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What I Did For Love…Part 139

“Fuck!” Zayn winced at the sound
                He slowly turned around to view the scene behind him. As he turned, there was a creak on the wooden floor of his apartment. Avery was lying on the ground with her hand twitching. Zayn crept towards her, feeling the tension in the situation. He knelt down and brushed her hair away from her face to see if she was alive. A whimper escaped from her lips.
“Avery?” Zayn whispered
“Do you love me yet?” She questioned, “I’ve done everything.”
                Her eyes fluttered and a small breath escaped her lips. Her eyes were half closed, but her pupils could not be seen. Blood pooled around her body and Zayn’s hand and jeans. There was a ghostly chill in the atmosphere, which sent shivers down his back. He took in a deep breath and stood up. After taking one last look at Avery, he reached for his phone and immediately called the police.
“Excuse me sir,” I called the doctor, “Is it okay for me to leave at this time? I know you said tomorrow, but I’m eager to go home.”
The doctor gave me a small smile, “Do you need us to call someone to bring you back home?”
“I’m perfectly fine,” I assured, “So, am I free to go?”
“Of course,” The doctor said, “A few things must be done though.”
“Okay,” I replied
                After doing the things that were required to leave, I walked out of the hospital a bit wobbly. I felt perfectly fine, but I obviously needed rest. However, I needed to see Aurelian without the others. Sounds like a stupid idea, but it’d be better if I went solo. They would have been over protective and desired to be with me, while I talked to him. I went into a cab and proceeded to tell the driver the address of the asylum Aurelian is supposedly at. Hopefully, the asylum is allowing visitors at this time of day. There was silence in the cab. Several thoughts were running through my mind. Would he be easy to talk to, or would he just sit there and do nothing? I haven’t even planned on what I was going to discuss with him. Moments later, I arrived at the asylum. The wind in the night air ran through my spine and I shivered. Slowly, but surely, I walked into the asylum by myself.
“Hello,” I greeted, “Is it okay to see one of the patients?”
“We only have ten minutes left, so make it quick,” The lady snapped at me, “What’s the patient’s name?”
“Aurelian,” I responded
“Right this way,” She said
                The girl was walking fast, so I had to speed walk to catch up. She led me into a room with rows of tables. I sat on one of the chairs. There were security guards on each corner and door. I felt uncomfortable and uneasy. Maybe I should have brought Eleanor, Dani, or Jordan, I thought to myself. My leg shook involuntarily, while I waited for Aurelian. The door opened and Aurelian was being led to the table by one of the nurses. He had bags under his eyes and his hair was disheveled. He wore white clothing, typical patient clothing. There was no brightness in his eyes. Dullness replaced the light in his eyes. Aurelian walked slowly to the table, while looking at the ground. It looked like he was mesmerized by something, but I just couldn’t tell what. It broke my heart to see him this way. He might have done horrible things, but I still see the boy I’ve been friends with from the beginning. I might not be able to forgive him right away, but I do pity him. Aurelian sat down across from me and brought his attention on me.
I gave him a small smile, “Hi.” He nodded his head slowly in return. I awkwardly kept on talking, “I hope you’re doing fine. Avery and the others are still missing you know… I just got out of the hospital. You know, I really hope you get better and back to normal. I miss hanging out with the old you. If only we were back in the old days, yeah? Maybe when you’re out of here we can go back to the normal days.”
“Mine,” Aurelian mumbled
“Mine?” I repeated obviously confused
“Mine!” Aurelian barked and reached towards me
                As a reaction, I jerked backwards. He stood up and pounded his fists against the table. The security guards and nurse came over to hold him back. I stood up, and the security guard told me to leave. I gave one last glance at Aurelian and noticed the crazed look on his face once again. Tears welled in my eyes. He can never be the same. I left the asylum and got into a cab. My emotions overwhelmed me, so I had no idea what I was doing. There was only one place that I could think of. I arrived at the one place where I could escape the world. Slowly, I went up the steps and opened the door. The air was much colder. I sat on the cold rooftop, with my legs dangling at the edge. A tear escaped my eye, and I took a deep breath and exhaled. As I exhaled, I felt a pair of familiar hands on my shoulders. Zayn smiled at me and sat next to me wrapping his arm around me and pulled me close.
“Did you sneak out of the hospital?” Zayn questioned
“Nope, the doctor let me out early because I begged,” I admitted
“Why didn’t you call any of us?” He asked
“I went to see Aurelian by myself,” I confessed bashfully
“What?!” Zayn exclaimed looking at me disapprovingly, “He could have hurt you!”
“He didn’t,” I assured him, “I’m fine, see? I already went, so now I don’t have to go.”
“Are you sure?” Zayn said
“Yeah I’m sure,” I nodded my head
“The police are over at my place,” Zayn told me, “Avery was in my apartment. She shot herself. I just finished talking to the police and explaining what happened.”
“She’s dead?” I asked surprised, “What?”
Zayn nodded his head, “It seems surreal though.”
“So you came on the rooftop to escape?” I cocked an eyebrow
A small smile formed on his lips, “Yeah. The same reason as to why you’re here, but we all know that we’re always going to end up talking about our relationship. Now, where are we in our relationship? We’re free from our problems now, and I’m confident that nothing is going to be in our way.”
“Is that a promise?” I questioned looking up to him
“Promise to keep you safe and happy?” Zayn said, “Of course. Now where are we?”
“I’m thinking you need to take me on a date,” I laughed
“Where do you want to go?” He asked
“Oh I don’t know, think of somewhere special,” I replied
Zayn chuckled, “I think I have the perfect place, if you promise me something.”
“What might that be?” I questioned
Zayn reached in his pocket and took out the necklace, “Never taking this off and never doing anything stupid again.”
“I can’t help it if I do things for love,” I retorted pulling back from the warm embrace, so he could put the necklace on
“Yeah, sure,” Zayn smiled, “Should we bother the guys by staying over their place tonight?”
“I was thinking about sleeping at my apartment and have them worry where we might be,” I confessed
He smirked, “Great idea.”
Three months later…
“Niall,” Eleanor whined, “When can we meet her?”
“Meet who?” Niall questioned playing dumb
Eleanor furrowed her eyebrows and pouted, “You know who.”
“It’s one of the reasons why you kept disappearing months ago!” Jordan exclaimed, “Now let us meet the girl!”
“Give me a couple weeks,” Niall told them
“Promise us that she isn’t like Avery,” Louis begged
“Hey!” Liam scolded, “She is dead. Give some respect.”
“Like she ever respected us,” Harry spat out
“Oh be nice Haz,” Danielle told him, “It’s all in the past
“You guys are really loud, you know that?” I told them walking into the living room with Damien trailing behind. Zayn has moved in with me, since he didn’t want to live in a place where someone died.
“We thought you’d be used to it by now,” Harry laughed
“Nope,” I assured him, “You guys never cease to amaze me.”
“Where’s Zayn?” Liam questioned
“Sleeping,” I answered, “He can sleep through anything.”
“That’s why it’s our job to wake him up,” Niall piped up
Eleanor ran in the kitchen and went through the cabinets to retrieve some pots and pans. She handed them to the boys, Jordan, and Danielle.
“He’s going to kill you all,” I laughed
“Yeah, but as long as we say it was your idea it’ll be okay,” Louis smirked
“Like he’s going to believe you,” I retorted
“We’ll see,” Louis replied
“Let’s go!” Jordan screamed and opened the bedroom door harshly
                I sat on the couch and covered my ears. A couple minutes later, they came out of the room laughing with a very annoyed Zayn coming out of the room. He sat next to me and buried his head against the pillow.
“I’m just going to say that wasn’t even my plan,” I told him
He mumbled something incoherent. Louis said, “Speak louder!”
Zayn lifted his head up and muttered, “We really need a lock for this apartment.”
“We’ll get in the apartment no matter what,” Eleanor said mischievously
“Now get dressed!” I told Zayn, “We’re visiting the asylum.”
“Why?” Harry questioned
“It’s almost Aurey’s birthday,” I said, “Plus, we’re going on vacation in a week, so I won’t be able to visit him on his birthday.”
“Does he even know who you are?” Jordan asked, “Isn’t he like drugged or something.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “I actually only visited once. That’s why I need to visit him today. Are you guys going to come along?”
“Why not,” Danielle said, “We can head to Starbucks after.”
“I’m in!” Eleanor exclaimed
“Get dressed Zayn!” I pushed Zayn
“Yeah, give me a minute,” He mumbled closing his eyes
                Niall took his pan and made a huge bang against Zayn’s ear. Zayn glowered at Niall and stood up, walking to the bedroom to get changed. Fifteen minutes later, Zayn came out of the room fully dressed and hair groomed. We all made our way down stairs and into the parking lot. We went into separate cars and straight to the asylum. I went to the front desk with the others behind me.
“Could I please see Aurelian?” I asked a young girl
She looked through the list and furrowed her eyebrows. Then she gave me a small smile, “I’m sorry but he isn’t here anymore. He was transferred to a different asylum.”
“Do you know where?” I questioned
“I’m sorry, but no we don’t,” She said truthfully, “All we know is that he is out of the country.”
“Do you know why he was transferred?” Liam questioned
“That’s confidential,” We heard a voice. It was the angry lady I talked to the last time I went there.
                We all looked at each other with confused expressions on our face. Where was he?

