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The Fall At Toys”R”Us Part 7

Zayn and you were chilling in his bedroom. You were lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, while he was sitting by your side. The two of you have gotten closer throughout the month. The two of you already discovered that Louis set up Abby and Niall and Elizabeth and Harry, so now you and Zayn were the only single ones in the house. You have feelings for Zayn, but you’re afraid to act upon them. You were afraid about getting hurt like your best friend and boyfriend did to you. Zayn already admitted to you that he liked you.
“Why do you like me?” You said randomly
“Because you’re real,” Zayn replied, “You’re interesting too. Do you like me?”
“Yeah,” You said, “But I don’t think it would work out.”
“And why is that?” Zayn questioned
“Because it would save you the trouble,” You answered, “It’ll be easier if we never have a relationship. I could never be loved by someone.”
“What are you talking about?” Zayn said, “The lads love you, your friends love you, and your cousin loves you.”
You sighed and said, “I don’t know.”
Zayn lied down on the bed next to you. He put his arm around you. You shut your eyes, and you immediately felt secure in his arms. It was silent for a couple of minutes.
You broke the silence, “There are other girls out there.”
“But they aren’t you,” Zayn retorted, “Why are you afraid?”
“Afraid?” You questioned
“Yes,” He said, “Afraid.”
“My ex-boyfriend and best friend broke my heart,” You said, “I’m afraid.”
“Don’t be,” Zayn whispered, “Don’t you trust me.”
“I don’t trust myself,” You replied, “I’ll probably do something stupid.”
“I probably will too,” Zayn agreed, “That’s how life goes. Just trust me.”
“It’s hard to trust,” You whispered
“Then I’ll help you trust again,” Zayn assured
                Zayn leaned in and kissed you. The two of you started to date, and each day you started to forget about your ex-boyfriend. After the vacation, the lads dropped you and your friend’s back to your house. Your cousin Camille was there, and saw the lads. She ran up to you and she jumped into your arms.
She asked, “Did you find husban?”
“A boyfriend,” You replied with a smile
“Really who?” Camille’s eyes brightened
“Me,” Zayn replied
“Oh,” Camille said, “When you get married?”
The lads laughed at her, and you said, “I don’t know if we are squirt.”
Camille turned to Louis, and giggled, “You did your promise!”
“I know,” Louis smiled wide, “I never break my promises.”

a/n: the end…haha i know terrible ending…i just don’t know what to write anymore for this story..:p 

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The fall at Toys”R”Us…part 6

                Niall and Abby were in the kitchen chatting and eating snacks. Abby has gotten out of her shell a few days later. The two obviously like each other, but neither of them said a thing. Louis came in the kitchen and grabbed an apple.
“Hey Lou,” Niall said, “Why’re you in here? Thought you were gonna talk to Harry.”
Louis took a bit of his apple and said, “I did. I set him up with Elizabeth, and he told me to leave. Isn’t that mean?”
“Why is that mean?” Abby asked
“Because I helped him get the girl,” Louis said, “And he repays me by making me leave.”
“Aw,” Niall said, “Poor Louis.”
“But now I’m here to help!” Louis said
“What?” Abby asked
“I’m here to help you guys,” Louis said, pulling a chair in between the two and sat down resting his chin in his hand, while his elbow rested on the table.
“Help us with what Lou?” Niall said
Louis said, “Let’s talk about feelings. How have you been feeling Niall?”
“Fine,” Niall said confused
“How about you Abby?” Louis asked
“Fine,” Abby replied
“Now, have you been attracted to someone lately?” Louis asked, “Like, each other?”
The two blushed and didn’t make eye contact with each other. Niall said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Lou.”
“Yes I do,” Louis said, “Well let’s start from the beginning. There comes a time where a man and woman become attracted to each other. Sometimes they just don’t react to it, which is a terrible terrible thing.”
“What are you doing?” Niall asked
Louis turned to Abby and said, “You know Niall fancies you? I mean you fancy him too. Well I’ll let you guys talk. Have fun you kids, but not too much fun.”
Louis stood up and walked out of the kitchen. Niall and Abby were left in the kitchen with awkward silence. Louis came back and screamed, “Talk to each other!” Then he walked out of the room again.
“Uh hi,” Niall said
“Hi Niall,” Abby said shyly
“Um,” Niall said, “What Louis said-,”
“I like you Niall,” Abby said blushing, “But it’s okay if you don’t like me.”
“No I like you too,” Niall said, “I just didn’t know how to say it.”
“Oh,” Abby said with a smile
“How about we-,” Niall said
“KISS!” Louis screamed popping into the room again. Abby and Niall blushed, “Oh come on then.”
Niall looked at her shyly, and he leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. Louis said, “Is that what you call a kiss?”
“Shut up Lou,” Niall said, “Go away.” He looked at Abby and said, “Sorry it’s cause Lou’s here.”
“Fine then,” Louis said with a pout, “I’ll just leave.”
Niall looked back at Abby and said, “Can I try that kiss again?”
“I’d love that,” Abby said with a smile
Niall and Abby leaned in and kissed.

