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Don’t fight…

Imagine the boys getting into a huge fight and you had to lock them in a room together to try and solve their problems.
“Come on boys!” You say, “Just talk to each other, please! You guys have been friends for a long time!”
“Can you please let us out (y/n),” Niall begs, “I need food. I don’t even want to talk to them.”
“All you do is eat!” Harry screams.
“Why don’t you shut up?” Niall yells.
“GUYS! STOP!” You scream, “I’m trying to fix things!”
“Look,” Liam says, “We’re just not going forgive and forget this time.”
“Yeah, (y/n),” Zayn agrees, “We’ll get over it sometimes next week. We just need time apart from each other”
“No it’s not,” You say, “if you guys try to work things out right now everything will be okay. What if this ends your friendship or One Direction?”
“Come on babe,” Zayn says, “You know it’s not gonna happen.” He stands up and puts his arms around your waist and kisses you on the cheek.
“Stop Zayn,” You say, “Not right now. I want you guys to make everything better. Louis, Harry, and Nialll, STOP BICKERING, PLEASE! I beg of you I want you to stop!”
“You know what?” Louis says, “I just really think it’s a waste of time having us in this room.”
“No it’s not okay?” You say.
“As much as I hate to say this, but Louis is right (y/n). We can’t stand each other right now,” Liam says.
Liam picks you up and moves you out of the way to get to the door.
However, you say, “Too bad I locked the door. Now look if you guys don’t make up right now, I swear your friendship will be over! This is what’s going to happen. You guys will just end One Direction, and stop being friends. Then you guys will lose touch. After that in the future, you guys will meet each other somehow, maybe something Paul related, but you’ll realize that it will be awkward to talk to each other, and see how much you guys have been lost in touch. You wouldn’t know what happened to each other, and maybe you guys will act different. Just who knows?” You start to have tears in your eyes, and the boys look at you sadly.
Your boyfriend, Zayn goes up to you, and hugs you tight and says, “Look (y/n), it’s not going to happen alright?”
“Yeah,” They agree.
“We’re like brothers,” Louis say, “We love each other no matter what.”
“Yeah,” Harry says, “We’ll never lose touch.”
You look at them and say, “Good, now make up with each other. Your fight was pretty stupid.”
The boys look at you, and smile and get into one big hug.
“Sorry boys,” each of the boys say, “Love you.”
Then they turn to you and say, “Thank you (y/n).”
You smile at them and hit them on their heads and say, “Don’t fight over stupid things ever again.”

a/n: was watching boy meets world. episode: seven the hard way. I don’t own Boy Meets World, but it inspired me to write I kind of version of it but with one direction. hope you enjoy!

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