A/N: thank you for reading What I Did For Love! It was fun writing it and I can’t wait to write a sequel to this! Just need to get a few of the ideas straight. I’m thinking i’ll start the sequel possibly in a couple of months, who knows, but I really do appreciate you guys for reading What I Did For Love. I also thank you guys for bearing with me and my updates. Love you guys so much! Xx P.S. I suck at endings, I know…haha

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What I Did For Love…Part 138

“What?” Zayn questioned me, “Why would you want to do that?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “I want to see how he’s doing…”
“I don’t think you’re in the right state to do that,” Zayn pointed out, “You’re just getting better.”
“Doesn’t matter,” I retorted, “I’m going to see him. You guys can come, but I want to be alone when I talk to him.”
“I’m not letting you go,” Zayn said, “You remember the last time you went to see him? You thought he was your friend, but look what happened.”
“He’s at an asylum Zayn,” I told him, “There are doctors and security there. They will protect me. I promise.”
“I don’t want to lose you again,” Zayn whispered
“I swear you won’t,” I assured, “Now, once I get out of here we’re going straight to the asylum, okay?”
“Fine,” Zayn gave up, “You win.”
I smirked, “Good.”
Zayn changed the subject, “(y/n), I’ve got a question.”
“What is it?” I cocked an eyebrow
“Where are we in our relationship?” He asked me
                There was silence. Where were we in our relationship? Am I ready to go back to him? Is it safe to go back to Zayn? I loved him, that’s for sure.
“Excuse me sir,” The doctor came in the room, “Like I’ve said before, visiting hours were over.”
                I gave Zayn a smile signifying that we’d talk about it later. Zayn took the signal and returned the same small smile. He walked out of the room with a disappointment in my eyes. I knew I needed to see Aurelian just for closure. It’ll assure me that everything will be fine and I wouldn’t have to be weary about my decisions.
“You okay, mate?” Liam asked Zayn, while patting his back
“You seem down Zaynie,” Eleanor mocked
Zayn gave Eleanor a tiny glare and responded to Liam, “Just a bit peeved.”
“Want to talk about it?” Louis questioned
“Nah,” Zayn assured, “It’s nothing. I’m going to head home.”
“Don’t want to go to Starbucks?” Niall cocked an eyebrow
Eleanor pouted, “I was going to say that.”
Danielle laughed, “Well it’s too late for you to say it now. Come on, Zayn’s probably tired.”
“Need a ride?” Harry asked changing the subject
“I’m good,” Zayn assured him, “I need some air, so I’m going to walk home.”
                Zayn didn’t wait for them to say a word, so he walked out of their view. The night air was cold, but it was refreshing for Zayn. He was so confused about (y/n). Everything was going right now. Aurelian was gone; people are in search for Avery, why can’t she just agree to be his girlfriend once again? A few minutes later, Zayn arrived at his apartment. He let out an exasperated sigh as he shut the door.
“Damien!” He called, “Where are you?”
                There was the sound of keys hitting against each other. Zayn furrowed his eyebrows and looked around the room.
“Damien?” He called once more, “Did you get the spare keys?”
“Zayn…,” Zayn heard a whisper
                He turned around and his eyes widened. Avery was standing behind him. Her hair and clothes were disheveled. She had a crazed look in her eyes. The moonlight was shown upon her facing. What scared Zayn the most was what was in her left hand.
“Avery,” He said wearily, “Drop the gun.”
“I didn’t mean to shoot you,” Avery whispered, “I swear.”
“I believe you,” Zayn replied, “Just put the gun down.”
“Is she dead?” Avery questioned, “Are you mine now?”
“Avery….,” He said softly
She inched towards him, “I got rid of them, those men. I shot them all. Damien’s in your bedroom sleeping.  Do you love me now?”
When Avery touched Zayn’s shoulder, Zayn pulled back and retorted, “You’re a murderer.”
“No I’m not,” She denied, “I’m doing everything just to be with you!”
“I don’t want to be with you!” Zayn hissed
“You don’t mean that,” Avery replied, “You love me.”
“I love (y/n),” Zayn retorted
There was a fire lit in her eyes, “She’s dead.”
“No she isn’t,” Zayn assured her, “Leave now.”
“Please don’t act this way,” Avery pleaded, “I know you’re upset because I shot you by accident. Please, I didn’t mean it.”
“I’m not angry because you shot me!” Zayn screamed, “I’m angry because you tried killing (y/n)! You’ve been hurting my friends! Get out of my life!”
“Will you love me then?” Avery whispered, “If I’m out of your life?”
“I will never love you,” Zayn hissed
He walked to his front door to leave her there. Avery raised the gun and pulled the trigger. There was now a body laying limply on the ground.

a/n: i know short..but i need to go somewhere! i will be updating more when i get home! and i’m a bit rusty at cliffhangers..:/ need some work on it! haha Xx

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What I Did For Love…Part 137

There were gasps from each and everyone in the room.
“Was I gone for a long time?” I questioned
                There was no answers coming from them. Instead, they engulfed me with hugs. I looked at everyone and studied their facial expressions. They looked joyful, but I was a bit confused.
“Are you guys okay?” I asked
“I’ll go get the doctor,” Liam said
Everyone pulled back and gave me a smile. Zayn explained, “You were out for a few days. I’m so glad that you got better.”
“What happened?” I questioned
“Your cut got infected,” Dani explained, “The doctors inserted antibiotics into your body. No one knew if you were going to survive or not. Well we still don’t even know if the antibiotics have taken affect in your body.”
“But you’re going to be okay,” Zayn added, “I know it.”
“Excuse me,” The doctor came into the room with Liam trailing behind him, “I need you all to leave. We will be doing some tests.”
                The doctor took some of my blood and tested it. He told me that I was going to be okay, and that I should take some medication. Before the doctor left, he told me that I needed to see a therapist about my traumatizing experience. Then he said that I would be able to leave the hospital the next day. Once he left, the others came in. We caught up, and I learned about what happened to Jeremiah and his mother.
“Does this mean Jordan is his guardian now?” I asked
“Possibly,” Jordan answered
“Any other questions for us?” Niall questioned
“Is there any news about Avery and Aurelian?” I whispered
“Aurelian has psychosis and he’s at the asylum,” Louis told me, “We have no news about Avery.”
“There’s police searching for her though,” Eleanor added

“And the three other men,” Harry said
                We all continued talking until an hour has passed. The doctor came in and told them that visiting hours were done. We bid our farewells, but Zayn stayed in the room.
“How are you feeling?” He asked
“Good,” I answered
“You look like you have something on your mind,” Zayn told me, “Care to share?”
“I think I might want to give Aurelian a little visit,” I confessed

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What I Did For Love…Part 136

“He’ll be fine,” The doctor assured Jordan, “He just needs stitches, and a blood transfusion.”
“Which will be taken care of right?” Jordan questioned
“Yes,” The doctor nodded his head, “We already have a donor.”
                A few days have passed ever since Harry and Jordan found Jeremiah and his mother in the living room. Jeremiah was doing fine. Zayn and Danielle have finally been released, but everyone remained at the hospital just to make sure Jeremiah and (y/n) were doing fine. Zayn had a sling. (y/n) has not regained consciousness, since the event. The doctors or nurses have not told the lads and girls if the antibiotics were working or not, since they were busy. The lads and girls were truly frustrated because of that.
“Can I see her doctor?” Zayn asked
“You have been with (y/n) for the past days,” The doctor replied with a smile, “The answer is always yes.”
“Thanks,” Zayn smiled
                For the past days, Zayn has been going in (y/n)’s room talking to her or just sitting there in silence. The others didn’t go in with him because they knew he wanted to be alone. Zayn walked into the room slowly, and sat down on the chair next to the bed.
“Hey,” He greeted quietly, “Hope you’re feeling better. I brought you something that could amuse you.”
                He took out his Iphone and went into his Ipod. The music started to play, and he sang along with it.
When the rain is blowing in your face,

And the whole world is on your case,

I could offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love.