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The fall at Toys”R”Us…part 5

                A month went y really quickly, and a lot of things have happened. Louis accomplished his mission, without doing anything to be honest, Elizabeth ended up with Harry, and Abby ended up with Niall. You were talking to Zayn and getting to know him. Each day you would talk to Zayn, and get to know each other. The two of you would walk around the backyard, while the others were doing whatever. While this was happening, Elizabeth was getting close to Harry.
“Um, so how are you?” Harry asked
“Great,” Elizabeth replied
Louis came up and said, “In case you didn’t know, Elizabeth, Harry has a thing for you. He’s trying to chat you up.”
Elizabeth blushed, and Harry gave Louis a look. Elizabeth said, “Don’t worry Harry, I’m interested in you too.”
“Really?” Harry asked
“Yes really Curly,” Louis said, “Didn’t you hear her?”
“Shut it Louis,” Harry replied, “Go off somewhere.”
“Is that what I get for getting you a girl?” Louis said, “Oh, well I guess I’ll go set Niall up. See ya Curly, Elizabeth.”
“Bye Lou,” Elizabeth said
“So, um, where were we?” Harry said
“Um, I told you I was interested in you?” Elizabeth said
Harry said, “Oh yeah! So, um, basically wanna do something? Like maybe watch a movie in the theatre together? I’ll lock the door, so no one will interrupt us.”
“Sounds nice, Harry,” Elizabeth said
“Great,” Harry said, “Let’s go.”
                Harry and Elizabeth walked to the theatre, and Harry chose a nice romantic comedy. Throughout the movie, Harry put his arm around Elizabeth and she rested her head on his shoulder. Then a few minutes later, he leaned in to kiss her. They never really knew what happened at the end of the movie, since they were occupied with each other’s lips. Harry and Elizabeth pulled apart when they heard a knock at the door.
“Open up!” Liam said, “You guys better not be doing anything inappropriate there.”
                The two came out with their lips swollen, and Liam scolded them, but they didn’t really take it seriously. Harry and Elizabeth became an item thanks to Lou.

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The fall at Toys”R”Us…..(Part 4)

After a few hours of driving, you guys arrive at the vacation house. It was humongous and beautiful. The lads led you guys in and the interior of the house was beautiful and gigantic too.
“Let me show you guys to your bedrooms,” Harry said, “Come on (y/n), Abby, Elizabeth.”
The three of you follow him, and he leads you guys to a room with three single beds. There was a bathroom attached to the bathroom, and a huge walk in closet. You guys set your things in the bed room and went back down stairs.
“Are your girlfriends going to be here?” You ask
“Sadly no,” Liam answers, “They have something to do, but they’ll visit.”
“Oh,” You reply, “That’s nice.”
“So how are you feeling?” Liam asks, “Have you gotten better?”
“Well they came to visit yesterday,” you say
“What happened,” He asks
“Nothing important,” you say
You and Liam get into a conversation, while the other lads talk to Elizabeth and Abby.
“So Abby, Elizabeth” Louis began, “Tell us about yourselves.”
Elizabeth says, “I don’t know what to talk about. I guess you’ll just have to figure it out during this vacation.”
“Oooh, quirky!” Louis says, “Now how about you Abby?”
Abby smiles shyly, and Elizabeth says, “She’s a shy girl, but she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.”
“You know,” Harry says with a grin, “Niall’s into shy girls.”
Niall blushes and laughs, “Shut up Hazza.”
“I was just saying,” Harry says, “Hey where’s Zayn?”
“Right here,” Zayn says as he was walking out of the toilet, “Just had to fix my hair.”
“You vain man,” Louis says
“Shut up Lou,” Zayn says
Anyways all of you guys get comfortable in the living room, and talk about random things. Your phone rings, and you answer it.
“Hi (y/n),” Your cousin, Camille screams
“Hey Camille,” You reply, “Why’d you call?”
“I miss you!” Camille says sadly, “and……I wanna talk to Lou Lou pwease!”
“Okay hold on,” You reply and put it on speaker phone, “You’re on speaker phone babe. Here are the lads.”
“Hi!” She screams
The lads laugh and say, “Hi Camille!”
“Lou Lou!” Camille calls
“Yeah love?” Louis says
“You do somethin for me pwease?” She says in a sweet tone
“What is it love?” He asks with a smile
“Can you find (y/n) a husban? I wan it to be you, but you have girlfrien, so I won take you away from her. I let her keep you ‘cause I’m nice girl, but I wan you to find someone like you!” She says
You blush, while everyone laughs in the room. Camille says, “I sewious!”
“We know Camillle,” Louis says, “Don’t worry I’ll try my best kiddo!”
“Okay, well I go now bye bye!” Camille says and hangs up the phone.
“Your cousin is adorable,” Louis says to you
“Yeah I know she is, but she’s a pain too,” You reply.
“You have a mission to do Lou,” Liam says, “You gotta find (y/n) a husband.”
“Oh I know,” Louis says, “Can’t break promises with the kiddo.”
You stare at Louis and notice that he has a mischievous glint in his eyes.

