I can get you back! You’re going to stay here with me. I love you and I’m never letting you go!”
“I’m going to die if you keep me here,” I retorted, “Avery will make sure of it.”
“Not if I’m here,” He said
I laughed coldly, “Like you’ve been doing anything. She tortured me.”
“She only wants Zayn, and I want you,” Aurelian told me, “We’re getting what we want.”
“What about Danielle?” I questioned, “Let her go.”
“How can we let her go, if she knows where we are?” He replied, “She’s going to get help. Then you will disappear from my life again.”
“Maybe I want to,” I whispered, “Maybe I want to disappear from everyone’s life. I’m sick and tired of everything. Why can’t you leave me alone? Why do you have to hurt the people I love?”
“I love you (y/n),” Aurelian said desperately, “Why can’t you see that?!”
“Because you’re hurting me!” I cried, “Please don’t hurt Danielle.”
“(y/n)-,” Danielle spoke up
“Shut up!” Aurelian bellowed, “I told you not to speak!”
“Leave,” I demanded
“You can’t tell me what to do,” Aurelian retorted, “I’m the one who has power.”
                He pulled so I could face him. I was lying on my back and I looked at him. He had that crazed look on his face. Aurelian leaned down and crashed his lips onto mine. I tried to struggle, but it was useless. My body was weak, and I was bruised up. I had no idea how I got back into this position again. Maybe I should just die here. Aurelian started to kiss my neck, and I looked at the ceiling with tears falling. I didn’t dare look at Danielle. I didn’t want her to see how broken I was. I had no idea what I did to deserve this bullshit life.

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What I Did For Love…Part 126

 I gave him a glare, “Why do you always kiss me, when I’m in the middle of telling you off?”

“Just to shut you up,” He smirked
“That never shuts me up,” I retorted
“But it keeps you off task,” Zayn pointed out
“No it doesn’t,” I replied
“Yes,” He disagreed
“Zayn,” I warned
“I’m not doing anything,” Zayn smiled
“Aren’t you supposed to be angry at me?” I cocked an eyebrow, “I hung out with Aurelian.”
Zayn was silent for a second, “Live I said before, I care about you. He hurt you, so I’m not sure of him. I don’t really trust you because you make the most idiotic decisions,” I glared at him, “But that’s what I like about you. You do those things because you want everyone to be safe around you, but the others and I are trying to make you safe this time. I try so hard not to suffocate you, but it’s hard not to. I don’t want you suffering like you have been these past months. Please, take a chance on me. The only way I’ll know you’re safe is if you’re with me.”
“You’re the one that broke up with me,” I informed him
“You always left me,” Zayn retorted, “Please?”
“How come every time we fight, we always get back to our relationship?” I questioned
Zayn said, “Because I kissed you, which makes you forget what you’re really up to.”
I rolled my eyes, “Well then where are we?”
“You’re going to say that you’re willing to give our relationship one more chance,” Zayn told me
“Now why would you think that?” I asked
“Because you love me,” Zayn winked
“Nah, I don’t think I’ll try the relationship again,” I smiled
“Why not?” Zayn pouted
“Because I need my space,” I retorted. My phone started to ring, and I went to answer it. I answered, “Hello?”
“The boys left,” Eleanor replied, “Where are you? We’re bored.”
“I’m with Zayn,” I told her, “Why don’t you, Danielle, or Jordan pick me up?”
“I’m sending you Dani,” She said, “Jordan and I are too lazy to do stuff.”
“Okay,” I said, “Tell her to come now.”
“I’m on it!” She exclaimed, “See you later!”
I hung up and Zayn asked, “So what’s your answer?”
“What do you mean?” I questioned
“Can we try this relationship one more time?” He asked
I shrugged me shoulders, “I don’t know. I think I’ll answer you some other day.”
Zayn frowned, “Can’t you give me an answer now?”
“Think I’ll make you wait,” I gave him a wink and went towards the door leaving him there.
                I ran across the street, and went inside a different building. I spotted Zayn. He was trying to find me, but luckily I found a perfect spot to hide. Zayn looked aggravated. After a few minutes of searching, Zayn decided to leave and drove off. I called Danielle, but there was no answer.
“That’s weird,” I mumbled to myself
                Danielle’s car was heading towards my way, and I went out of the building. I was so confused as to why she didn’t answer me. Maybe she wanted to drive safe? I walked towards the car, ready to ask her my question, but I was greeted with two men in the driver and passenger’s seat.
“Sorry,” I apologized, “Wrong car.”
“No,” The man said abruptly
“Get in the car,” The other man told me pulling out a gun
                I felt two hands grabbing me, and I looked up to see another man. He picked me up, while I struggled against his grasp. The man shoved me in the car, and I saw Danielle at the back with her hands tied up and gagged with a cloth.
“Who are you guys?” I asked, “What do you want from us? How’d you guys-.”
                I was cut off by the man. He gagged me with a cloth like Danielle. Then he tied up my hands.
“Shut up,” He sneered
                Danielle looked at me with fear, so I attempted to give her an assuring look. I had no idea where we were going, but it probably had to do with Avery. The man then put a cloth over Danielle’s mouth, and she passed out. The next thing I remembered was having a cloth over my mouth.