When the evening shadows and the stars appear,

And there is no one there to dry your tears,

I could hold you for a million years

To make you feel my love.

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet,

But I would never do you wrong.

I’ve known it from the moment that we met,

No doubt in my mind where you belong.

I’d go hungry; I’d go black and blue,

I’d go crawling down the avenue.

No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

To make you feel my love.

The storms are raging on the rolling sea

And on the highway of regret.

Though winds of change are blowing wild and free,

You ain’t seen nothing like me yet.

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true.

Nothing that I wouldn’t do.

Go to the ends of the Earth for you,

To make you feel my love

To make you feel my love

“Remember this song? We danced to it under the moonlight on the boardwalk. Can you please get better fast?” Zayn said his voice cracking, “I really want to hear your voice. I want to hear your laughter. I don’t want to come in each day in to hospital seeing you with a blank expression and hearing the machines. I just want a simple conversation with you. Everything is getting better you know. Aurelian is gone, and we can finally be together. Please get better fast.”
                There was a knock at the door and Zayn looked at the door to see who it was. Louis gave him a small smile.
He said, “Mind if we come in? We haven’t had the chance to see her, since well you know.”
“Yeah you guys can come in,” Zayn replied
They went in and surrounded the bed.
“She looks comfy,” Eleanor spoke
“Now she only needs to wake up,” Niall said
“Maybe you should kiss her and wake her up like in those Disney movies,” Louis joked
“Aren’t you funny,” A voice retorted sarcastically

a/n: sorry it’s short..thought it’d be a great cliff..and parents are making me go off! 

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What I Did For Love…Part 135

“How’s (y/n) and Zayn doing?” Danielle asked Liam
“Zayn’s healthy,” Liam answered, “(y/n) has an infection, and they gave her antibiotics. We don’t know if the antibiotics will be effective or not.”
Danielle frowned, “How’s Zayn taking the news?”
“Terribly,” Liam told her, “He keeps telling us that she’s going to be okay and that she’s going to live. We all want to believe it, but we can’t just think that she will. What if she doesn’t live Dani? We can’t just keep our hopes up and think that everything is going to be fine.”
“Did you think you would never find me and (y/n)?” Danielle questioned, “Did you have any hope that you will find us?”
“Yeah but-,” Liam started

“No,” She said, “There’s no buts. You had hope, Liam. Try to have hope for (y/n).  Don’t put down Zayn. He’s hurting, and I know everyone is hurting right now too. It’s the only way Zayn can assure himself. Imagine, Liam, what if I was (y/n)’s position. Wouldn’t you act the same way as Zayn? Be a friend and comfort him. Don’t try to put him down. Be optimistic with him.”
There was a knock at the door, and Danielle and Liam’s attention went to Harry. He smiled bashfully, “Hope I’m not interrupting anything. I was just going to say that there are some police officers here.”
Liam looked back at Danielle then at Harry, “Just give us a moment. I’ll be out there.”
“Okay,” Harry said going back out of the room
“Just try to understand what I told you, Liam,” Danielle whispered
Liam gave Danielle a peck on the lips, “I’ll see you later.”
                Liam walked out of the room and saw the lads and girls talking to the two officers. Liam walked up to them and greeted them.
“Good day officer,” Liam greeted, “Any news?”
One of the officers nodded his head, “We found Aurelian, and brought him to a different hospital to be treated. He didn’t go far, since he got shot in the leg. We’re still searching for Avery and the three other men.”
“What are you going to do with Aurelian?” Niall questioned
“He’s been tested and diagnosed with psychosis,” The other officer answered, “They will be taking him to an asylum.”
“What?” Liam fumed, “He doesn’t get to go to prison for what he’s done?! He almost raped (y/n) and he abused her!”
“He is suffering from psychosis,” The officer repeated, “Ms. Peazer has said that Avery has done the most torturing towards (y/n). (y/n) has the say whether or not if she wants them to be charged.”
“We don’t know if she’s going to be alive,” Jordan added, “Who gets to say what happens if she dies?”
“Ms. Peazer,” The officer said, “She was tortured also, and she has witnessed the crime.”
“We will keep you guys updated,” The other officer said, “Now we must go off to business.”
“Thank you officer,” Eleanor thanked
                The two officers left, and everyone was silent. They didn’t understand what was happening. Things were happening too fast. Everyone sat down at the seats lost in their thoughts. Jordan was the first one to break the silence.
“We forgot about Jeremiah,” She spoke up
“We dropped him back to his place, remember?” Harry questioned
“Well, I’m going to see him,” Jordan said, “I need at least something to keep me happy.”
“I’ll go with you,” Harry offered
“See you guys later,” Louis told them
                Jordan and Harry exited the hospital and got into Harry’s car. He drove to Jeremiah’s house. Once they parked, Harry opened Jordan’s door, and they both went towards the door. What terrified them was that the door wasn’t shut. Jordan opened the door slowly. The house felt cold and eerie. There was broken furniture scattered across the place. Jordan and Harry walked into the living room. She let out a scream, while Harry’s eyes widened. Lying on the ground was her aunt with a bullet hole in between her eyes, and Jeremiah with blood pooling around his head. There was short breaths coming out of the child, and the two adults ran towards the child.
“Joride,” He whimpered, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Shh,” She cried, “Stay strong okay? We’re going to call the police and bring you to the hospital.”
“I thought my daddy loved me,” Jeremiah wept with his eyes starting to flutter
Jordan took Jeremiah into her arms and put pressure against the cut on his head. She whispered into his ear, “Don’t leave me.”

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What I Did For Love…Part 134