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I need names!

as you can see i continued the fall at toys r us: :) i need some names for the friends, and the little cousin…im gonna keep the u…but it would be nice to have names for the other characters :) please send in your name requests! just to let you know the two friends will end up with either harry or niall :) Xx

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Imagine…..The fall at Toys”R”Us part 3

He texts back and says, “Yeah that fine! And we are going to stay @ Harry’s vacation house.”

You text back saying, “Okay cool! When are we going?”
Liam replies saying, “Well we’ll be leaving in a few days, so u nd ur friends will have enough time to pack ur things.”
You then say, “Okay, well I g2g, see you guys in a few days? Oh wait how do we get there?”
“Just give me your address and we’ll pick you up. See you guys soon!” Liam replies.
During the next few days, you and your friends went shopping for new clothing, and started packing items into your bags. Your friends returned home, to pack their bags too, so you would see them later. In addition, your cousin was going to stop by, because she needed to be watched again. As you were packing some clothes into your luggage, you heard a knock and went to go answer the door. When you opened the door, you saw the two people you that you least wanted to see.
“Hi,” Your ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend say shyly.
“What are you two doing here,” You say coldy, and looking at them with disgust.
“Please, (y/n),” (girl name) pleads, “Let us explain. We didn’t want to hurt you.”
“Well it’s too late now,” You reply, “Just leave me alone will you? I don’t like you, and I don’t think I ever will anymore.”
(girl name)’s started to have tears in her eyes and she says, “(y/n), we have been friends, since we were little!”
“Things have changed ever since you two snuck off behind my back, so just please leave,” You say again.
“I told you she wasn’t going to listen, (girl name),” Your ex-boyfriend says, “She’s too stubborn.”
“Me stubborn? Now why would I want to listen to people who went behind my back? Huh? Would you do the same? Why would I want to talk to people who broke my heart? You think I can easily forgive you? If you think yes, well you’re wrong, so for the last time LEAVE!” You scream at the two of them with tears in your eyes. All of a sudden, you see your cousin run up to you.
“(y/n)!” She screams and runs into your arms. You pick her up and she looks at you. Then say asks, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong, come on let’s go,” You reply and shut the door on them. Once the two of you went inside, you set her down to let her play around the house. A couple minutes later, you see your cousin dragging your luggage towards you. You look at her curiously and ask, “What are you doing?”
“What is this? Are you running away?!” She asks worriedly.
You laugh and reply, “No, I’m going on vacation with my friends and those boys we played with at the store.”
Her eyes lit up and says, “You goin on vation with Lou Lou, Zay, Li-lum, Niall, and Hair?”
You laugh at the way she said their names, and say, “Yeah I am.”
“That fun! I like em they funny an’ nice. You gon marry one of em?” She says.
“Yeah, they are nice right? And I don’t think I’ll marry one of them, (insert name),” You say.
“Why? They nice people too! An’ they handsome!” She replies.
“I don’t know them very well,” You say.
“Oh,” She says with a small pout, “So when you leavin?”
“Tomorrow, they’re going to pick me up,” You reply.
“Oh so I get to see them tomorrow?!” Your cousin asks excitingly.
“It depends when my mom picks you up squirt,” You reply.
Throughout the day, you and your cousin watched movies and played some board games. She has also helped you fold some of your clothes messily, and put them in your luggage. For dinner, you cooked her mac and cheese and ice cream for dessert. You put your cousin to bed in the guest room, and went into your own room. You start thinking about your conversation with your ex friend and boyfriend. “Did I even do the right thing?” You thought to yourself. While you were thinking about it, your cousin went into your room and went into your bed.
“Can I sleep here please?” Your cousin asks
“Yeah go ahead squirt,” You reply.
The next day, you were already packed and your friends have arrived at your house. Your cousin kept asking you if your mother has arrived to pick her up, because she didn’t want to miss seeing the boys. You kept on telling her no, while you were in conversation with your friends. Anyways, your cousin was playing with her doll by you and your friends, while you all were waiting for the people to arrive.
Your phone vibrated and you picked it up. It was a text from Liam saying, “Hey babe, we’re here.”
You look outside, and see the boys exiting out the car. Your little cousin saw Louis, and ran outside.
“Lou Lou!” She screams and jumps in his arms, “You’re here!”
“Hey kiddo!” He says with a smile, “What are you doing here?”
“(y/n), was takin care of me, but now auntie is gon pick me up. (y/n) tol me that she go on vation with you guys. I ask her if she gon marry one of you guys ‘cause you guys good lookin, nice, and funny! But she say no, and I don know why,” She says with a pout.
The lads laughed at her and Louis says, “Well Liam and I have girlfriends, so she can’t marry us. I don’t know about the other three though..”
Her face lit up and says, “Oh you and Liam girlfriens pretty?”
“Very pretty,” He replies with a smile.
You come out with you friends and bags in your hands. “Hey boys,” You say. They greeted with you with hugs and smiles. You introduce your friends to them, and they welcomed them with open arms. Your mother came, and picked up your cousin, but it took a while to get your cousin out of Louis’s arms. The lads helped you and your friends put your baggage into the van, and you guys took off towards Harry;s vacation house.