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Love Conquers All…Part 18

“I don’t need your help!” He spat
I said softly, “Sometimes people in life don’t realize that they need help.”
“Maybe they don’t want a certain type of person to help them,” Zayn retorted
“Then that certain person will leave,” I replied, “I’m going to go to the Starbucks nearby. Come if you want.”
                I turned and walked away, leaving him there to decide whether or not if he wanted to go to Starbucks. The Starbucks nearby was about a seventeen minute walk there. I wasn’t even half way there, when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It startled me, like it would to any other person, so I pulled myself away from the person. Zayn looked smug, and I glared at him.
“That isn’t a way to treat someone who invited you to Starbucks,” I told him
He replied, “I wasn’t going with you. You simply left this behind, when you decided to stalk me.”
                Zayn handed me my wallet, which probably fell out of my pocket. I snatched it back and said a quick thank you. Slowly, I walked away from him, wondering if he was going to join me or not. Zayn may be acting like an arse, but he did have one side of him that was nice to talk to. If he did accept the invitation, then I really hope that he doesn’t act like a twat. I looked back, and saw Zayn walking a few feet behind me. I stopped walking and gave him a look.
“What?” He asked
“Are you joining me or stalking me?” I cocked an eyebrow with a smirk slowly forming on my face
Zayn asked defensively, “Why would I stalk you?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “Maybe you find me interesting? Now, answer the question, are you coming with me or not? Do you want to get food or are you going back to the apartment? I’m pretty sure you’re hungry for being locked up in that room.” He mumbled something, and I said, “What’s that? I can’t here you.”
He glared at me and spoke louder, “I’m coming with you.”
“Great,” I gave him a smile that would annoy the hell out of him, “Since you accepted the invitation, I have some requirements.”
Zayn rolled his eyes, “Why are you being annoying?”
“I’m just trying to be civil,” I retorted, “So to the requirements. Drop that little act of yours, and act nicer and civil. You were civil a while ago, so I think you can be civil again.”
“Just keep on walking,” Zayn replied walking passed by me
                I smiled in victory to myself and followed Zayn. I eventually caught up to him, and we were walking side by side in silence. The bright blue sky is starting to turn into a stormy grey hue. My eyes lit up and I craved for a storm to start. It hasn’t stormed in weeks, and I really wanted one. Zayn and I didn’t exchange a word, when we arrived at Starbucks. I went to the counter and ordered a muffin and a mocha frappe. Once I got my muffin and frappe, I walked over to a table with two stools across from each other. I sat down, and Zayn joined me a few moments later.
“Do you still have a hangover?” I questioned
“Uh, I don’t know what do you think?” He snapped
“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” I said, “Coffee doesn’t help you with hangovers. Try drinking water instead.”