                My heart stopped beating. It felt like the whole world stopped and we were stuck in time. There was no sound or movement. All eyes were on Zayn. The only thing that changed was the increase of blood oozing out of Zayn’s wound. The silence was disrupted by the sound of Avery’s gun falling from her now shaking hand.
“I-I,” She stuttered
I looked into her eyes and said barely a whisper, “Look what you’ve done. Are you happy?”
                There was resentment and fear in her eyes. Avery ran off like a coward with the three men trailing behind her. It didn’t matter if Avery was caught or not. Aurelian limped off somewhere, but we knew that he wouldn’t be able to go far. Zayn was on the ground. I knelt down and searched for his wound. I sighed in relief, when I discovered he got shot on the shoulder. I ripped a piece of my clothing and tied it around his wound to put some pressure against it. He winced in pain and I looked into his eyes with tears falling from mine.
“You okay?” Zayn questioned with a small smile
“You’re the one who go shot,” I said, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I am,” Zayn replied, “I’m invincible.”
Harry laughed, “Sure you are. Lou’s calling the ambulance.”
“We’ll go get the car,” Niall told us
“Okay,” I replied
“Danielle and I will stay with Zayn and (y/n),” Liam told Niall, “You guys can do whatever.”
“Whenever as in do what needs to be done?” Niall cocked an eyebrow
“Yes,” Liam answered
The others were talking about who knows what. I looked at Zayn and said, “Don’t close your eyes. I don’t want to think you’re dying on me.”
“Same goes to you,” Zayn retorted, “Your cut looks bad. You look weak and beaten up.”
“Well I am emotionally and physically drained,” I told him
“Before I forget,” Zayn spoke up, “I love you. You know that right? I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to see you again.”
“I was afraid to,” I confessed, “I was afraid that I wasn’t going to tell you that I love you. That I wasn’t going to see you either.”
“Everything is going to be fine now,” Zayn assured me
“I hope so,” I said
                I started to feel light headed, and weaker than usual. My vision started to get fuzzy and I fell onto the ground.
3rd POV
(y/n) fell limply on the ground. Zayn tried to get up, but his damn shoulder was in so much pain.
“(y/n)!” Zayn called, “Wake up please.”
Eleanor walked over to (y/n) and shook her lightly. Louis came over with the car, and she asked, “When is the ambulance coming? (y/n) passed out!”
“I think it’s because of her wound and from the tortures she’s been receiving,” Danielle said, “I think her body finally gave up.”
“She can’t give up,” Zayn cried, “(y/n) wake up!”
“Zayn calm down,” Jordan told him, “You’re putting too much stress on yourself. Relax.”
“How can I relax if she’s at the brink of life and death?” He retorted
“You don’t know if she’s going to die,” Niall said
“She’s going to be fine,” Harry assured
                Ambulances and police cars arrived. They surrounded the perimeter of the land. Danielle was in one ambulance with Liam by her side, while Zayn and (y/n) were in separate ambulances. Harry, Niall, Jordan, Eleanor, and Louis were telling the cops what they saw and what happened. Once everyone arrived at the hospital, they took Zayn to get the bullet removed from his shoulder, Danielle into a hospital room to treat her bruises, and brought (y/n) in the emergency room to treat her multiple wounds. Louis, Eleanor, Harry, Jordan, Niall, and Liam were either in Danielle’s room or walking back and forth in the waiting room. They were all eager to see if Zayn and (y/n) would be okay. A doctor came out, and Louis went towards the doctor.
“Are they going to be fine?” Louis questioned
                The doctor nodded his head, “Zayn will be fine. As for (y/n), her cut has been infected. The infection is serious. We’re trying to treat her by inserting antibiotics. If it doesn’t work, we’re not sure if she’s going to live. We realigned some of her broken bones, and put some casts.” There was no response. It was just pure silence. The only thing that could be heard was the ticking of the clock. The doctor resumed, “Zayn will be transferred to the room next to Danielle’s.” With that said, the doctor left them standing there.
“What if she dies?” Jordan broke the silence
“She isn’t,” Harry said firmly
“(y/n)’s a fighter,” Niall whispered, “She’s been fighting for months.”
“Should we see Zayn?” Eleanor brought up the topic
“Who’s going to tell him?” Louis questioned
“I will,” Liam offered
                They walked towards Zayn’s room. Zayn greeted them with a weak smile, while the others returned the same smile.
“Feeling good?” Louis asked
“Yeah,” Zayn smiled, “I can’t wait till I get out of here. I want to do something special for (y/n).” Everyone looked down at the ground, while some bit their bottom lip. Zayn’s smile faltered and he asked, “What?”
“Zayn,” Liam started, “We don’t know if (y/n)’s going to make it.”
“She’s going to make it,” Zayn told them, “They’re making her feel better.”
“The infection spread throughout her body,” Liam went on, “They put antibiotics in her, but they don’t know if it’s going to work or not.”
“She’s going to live,” Zayn repeated once more
“Zayn,” Eleanor’s voice broke, “You can’t convince yourself that she’s going to live.”
“What if she doesn’t?” Jordan added
“She’s going to live!” Zayn said his voice rising
“We should give him space,” Harry said softly to the others
They started to retreat. When Liam was about to shut the door, he heard Zayn say with his voice cracking, “Please God, make her live. You can take me instead.”

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What I Did For Love…Part 133

“Turn left,” Zayn navigated as Louis drove
“Zayn,” Harry repeated once again, “Where are you taking us.”
“He’s going to Avery’s house,” Niall spoke up
“Why?” Jordan questioned
“We were talking one time at her place,” Zayn explained with coldness in his voice, “She says her house has been built ages ago. She told me that it was there in the middle ages, but it was remodeled. Avery showed me the original part of the house at this little path way. There were different gadgets there. I have a feeling she brought them there.”
“Drive faster Lou,” Liam demanded, “I need to see Danielle.”
“(y/n),” Danielle whispered, “The door’s open.”
I opened my eyes slowly and looked at her from the ground, “Is it really?”
She nodded her head, “Let’s get out of here. I checked if there were people in the hallway. No one’s there.”
“You go ahead,” I replied, “I’ll stay here.”
Danielle reached down and helped me up, “I’m not leaving you here. We can get out of here.”
“You’re going to regret it,” I retorted, “If we see them, start running, and leave me here okay?”
“Okay,” She whispered sternly
                My whole body ached, but I managed to walk naturally, while I was leaning against Danielle. Our heart beat was rapid. We were terrified. We had no idea if we were going to live and have time to escape. It was an idiotic thing to do. Danielle and I didn’t know the place around here.
“Where are we going?” I pondered
“I have no idea,” Danielle admitted
                The lads and girls got out of the car. Zayn led them towards the back of the house. For some reason, there was no security at the house, which made everyone weary.
“Stay close together,” Zayn demanded, “If anyone hears any sort of noise, make it known. We don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into. Got it?”
                Everyone nodded their heads. Zayn opened a little shed, and went towards a rickety floor board. He lifted it up, which revealed a staircase. Zayn went first followed by Louis, then Eleanor, Liam, Jordan, Harry, and lastly, Niall. They were welcomed by an unscrupulous smell. Each of them wrinkled their face as an instinct.
“Do you think we’re close?” Danielle questioned
“Possibly,” I answered
                The two of us reached a place with two hallways.
“Which one should we take?” Danielle asked me
“Right?” I suggested
                Danielle took my suggestion and we started to walk. A few minutes later as we were walking, Danielle and I were suddenly pushed into a room. The two of us fell, along with the people who pushed us down. I winced in pain, and looked at the people who pushed us. However, I had no time to see who it was because a pair of lips crashed onto mine. The kiss was soft and familiar. He pulled back and I stared at him.
“How’d you guys find us?” I asked abruptly
“I missed you,” Liam consoled Danielle, “Are you hurt bad?”
“Shush,” Niall warned, “We don’t know who might be here.”
“We’ll explain later,” Zayn told me with tears in his eyes, “What did they do to you?”

Tears started to form in my eyes and I shook my head, “I’ll explain later.”
“Come on guys,” Louis spoke up, “I know this is a wonderful moment, but we need to go.”
“He’s right,” Liam said, “Let’s get out of here.”
“Can you walk?” Eleanor questioned me, “You look pretty beat up.”
I nodded, “I can walk.”
                Everyone walked out of the room, and Jordan and Harry led us out of the place. Something seemed out of the ordinary. Everything was going right, and Avery, Aurelian, and her goons were nowhere to be seen. There was something odd about this. They couldn’t have left us here unsupervised. As we got of the shed, and started walking towards the front of the house, everything started to add up. This whole thing is a set up. Avery and Aurelian must have planned something.
“Guys,” I spoke up, “I have a feeling Avery and Aurelian are somewhere near. This whole thing might be a set up.”
“Aren’t you smart?” We heard a cold voice
                Avery, Aurelian, and the three men came out of the shadows, with guns in each hand.
“Avery,” Zayn warned, “Leave us alone.”
Aurelian glared at Zayn, “Shut up pretty boy. Give me (y/n).”
“You shouldn’t have broken up with me Zayn,” Avery hissed, “This is all your fault.”
“I can’t be with you,” Zayn told Avery, “I love (y/n).”
“It doesn’t seem like she likes you,” Avery taunted, “She’s been spending lots of time with Aurelian.”
“Unwillingly,” Danielle spat out, “You two are sick people you know that?”
“You can change your mind Zayn,” Avery said softly, ignoring Danielle’s comment, “You can come with me and leave that little slut.”
“She’s not a slut,” Aurelian defended
“Shut up will you?” Avery screamed
“You know she said that it’s easy to manipulate you,” Danielle told Aurelian
“I’m not easy to manipulate,” Aurelian fumed getting angry at Avery
“Will you shut the fuck up?” Avery screeched, “You’re working for me.”
“I’m not working for you!” Aurelian retorted
Avery pointed her gun to Aurelian’s thigh and shot him. He yelped in pain and fell to the ground. She commanded the three men to take the guns away from Aurelian.
“Uncle,” Jordan whispered, “W-what are you doing?”
“Jordan,” He said monotonously
“How can you do this?” She cried, “What the hell is wrong with you!”
“You don’t know anything,” He retorted
“Shut up!” Avery screamed, “I’m going to get rid of the problem once and for all! I will have you Zayn Malik!”
                She slowly pointed the gun towards me and I shut my eyes preparing myself for the death shot. There was a loud gun shot. Instead of feeling the cold silver bullet rip through my human flesh, I heard a thump and gasps. I opened my eyes and looked down at the horrific scene below me. Zayn was 
lying on the ground with blood seeping through his clothing.