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Imagine…..The fall at Toys”R”Us part 2

You cover your ears, while the boys and your cousin scream for joy. The boys ran back into the store, after retrieving their nerf guns that have fallen on the ground. You were still down about your break up, so you followed them slowly. However you didn’t realize that Liam has stayed behind.
"Are you okay?" He asks.
"Yeah I’m fine," you say, but it wasn’t believable.
"I know we just met," Liam says, "But it would be okay for you to tell me what’s wrong. My girlfriend, Danielle, well you probably do know her since you’re a fan, tells me her problems. I can listen to you."
You smile at Liam and say, “Do you really want to listen to me rant about my problems?”
"I mean as long as they don’t include any inappropriate things then I’m all for it," he says jokingly.
"Well," You start, "My boyfriend recently broke up with me, and I haven’t talked to anyone about it at all. I have totally isolated myself from society. I have been with him for a year and a half, and when he told me that we were breaking up, I just didn’t know what I did wrong. And you know what’s the worst thing about it all? I asked one of my best friends that I have been friends with ever since I was in kindergarten about it, and she revealed to me that they both have kissed and developed feelings for each other. She also said that they couldn’t keep it a secret longer and they didn’t want to hurt me. And you know what? I wished they told me right away right after they kissed, so then i wouldn’t hurt as much as i do right now." Your eyes start to sting, and you turn away from Liam and say, "Sorry, i shouldn’t have said this."
Liam looks at you sadly and gives you a hug and says, “No it’s okay. It’s better to let your emotions out than to keep them bottled in. Don’t worry time will heal everything, and maybe things might go back to normal. Have they tried talking to you?”
"Yeah," you say, "but I just can’t talk to them right now for all the pain they have caused me. I just can’t trust anyone right now. That’s why I went here. I knew no one I knew would be here."
"Oh," Liam could only say.
"Yeah," you say shyly, "thank you for listening to me."
"No problem," He says, "Just talk to me whenever you need to. Anyways, I think you’ll find someone new in your life."
"Oh really?" you say.
He laughs and says, “Yeah you just might.”
Suddenly the boys and your cousin start calling you to go over to the nerf gun section. You two start walking, and you smile to yourself thinking about a brotherly sisterly relationship starting between you and Liam. You also think that Danielle is a lucky girl.
You two arrive at the nerf gun aisle and BAM! you were shot 5 times with nerf bullets. All of you start to laugh and your cousin runs up to you.
"That was funny," she giggled into her hands, "don’t you tink Lou Lou?"
Louis smiles at her adorableness, and says, “Yeah kiddo, really funny.”
You guys spend the rest of the day running around Toys”R”Us with nerf guns, with Liam and Niall on your side, and Harry, Louis, Zayn, and your cousin as your opponents. Louis seemed to love your cousin so much, and you think that he could be a great dad when he’s older. Eleanor is lucky too have him, you think to yourself. You haven’t really talked to Harry or Zayn throughout the day, but you wished you could since you loved all the boys equally. You have never really had feelings for any of the boys, since you were deeply in love with your ex-boyfriend. You only loved them for their wonderful personalities and their songs. You got along with Niall because you guys enjoy eating food whenever and wherever. It was a really nice day. However, it was hard leaving the boys, but fortunately you and Liam exchanged numbers with each other just in case you wanted to “rant” about your problems. Your cousin had the hardest time leaving the boys that she started bawling when you had to physically remove her from Louis’s arms. Your cousin soon fell asleep as you were driving home, and your realize that you haven’t felt that happy since your break up. You got home and noticed that two of your best friends were waiting outside of your house. Luckily, they were the ones who have always had your back, and not (insert name). You start talking to them, and tell them what you told Liam. You and your friends are back to normal and decide to have a sleep over at your place. Once they were settled in, you tell them your awesome day with the boys.
A couple of hours later you receive a text from Liam saying, “Hey yuo want to go on vacatyion with the boys and i?”
You laugh at his spelling mistakes and text back saying, “Sure why not where are we going? Do you mind if i bring two of my friends? I actually let in two people from society talk to me. haha ;)”
He texts back and says, “Yeah that fine! And we are going to….”