He frowned, “Then why the hell did you give me coffee?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “You aren’t a friendly person.”
“I already bought this coffee though,” Zayn said, “Buy me some water then.”
“Why should I buy you water?” I questioned
“Because you just told me that coffee doesn’t help with hangovers,” He answered, “Buy me a water bottle.”
“I think you have enough money to buy a water bottle,” I retorted
“You made me waste my money to buy this coffee,” Zayn replied
“That’s too bad,” I told him, “I’ll just drink your coffee, so you won’t waste it. Go and buy your water.”
Zayn snatched my muffin out of my hands and he said, “Then I’ll take this, if you want my coffee.”
I glared at him, “Give me my muffin Zayn Malik.”
“Get me my water,” He retorted
I held my hand out, “Give it!”
“Water!” He demanded
“Stop being so dramatic,” I fumed, “Give me my damn muffin.”
“I want my water!” Zayn retorted
“I’m serious about the muffin,” I told him, “If you take one bite of it, I will surely attack you.”
“If you don’t buy me water, the muffin gets it,” Zayn threatened
“Why are you so stubborn?” I questioned, “Just give me my muffin back, and drink your coffee. When you’re done with your coffee, buy water!”
“I don’t want the coffee anymore,” He whined
“Well that’s a waste of your money, now give me my muffin!” I demanded
Zayn brought the muffin near his mouth, “I think I’ll eat it, since you won’t get me water.”
“You’re really annoying you know that,” I told him, while standing up, “How much is the water?”
He smiled in victory, “I don’t know actually.”
“Put the muffin down, then I’ll get you your water,” I replied
He obeyed, and I walked toward the counter. There young girl at the counter. She gave me a small smile and asked, “Would you like a bottle of water miss?”
“Were we really that loud?” I asked embarrassingly, “And yes please.”
She giggled, “Quite. You two make a cute couple.”
“Oh, we aren’t a couple,” I assured her, “We aren’t even friends. I’m sorry for the ruckus.”
 “Don’t be,” She smiled, “I get bored at my job, so you two are quite entertaining. If you don’t mind about me asking, why are you two hanging out if you aren’t friends?”
“I’m glad someone finds it amusing,” I joked, “Oh we need to try and get along because of this job. Does the man look familiar to you?”
The girl studied him, and her eyes lit up, “That’s Zayn Malik!”
“Yeah,” I nodded, “So how much is the water going to be? You know what? Here just take this, and keep the change.”
I handed her a handful amount of money, and her eyes went wide. She said, “You shouldn’t have given me that.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “You deserve it. Maybe we can chat sometime?”
“Sure,” She smiled, “See you around.”
I returned the smile, and took the water bottle. I went back to the table, and scolded Zayn, “We were being loud in here!”
“It’s your fault,” Zayn told me
“Is everything my fault?” I cocked an eyebrow
Zayn nodded his head, “Now can I have my water bottle?”
“Depends,” I told him
“Just give me the water bottle,” He demanded
I handed him the water bottle and said, “You’re lucky I’m deciding to be nice.”