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What I Did For Love…Part 132

‘DRIP’ ‘DRIP’ ‘DRIP.’ The water droplets from the pipe, which was attached to the ceiling, fell onto one single spot in the room. Danielle the droplets hit the same exact spot each time, while sitting next to me. The room was colder than usual, and it was much darker.
“Four hundred and twenty three, four hundred twenty four” Danielle counted
I complained quietly, “Mind if you stop? You’ve been counting for a really long time.”
“Sorry,” She apologized. Danielle looked at me then stared at my collar bone, “You’re cut looks real bad.”
“I bet it’s fine,” I replied
“No it isn’t,” Danielle shook her head, “Look at it. The pigment of your skin is like turning into a repulsive color. (y/n), it looks like it’s going to get infected.”
“Well I should go to the doctor’s then shouldn’t I?” I snapped
“I was just saying,” Danielle mumbled with a hurt look on her face
“I’m sorry Danielle,” I apologized, “I just can’t stand being here any longer. Please, try to get out of here and get help. Leave me here. You know I don’t have any strength to go anywhere.”
3rd POV
“Obviously!” Louis exclaimed, “Where have you been?”
“Can I get something to drink first?” Niall questioned walking to the fridge
“No!” Jordan basically screamed, “We want to know what happened. Sit your down and tell us everything!”
                Niall slouched and walked sulkily to the sofa. He took a seat, while the others followed him and followed him suit. Once everyone was settled, Niall furrowed his eyebrows because he had no idea where to start. He looked like a fish, since his mouth kept on opening and closing. Niall shut his mouth one more time and thought about what he should say first.
Niall blurted out, “I’ve been doing to same thing as the girls.”
“What are you talking about?” Liam pondered
“I’ve been investigating,” Niall explained going in a bit further into his story, “You know on Avery and Aurelian….”
The others eye’s popped and asked, “What?!”
“Wait, you were investigating?” Eleanor questioned, “How’d you manage to do that? Do you know what happened?”
“Shush,” Niall scolded, “Let me explain.”
“Yeah shut up El,” Harry told her
“Shut up both of you!” Zayn fumed, “He might know where Dani and (y/n) are.”
“Do you?” Liam asked anxiously, “Do you know where they are?”
Niall nodded his head slowly, “But I don’t know the exact location.”
 “Where are they?” Zayn asked anxiously

“Please,” Liam pleaded desperately, “Where are they Niall? I need to know that they’re alright.”
Niall gave Liam and Zayn a consoling look, “Let me explain first, yeah? I’m sorry it’ll make more sense once I explain.”
                Liam and Zayn nodded their heads sulkily, while Eleanor rested her hand on Zayn for reassurance and Jordan did the same for Liam. Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Eleanor, and Jordan looked at Niall anxiously and curiously.
Niall took a deep breath and said “Well, how did I end up investigating secretly? Avery gave me a call asked to see me. I agreed thinking that it wasn’t anything important. She asked me about you guys and she looked a bit hesitant. Then she asked me if I wanted to join her with a little thing she was doing. I was confused, but I told her no. I was suspicious, so I followed her, yeah, and I saw her with some men and Aurelian. Thought I’d eaves drop and they were pretty sketchy. The next day I went to the same place where I found all of them, and they were there. Apparently they took them somewhere I don’t know though, somewhere abandoned that no one will be able to think of.”
“Abandoned,” Zayn repeated barely a whisper
Niall confirmed by nodding his head, “Yeah, abandoned.”
“Shit,” Zayn swore out loud, “She better not have gone there.”
“What are you talking about Zayn?” Harry questioned forcefully
“No time for explaining,” He answered abruptly standing up, “Where the hell are my keys?”
                Zayn frantically searched for his keys. Louis stood up and set his hands on each of his shoulders to calm him down.
“Zayn,” Louis comforted, “Calm down. Your keys are in your pocket, remember? You put them in there. You always do.”
He pulled back forcefully and demanded, “We need to go now. Before anything bad happens.”
“What are you talking about?” Harry asked once again, “What’s happening?”
“I have a feeling I know where they are,” Zayn answered
“Can we please go?” Jordan said
“Please,” Liam pleaded, “Zayn might know where they are.”
Zayn and Liam bolted out of the door to the parking lot. The others followed him suit.
“Liam, Zayn,” Eleanor called softly, “I don’t think you two are in the state of driving. How about we all go in one car and have Louis drive.”
“He doesn’t know where he’s going,” Zayn retorted
“Then tell me the directions,” Louis replied, “Come on Zayn. We’re all here for each other.”
“Wakey wakey!” Aurelian chanted as he entered the room
Danielle and I glared at him, “Piss off.”
“Tut tut tut,” Aurelian replied, “That’s not a way to talk to the one with the power.”
“Back off,” I told Aurelian
He smirked, “Well maybe today is a good day for you my pet.”
“What are you going to do today?” I cocked my eyebrow weakly, “Kill me? That’d be great.”
Aurelian laughed joyfully, “You’re funny you know that.”
“Aurelian!” Avery screeched, “Where the hell are you? I told you not to go in there! You have some things to do!”
“Hold on!” Aurelian retorted. He looked into my eyes and said, “We’re going to leave the country.”
“What?” Danielle and I said simultaneously
“We’re going off to Madrid, so we can start off new,” Aurelian informed, “We’re going to have a happy life.”
“I’d rather die than go off with you,” I spat, “Just leave me here to die.”
“I can’t let the love of my life do that,” Aurelian whispered
He walked out of the room and Danielle blurted out, “What is wrong with him?”
“I don’t know,” I told her, “I wonder what Avery’s got planned for us today.”
“I’ve got some fun things today,” Avery answered me, while walking into the room
                She was hiding something behind her back. I know that usually someone’s initial reaction is to be fearful of what is going to occur, but I was ready to die at this point. I gave Danielle a look and she gave me a short nod in return. She knew that I couldn’t take it any longer. If this continues in a couple of days, I know I’m going to die from lack of food, the infection growing in my wound, and just from the inhuman tortures.
“First,” Avery spoke up, “Let’s get the dancer to pass out shall we?”
                Avery walked over to Danielle and put a cloth over her mouth. Danielle fell limply onto the ground, and I winced at the noise. Avery gave me a horrid smile and crept towards me.
“Are you ready?” Avery taunted
“Just get on with it,” I mumbled
“You know, I’ve got to say you’re a strong person,” Avery admitted, “You really know how to take pain.”
“Just torture me,” I gritted my teeth, “Have your fun already!”
                Avery gave me a glare and pressed something towards me. I had no time to look at the device because I felt bolts of pain against my muscles. I screamed in pain for the first time and fell to the ground. My body involuntarily shook, while Avery held the device against me. I couldn’t think of what was happening. The pain was so overpowering.
“It’s easy to manipulate Aurelian,” She taunted, “It’s so easy to see your weak point. I can’t wait to see you begging me to stop hurting you.”
                The pain increased and I screamed louder. Once she removed the device from me, I stared at the tiny little device she had in her hand. It was a fucking stun gun. The muscles in my body twitched involuntarily. Avery smirked and walked out of the room.

a/n: i know really short let’s just call this a sneak peak..i’ll continue this on friday..haven’t written much i know busy from school work..and haven’t answered anything because i’m too busy….sorry! please be patient about me updating. i try to update when i have free time! Xx

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What I Did For Love…Part 131