Any places you recomend? or should i pick?

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Imagine…..The fall at Toys”R”Us part 1

babysitting your six year old cousin, and you decide to spoil her and take her to Toys “R” Us. The Toys “R” Us that you went to wasn’t well known, so you were happy that you wouldn’t see anyone you knew, since your boyfriend recently broke up with you. “where we goin, (y/n)?” your cousin asks. “well, (insert name), i thought it would be nice to take you to Toys”R”Us since you have been a good girl,” you reply. “Really!?” she squeals, “tanks!” The two of you arrive at Toys”R”Us and once you entered the store 5 boys ran into you. You fell to the ground with nerf guns following. Your cousin starts laughing uncontrollably an you curse silently to yourself. Each of the boys were saying their sorrys and you suddenly recognize their voices. It was ONE DIRECTION! you look up in awe and they notice that you recognize them. Louis and Harry had cheeky grins on their faces while Liam Niall and Zayn looked at you with a worried expression. “are you gon get up?” asks your cousin, “mummy says is bad fo you to sit down in stores” Niall offers you a hand and helps you up, while the other boys turn their attention to your cousin. “I’m sorry about that,” Niall says, “the boys and i were playing with nerf guns and we got a bit carried away. We didn’t see you enter the store.” “It’s alright,” you reply. You realize that someone was staring at you and you saw that it was Zayn. You two made eye contact and he quickly turned away. “Hey, what’s your name?” Harry asks. “It’s (y/n)” you reply, “and this here is (insert name).” “This your kid?” Louis asks jokingly, which caused Liam to nudge him with his elbow. “haha,” you say sarcastically, “she’s my cousin.” “She’s really cute,” Liam says while taking her in his arms. “mhmm,” your cousin replies which makes everyone laugh “so may i ask why you guys are here?” you say curiously. “well we’re on break and we decided to go somewhere where no one would know where we are.” Liam says. “oh…okay,” you say, “well nice meeting you guys. im a big fan. come on (insert name) lets go get you a toy.” “aw,” she replies playing with Louis suspenders, “can we stay longer please!” “Yeah,” Zayn replies, “you can hang out with us we dont mind right boys?” “YEAH!” they chorused. “Okay,” you say which caused everyone to scream yay on the top of their lungs… so any requests on who should i make the romance between? sorry not that good. please comment requests! :)

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