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Love Conquers All…Part 16

“Then you should know that it’s hard to get over someone you love,” Zayn retorted
The two of us were silent for the next five minutes. I spoke up, “Can we try being civil again?”
“Are you going to spaz out again?” He questioned
I sighed, “I’ll try not to. Let’s have a code. If we don’t want to say anymore about a topic, say the word-.”
“Caution,” Zayn interrupted
“Caution,” I repeated
He nodded, “What are we going to talk about?”
“I had an addition to go to school of the arts for high school,” I said randomly, “My cousin locked me in a closet, so I could miss it. People didn’t believe me about getting locked in a closet. They think that I lied about playing very well on the piano. I haven’t touched the piano ever since. That’s my story.”
“So you never played the piano because you didn’t make the school?” Zayn asked
I gave him a faint laugh, “Yeah. I know childish right? I just didn’t want people to look at me thinking that I’m not great at the piano. Well I’m not great anymore, since I haven’t played it in years.”
“What did your parents say about it?” He replied
I said, “Caution.”
Zayn bit his lip, “Um, what type of music do you listen to?”
“Different genres,” I answered, “Right now I can’t stop listening to Amy Winehouse.”
“I like-,” Zayn began
“R&B and rap,” I interrupted, “I did my research on each of you boys for this music video.”
“You really want the job don’t you?” He asked
“Very much,” I smiled to myself, “Does Niall have a girlfriend?”
He smirked, “Are you interested in him?”
“No,” I answered, “He’s just been texting people lately.”
“All I can say that he’s met someone,” Zayn answered, “Are you really that clumsy?”
I scowled at his question, “No. It’s actually your fault that I fall.”
“Falling head over heels for me?” He cocked an eyebrow
I laughed sarcastically, “Aren’t you funny. Dream vacation?”
“I’ve been to all the places I’ve dreamed of going,” Zayn answered, “You?”
“Somewhere relaxing,” I replied, “I don’t even have to go out of the house. It would be nice to stay at like a little vacation house, but then I’d be trapped in the vacation house throughout the whole day because of a storm. Then I’ll just chill by the fire and watch the rainfall, while listening to the fire crackling and the rain hitting the rough surfaces. Pretty cliché I know, but I’m into rain. I love it when it rains. Other than that, I’m not really a cliché person.”
“Sounds nice,” Zayn said
“How long did you and Amina date?” I questioned
“Eleven months and seventeen days,” Zayn answered quietly, “Caution. Why are do you like to know everything?”
“It makes me feel better,” I replied
“It makes you feel better?” Zayn asked confused, “I don’t get it.”
“You never will,” I mumbled, “Caution.”
“Why do you want to know about my relationship with Amina?” He questioned
I shrugged my shoulders, “I just want to know the background. I know a lot of things about each of you, save Eleanor and Danielle, but I want to know things that other people don’t know.”
“Were you popular in school?” Zayn asked
I snorted, “Obviously not. I was the geek, the quiet one with no fashion sense. I was obviously teased, but I was able to blend in with the other kids. Well, so I thought. People talked behind my back, but I didn’t care. I had friends though. Stephani is my friend and I had other friends though.”
“You know, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings that day,” Zayn said
“What?” I gave him a questioning look
“That day where you said you’re going to be in the music video,” Zayn explained, “I’m just a little out of it still. Well, I still am.”
“Oh,” I whispered
“You are pretty,” Zayn complimented
I mumbled a thanks and we sat in silence. Fifteen minutes passed, and we were still quiet. The door opened, and seven heads popped into the room.
“Are you guys done fighting?” Stephani questioned
“I don’t know,” I retorted, “Can we go out now?”
“I guess,” Niall replied
“Can you guys get out of the doorway?” I cocked an eyebrow
“Magic word?” Eleanor asked sweetly
“Pleasee,” I answered
“Nu-uh,” Eleanor retorted

Zayn fumed, “Stop with your stupid games Eleanor. Get out of the damn way will you guys?”
Everyone moved out of the way.
“Good,” Zayn stood up and walked out of the room
He was back to his ways, and I rolled my eyes at him. Louis questioned, “Who wants to eat?”
“I’m cooking this time!” Liam called out
The others were heading back down the stairs, while Stephani and I remained in the room. She examined me.
She spoke, “You played the piano didn’t you.”
“Yeah,” I admitted it with tears welling in my eyes, “I don’t know why though.”
“Does he know about it?” She questioned
“No,” I answered, “I told him about how I didn’t get into preforming arts, so I stopped playing because of it.”
Stephani gave me a look, “That’s not the reason why you stopped though!”
“Obviously!” I retorted, “No one is ever going to know about it, Steph. Only you, my parents, and my brother know the story. You promised that you won’t say a word.”
She held her hands up in defense, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul. I’m just saying that you at least need to talk to someone about it. It’s been years, and you still haven’t spoken about it.”
“I’m going to keep it that way,” I told her, “I will never tell anyone about what happened. Let them all believe what they think.”

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