Danielle was about to say something, but I gave her a desperate look to be quiet. Tears welled in her eyes, and I turned my head slowly, looking at Avery. There was uncertainty in her eyes.
I spoke, “You win. You can have Zayn and you can kill me. I’m sick with my life. All I’m asking you to do is to let Danielle go and don’t go after the others.”
“W-why would I k-kill you?” Avery stuttered, “It’s better t-torturing you.”
After she said that, Avery walked out of the room. I let out a sigh of relief, “Avery doesn’t have to guts to do it.”
“You knew she was going to do that,” Danielle said
“Yeah,” I nodded weakly, “She’s the type of person that says things, but never do them.”
“So you weren’t serious about wanting to die? Letting her win?” Danielle questioned
“Oh I’m serious about that,” I told her, “Life isn’t just working out anymore.”
“Maybe because you’re stubborn and you brainwash yourself into thinking your life is terrible,” Danielle said, “Please don’t leave me. Don’t leave the others either.”
“We’ll just see what happens,” I whispered
3rd POV
“What were you doing inside the house Joride?” Jeremiah questioned
“Nothing,” Jordan answered, “Now, we’re going to try to fine (y/n) and Danielle okay? It’s going to be a little hide and seek game. If there’s anything that reminds you of them, just tell me okay?”
Jeremiah beamed, “Okay! Sounds like a fun game!”
Meanwhile, Zayn, Eleanor, and Louis were at the rooftop.
“Damn it!” Zayn screamed kicking air, “Why isn’t there anything?”
“Zayn,” Eleanor comforted, “Calm down. We’ll find them.”
“They’re okay,” Louis added
“How can I be sure, if I haven’t heard of them?” Zayn asked
“Because in your heart you know she’s alive,” Eleanor told him
Zayn said, “(y/n) ran off the night she went missing. I didn’t know where she went.”
“What were the two of you talking about?” Louis asked
“Our relationship,” He answered
No one responded, and they continued their search. Louis was far away from them, when Eleanor went up to Zayn. She whispered, “Do you think Avery is up to this?”
Zayn shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know.”
“Well she does hate us, well not you,” Eleanor explained in a hushed town, “Avery told us that she burned down Jordan’s house. That’s why we didn’t say anything to you boys. We wanted to catch her in the act. Please believe us. No one except Liam believes me and Jordan. I tried telling Lou about it, but he thinks we’re being mental.”
“What are you two chatting about?” Louis called
“Just trying to calm him down,” Eleanor called back. Then she looked Zayn in the eyes and touched his shoulder, “Do you believe us?”
Zayn was quiet for a couple of seconds and spoke, “I’m going to see Avery. You and Lou continue searching for clues.”
Zayn stormed downstairs, without saying a word to Lou, and went into his car. Then he started to drive towards Avery’s house.
Louis looked at Eleanor skeptically, “You didn’t do one of your little ingenious plans did you?”
Eleanor shrugged her shoulders, “Why do you always think I’m up to something?”
“El,” Louis cocked an eyebrow, “You have a mischievous mind like me, so you must be up to something.”
She ignored him, “Let’s get back to searching.”
Louis shook his head, “You’re unbelievable.”
 Two hours passed, and everyone, save Zayn and Niall, went back to (y/n)’s apartment. They had solemn looks on their faces.
“Nothing?” Liam questioned
“No,” Lou shook his head, “Sorry mate.”
Zayn went into the apartment, “Avery wasn’t home.”
Niall came bursting through the door trying to catch his breath. Everyone’s eyes were turned towards him. He said, “I’ve got a lot of explaining to do don’t I?”

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What I Did For Love…Part 130

“Please stop,” I pleaded. Aurelian was still kissing my neck and touching my body.
“Don’t you dare rape her!” Danielle screamed
Aurelian paused and looked at her. He retorted, “I’m not going to rape her.”
“You almost did,” Danielle told him
“Doesn’t matter, now shut the fuck up,” Aurelian told her
Aurelian looked into my eyes, and I begged, “Please stop.”
“You’re mine,” Aurelian said
He leaned towards me and kissed me harshly. I cried, “Get off me please!”
“Excuse me sir,” I heard a man’s voice, “Boss wants to speak with you.”
Aurelian stopped kissing me and asked, “What does she want?”
“I dunno,” One of them answered
Aurelian looked at me and said, “I’ll be back later.” Aurelian ordered the three men, “Go get her a change of clothes. She’s soaking wet.”
“Yes sir,” one of them replied
“Should we uncuff the other girl?” A man asked
“I don’t care,” Aurelian retorted, “Make sure she doesn’t escape.”
                Aurelian left, and the three men walked into the room. I remained on the cold wet floor. The short man went over to uncuff Danielle. Once they uncuffed her, they left the room. Danielle rushed towards me and pushed the hair away from my face.
“I can’t stand them hurting you,” Danielle cried softly
“Maybe it’ll make me die faster,” I told her, “Just try to find a way out Dani. Then find the boys. If I die, can you please bury my body?”
“You aren’t going to die,” Danielle assured me, “You’re a bit bruised that’s it.”
I laughed, “It sure feels like I’m going to die. I’m sick of causing chaos in this world. I’m sick of making you guys suffer through my problems.”
“Stop talking like that,” Danielle scolded me, “We’re going to get out of here.”
“I lost hope,” I confessed, “I’ve lost hope since the very beginning of this mess.”
“Please we’ll get through this together,” Danielle pleaded, “Don’t leave me here by myself.”
Avery came bursting in the room with a crazed smile. She questioned, “Enjoying your stay?” Danielle glared at her, while I remained emotionless, staring at the ceiling. Avery asked, “What no sassy comeback?”
“Can you please let us go?” Danielle begged, “I beg of you Avery.”
“No,” Avery answered instantly, “The two of you will stay here.”
I closed my eyes and said, “Can you let Danielle go? I’ll stay here.”
“That’s an idiotic suggestion,” Avery snorted, “She’ll obviously get help.”
“Why’d you take her then?” I questioned, “You only wanted to hurt me. Congrats princess, I’m broken.”
“I want Zayn,” Avery told us, “Once I get Zayn and he forgets about you then everything will be better.”
“Zayn doesn’t want you,” Danielle told Avery, “Can’t you see that he doesn’t want you?”
From my peripheral vision, I could see Avery pull out a knife. Avery questioned, “Want to tell me that again cunt?”
“Don’t hurt her,” I said, “Hurt me instead.”
“(y/n),” Danielle said sternly, “You’re hurt enough.”
 “Like I care,” I retorted, “Go ahead Avery. Kill me. You win.”

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What I Did For Love…Part 129

“Where are they?” Zayn asked for the millionth time
“We don’t know Zayn,” Harry answered him once again, “I bet they’re fine.”
“We need to find them!” Eleanor exclaimed, “I really think Avery has something to do with this.”
“We went to her house thirty minutes ago,” Louis said, “She said she knows nothing and that she doesn’t give a damn about our lives.”
“That’s a fucking lie,” Jordan spat out, “I agree with El. Avery is a sneaky bitch.”
“Liam, you alright mate?” Harry questioned
Liam spoke up, “I agree with the girls. It’s not like Danielle to disappear without saying a thing. On the other hand, (y/n) has disappeared before. What if they were killed or hurt?”
“Shut up!” Zayn screamed, “They’re okay! Harry said so!”
“How do you know that?” Liam asked angrily, “Why don’t you stop being optimistic and face reality! You always think that everything is okay! That’s why (y/n) gets annoyed from you! You push her away with always thinking on the bright side attitude!
“Liam!” Louis warned
Zayn glared at Liam, “What do you want me to do, Liam? Do you want me to lose hope? Do you not feel like you have some sort of connection with Danielle? I strongly believe that they’re alive! I know they’re alive!”
“Why don’t you two boys calm down!” Eleanor scolded
“Where the hell is Niall anyways?” Jordan changed the topic, “He hasn’t hung out with us in days! He’s just been in and out!”
“Does it matter where he is?” Liam said, “My girlfriend and (y/n) is out there missing!”
“Hey!” Harry fumed, “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, and be nice to Niall! Stop being a prat!”
“Guys!” Louis yelled, “Why are we fighting? WE shouldn’t be fighting at all. Danielle and (y/n) are missing, and we need to find them. We’re obviously not going to the police because then the damn media will get involved. Liam, Zayn, apologize to each other!”
“Sorry,” Zayn mumbled
“Sorry,” Liam also mumbled
“I just don’t want (y/n) to disappear again,” Zayn admitted, “I don’t want to think that she’s out there hurt. I know you love Dani so much. You’re afraid as I am aren’t you?”
Liam confessed, “Yeah. I don’t want to lose Danielle. I think she’s the one. I’m so afraid that she might be gone too. I didn’t even give her a proper goodbye.”
“I’m afraid that I will never tell (y/n) that I love her,” Zayn said softly
“Guys stop,” Eleanor interrupted, “I’m going to cry.”
“No time for crying and this sappy stuff,” Harry spoke up, “We need to try to find them.”
“How though?” Jordan questioned
“There isn’t any evidence or any way we can track them down,” Louis said, “And we have no idea where Niall is.”
“Call him,” Eleanor said, “We need him to be here.”
“Let’s go to the rooftop,” Zayn suggested, “We might find things there.”
“I’ll go with you,” Eleanor suggested, “We all need to split up.”
“I’ll go too,” Louis said, “Harry, Jordan, and Liam can check some other places. We’ll call Niall later.”
“Wait,” Jordan spoke, “I have to pick up Jeremiah first. He’s good at finding things, plus I have to do some talking to his parents.”
“Okay, we’ll meet back here in two hours then?” Liam questioned
                Everyone split up and went towards their destinations. Harry, Jordan, and Liam went to a modern house forty five minutes away from (y/n)’s apartment. Jordan knocked on the door and was greeted by Jeremiah.
“Hi!” Jeremiah greeted his face shining, “I was waiting for you!”
“Harry and Liam are in the car,” She replied, “I need to talk to your parents first.”
“Okay!” He said running to the car
“What do you want Jordan?” Her aunt questioned
“I never got the story as to why you left Jeremiah at Portugal,” Jordan said calmly, “Since my life couldn’t get any worse, I want to know.”
“We don’t have time,” Her aunt said
“I’m not leaving until you say so,” Jordan retorted, “Where’s uncle?”
“Not here,” She mumbled
“Then tell me the story,” Jordan pleaded
“It’s too personal,” Her aunt said
“I know you cheated on him,” Jordan got to the point, “You got pregnant with another man’s baby.”
Her eyes widened, “I did no such thing!”
Jordan laughed sarcastically, “Everyone in this family, except your husband, knows what happened. Now tell me the story.”
“Come in then,” She said. Jordan and her aunt walked into the house and sat on the sofa. She questioned, “Where do I start?”
“From the beginning,” Jordan replied, “Why did you cheat on him?”

Her aunt looked away from Jordan and said, “I lost my love for your uncle. He changed, Jordan. I love Jeremiah. You know that. I met the man at work and he complimented me each day. I never felt beautiful in a long time, Jordan. The two of us got closer, and then we had sex. I got pregnant with his son. Your uncle and I have had sex around that time, so he thought it was his. I was a couple of months pregnant, and we were at a party at Portugal. I asked Jeremiah to get me my regular medication. He handed it to me, and I l-lost the baby. Your uncle was furious, and I was too. We didn’t mean to lose Jeremiah. I didn’t mean to. Your uncle said that he was bringing Jeremiah somewhere at the airport. I was already on the plane, and I fell asleep. Once we got back here, Jeremiah wasn’t there. The police came and arrested us. I’m thinking the man called the police on us. Your uncle and I are getting a divorce soon, Jordan. He’s starting to hit us, but he’s been gone these past days doing who knows what.”
“I need to go,” Jordan interrupted standing up
“I know you hate me,” She said softly, “But please do believe me.”
                Jordan didn’t say a thing. She walked towards the door, but before she left, she looked at their family portrait. Jeremiah was about three years old at the time. His mother had the same hair color as him, and her hair went up to her shoulders. She was a petite woman. However, her uncle, the one that she wasn’t related to by blood was tall and buff. In the portrait, he wore a wicked grin.

a/n: any connections? ;) 

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What I Did For Love…Part 128

“(y/n),” I heard Danielle’s scratchy voice, “Please be alive.”
                I groaned, and I felt a sharp pain at different points of my body. It was obvious that my index and middle finger on my left hand were broken. My ribs were in pain, but I didn’t think they were broken. There were bruises on my arms, and probably on my jaws. I reeked in my own vomit, and the cut on my collar bone stung. I shut my eyes and spoke.
“What did they do to me?” I asked. I could barely speak, “What did they do to you?”
“They just beat me,” Danielle answered, “It’s better than what they did to you. They force fed you through the tube. I wasn’t sure what it was though. Then they cut your collar bone. You passed out at that time. Once they were finished cutting you, the started to beat you. They broke your fingers, I think. I heard some cracks on your finger, so it must be broken. Are you okay?”
“I’m alive aren’t I,” I replied, “Are you okay?”
“Fine,” She said softly, “I don’t want to die.”
“We aren’t going to die,” I assured her, “Maybe just a bit hurt, but we won’t die. I’m sure of it. The boys are probably searching for us.”
“You’re hurt bad (y/n),” Danielle pointed out, “What if your cut gets infected?”
“Then it gets infected,” I told her, “If there’s ever a chance to escape, then escape. Don’t look back. If I’m stuck somewhere, then leave me.”
“I’m not going to leave you,” Danielle said sternly
I replied, “It’s a better chance for the boys to find us. Trust me. Avery wouldn’t care if you got away. She only wants Zayn, and I don’t even know what Aurelian fucking wants. I should’ve listened to Zayn and you guys. I shouldn’t have hung out with Aurelian. I shouldn’t have married him, and left Zayn. I’ve made the stupidest mistakes in my life, and they’re all coming back at me.”
“Avery is going to kill you,” Danielle responded, “I’m going to stay here to make sure she doesn’t.”
“She isn’t going to kill me,” I assured, “Aurelian isn’t going to let her do that. It’s easier for you to get help than staying here to know that I’m alive.”
                Before Danielle could respond, the door burst opened. The three men entered the room once more. However, this time the buff one had a hose in his hand.
“Glad you’re awake,” He sneered, “Now we can get rid of that vomit off of you.”
                He turned on the hose. The water hit me hard, and I was pushed back against the wall. There was a great force pushing hard against me. I couldn’t breathe at all. It seemed like I was drowning. The pain in my cut, fingers, and bruises intensified. I tried so hard not to make a sound, but I wasn’t strong enough. I screamed out loud, in taking some of the cold water. Danielle’s screams for them to stop was heard over the water hitting against me.
“Stop!” I heard a booming voice
                The hose was turned off, and I crashed onto the ground gasping for air. My body started to shake due to the coldness in the air.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Did Avery tell you to do this? Why didn’t you ask me for my opinion?!” I heard Aurelian fumed
“Sorry chief,” One of the men apologized
“Get the fuck out of here,” Aurelian hissed
I heard footsteps. Danielle asked angrily, “Why the fuck are you doing this?! I thought you changed!”
“Shut the fuck up cunt!” Aurelian screamed, “We can kill you instantly.”
I felt someone touch me, and I curled up into a ball. My body was so sore. I whispered, “Get away from me.”
“(y/n),” Aurelian said softly, “It’s me Aurelian.”
“No it isn’t,” I cried, “This isn’t the Aurelian I’ve known my entire life. You lied to me. You said you were getting help.”
“I just wanted to get you back,” He explained, “Please let me help you get up. What did they do to you? I can punish them.”
“Just let me and Danielle go,” I pleaded, “Leave me and my friends alone.”
Aurelian’s voice rose, “Why would I do that? I can’t let you out of my life! I gave into the nullity, so I can get you back! You’re going to stay here with me. I love you and I’m never letting you go!”
“I’m going to die if you keep me here,” I retorted, “Avery will make sure of it.”
“Not if I’m here,” He said
I laughed coldly, “Like you’ve been doing anything. She tortured me.”
“She only wants Zayn, and I want you,” Aurelian told me, “We’re getting what we want.”
“What about Danielle?” I questioned, “Let her go.”
“How can we let her go, if she knows where we are?” He replied, “She’s going to get help. Then you will disappear from my life again.”
“Maybe I want to,” I whispered, “Maybe I want to disappear from everyone’s life. I’m sick and tired of everything. Why can’t you leave me alone? Why do you have to hurt the people I love?”
“I love you (y/n),” Aurelian said desperately, “Why can’t you see that?!”
“Because you’re hurting me!” I cried, “Please don’t hurt Danielle.”
“(y/n)-,” Danielle spoke up
“Shut up!” Aurelian bellowed, “I told you not to speak!”
“Leave,” I demanded
“You can’t tell me what to do,” Aurelian retorted, “I’m the one who has power.”
                He pulled so I could face him. I was lying on my back and I looked at him. He had that crazed look on his face. Aurelian leaned down and crashed his lips onto mine. I tried to struggle, but it was useless. My body was weak, and I was bruised up. I had no idea how I got back into this position again. Maybe I should just die here. Aurelian started to kiss my neck, and I looked at the ceiling with tears falling. I didn’t dare look at Danielle. I didn’t want her to see how broken I was. I had no idea what I did to deserve this bullshit life.

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What I Did For Love…Part 127

 My body was aching, and I felt the contact of the cold cement floor on my sleeveless arms. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked around. My hands weren’t tied up anymore, and there was no gag around me. Danielle was at the corner of the room, still passed out. The place was dark, and there were no windows, but there was a door. I looked at the ceiling, and there was water, I’m guessing, dripping down into a puddle on the cement floor. The room was bone chilling, and there was nothing, but a sturdy wooden table in the corner, of the room. Slowly, I walked towards Danielle. My muscles ached for some reason.
“Danielle,” I whispered , “Wake up!” I nudged her with my foot, and Dani started to groan. I said a bit harsher, “Danielle! Wake up!”
“What happened?” She questioned
“We were kidnapped?” I answered, “I have no idea. Does your body hurt?”
She nodded her head, while sitting up, “I don’t even know what’s going on.”
“What happened?” I asked, “How’d they tie you up?”
Danielle explained, “I went down the parking lot, and the men were there. I don’t know how they got there, and I don’t know how they even found out where you live. They grabbed me and tied me up. Then, they held a gun to my head, and asked where you were and where I was going. I told them because they threatened to kill me. I’m sorry.”
“No need to apologize,” I assured, “I would’ve done the same thing.”
“Who do you think is up to this?” Danielle questioned softly, “Do you think we’re going to die?”
“I really think Avery has something to do with this,” I answered, “She’s the only person who we have a problem with, and from all the things she’s done to us, I’m not surprised that she kidnapped us. Let’s just hope and pray that she doesn’t decide to kill us.”
“She doesn’t like us,” Danielle said, “Why would she keep us alive?”
We were silent for a couple of minutes. I spoke up, “Do you have your phone on you?”
Danielle checked her pockets and said, “No, you?”
“Nope,” I replied hopelessly, “There isn’t anything in this room, where we can escape. Do you think the lads and girls will figure out that we’re missing and come looking for us?”
“Knowing El, she’s going to try and find us,” She whispered, “I’m scared.”
“Me too,” I said
“What if these are our last days?” Danielle questioned, “Do you really think these men are going to harm us?”
“I don’t know,” I admitted, “I pray that we get out of here safely.”
“I never even said goodbye to anyone properly,” She cried, “I only gave Liam a hug, when they left.”
“I never told Zayn that I loved him,” I whispered, “What if I never get the chance?”
Danielle sighed, “We should try to stay positive.”
I laughed half-heartedly, “You’re the one who started it.”
                The door creaked open. Dani and I turned to see who it was. It was the same three men that brought us here. They had wicked grins on their faces. One man was tall and buff, while the other man was a bit shorter and pudgier. The third man was tall and skinny, but had a bit of muscle on him.
“Glad that you two are awake,” One of them sneered
“Boss will be happy,” The other man said
“So will the chief,” The third man added
“Who’s your boss and chief?” Danielle questioned
“I thought you were a smart one,” Avery walked in the room, “Guess I was wrong.”
I glared at her, “Why did you bring us here?”
Avery walked over to me and slapped me across the face, “Did I ask you to speak? Keep your mouth shut, or I’ll cut off your tongue.”
To avoid getting hit again, I didn’t respond. Avery smiled in satisfaction and continued her little rant, “Anyways, wondering how I brought you here? Well after doing some investigating, I finally found your friend Aurelian. Where is he? Not in this room, yet. It’s obvious that he wants you, and I want Zayn. The two of us teamed up together, but I created this little plan. I knew the four of you would be stupid, and try to do things. I may be a pretty little thing, but I am very clever and sly. I knew there were security camera’s in Jordan’s house. Once I discovered what type of cameras they were, I went to all the stores that sold them. I finally found them, and asked about their materials. Now, you expect me to reveal all my plans, but I’m not stupid.” She gave us a manically smile. Then she looked at the three men and said, “You know what I ordered you to do. Do it.
                She walked out of the room shutting the door. Danielle and I looked at each other with confused and fearful expressions. The three men inched towards us. Dani and I walked backwards, having nowhere to run. The buff man grabbed Danielle, and held her tightly so she wouldn’t move. The two other man grabbed me and brought my over the table. I looked over to Danielle, and saw that she was handcuffed to the wall. I noticed there was an iron pipe on the wall. The buff man walked out of the room, and brought in a chair and some tube with a funnel. They forced me onto the chair and bounded me to it. I struggled against the rope, while the brought the tube near me.
“Open your mouth,” The man commanded
                I kept my mouth shut, and they slapped me. The two other men forcefully opened my mouth. The man holding the tube started shoving it down my throat. I started to gag and tears were forming into my eyes. I could hear Danielle’s screams, but I tried my best to not look at her. My throat was clenching against the tube, and I felt like I was going to puke. I tried to relax my muscles, but it was impossible. I kept my eyes clothes and tried to prepare what was going to happen next. I felt something thick and chunky going down my throat, and it was just repulsive. It felt like hours, until it was over. They pulled the tube slowly, and I started to gag and throw up. I was lightheaded, but my torture wasn’t over. The brought a knife near my collar bone and cut slowly and deeply. The only thing I did was wince at the pain. I bit my lip to try to stop myself from screaming. However, the pain got the best of me, so I passed out in the chair. I have no idea what  Avery is planning to do with me.

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What I Did For Love…Part 126

 I gave him a glare, “Why do you always kiss me, when I’m in the middle of telling you off?”

“Just to shut you up,” He smirked
“That never shuts me up,” I retorted
“But it keeps you off task,” Zayn pointed out
“No it doesn’t,” I replied
“Yes,” He disagreed
“Zayn,” I warned
“I’m not doing anything,” Zayn smiled
“Aren’t you supposed to be angry at me?” I cocked an eyebrow, “I hung out with Aurelian.”
Zayn was silent for a second, “Live I said before, I care about you. He hurt you, so I’m not sure of him. I don’t really trust you because you make the most idiotic decisions,” I glared at him, “But that’s what I like about you. You do those things because you want everyone to be safe around you, but the others and I are trying to make you safe this time. I try so hard not to suffocate you, but it’s hard not to. I don’t want you suffering like you have been these past months. Please, take a chance on me. The only way I’ll know you’re safe is if you’re with me.”
“You’re the one that broke up with me,” I informed him
“You always left me,” Zayn retorted, “Please?”
“How come every time we fight, we always get back to our relationship?” I questioned
Zayn said, “Because I kissed you, which makes you forget what you’re really up to.”
I rolled my eyes, “Well then where are we?”
“You’re going to say that you’re willing to give our relationship one more chance,” Zayn told me
“Now why would you think that?” I asked
“Because you love me,” Zayn winked
“Nah, I don’t think I’ll try the relationship again,” I smiled
“Why not?” Zayn pouted
“Because I need my space,” I retorted. My phone started to ring, and I went to answer it. I answered, “Hello?”
“The boys left,” Eleanor replied, “Where are you? We’re bored.”
“I’m with Zayn,” I told her, “Why don’t you, Danielle, or Jordan pick me up?”
“I’m sending you Dani,” She said, “Jordan and I are too lazy to do stuff.”
“Okay,” I said, “Tell her to come now.”
“I’m on it!” She exclaimed, “See you later!”
I hung up and Zayn asked, “So what’s your answer?”
“What do you mean?” I questioned
“Can we try this relationship one more time?” He asked
I shrugged me shoulders, “I don’t know. I think I’ll answer you some other day.”
Zayn frowned, “Can’t you give me an answer now?”
“Think I’ll make you wait,” I gave him a wink and went towards the door leaving him there.
                I ran across the street, and went inside a different building. I spotted Zayn. He was trying to find me, but luckily I found a perfect spot to hide. Zayn looked aggravated. After a few minutes of searching, Zayn decided to leave and drove off. I called Danielle, but there was no answer.
“That’s weird,” I mumbled to myself
                Danielle’s car was heading towards my way, and I went out of the building. I was so confused as to why she didn’t answer me. Maybe she wanted to drive safe? I walked towards the car, ready to ask her my question, but I was greeted with two men in the driver and passenger’s seat.
“Sorry,” I apologized, “Wrong car.”
“No,” The man said abruptly
“Get in the car,” The other man told me pulling out a gun
                I felt two hands grabbing me, and I looked up to see another man. He picked me up, while I struggled against his grasp. The man shoved me in the car, and I saw Danielle at the back with her hands tied up and gagged with a cloth.
“Who are you guys?” I asked, “What do you want from us? How’d you guys-.”
                I was cut off by the man. He gagged me with a cloth like Danielle. Then he tied up my hands.
“Shut up,” He sneered
                Danielle looked at me with fear, so I attempted to give her an assuring look. I had no idea where we were going, but it probably had to do with Avery. The man then put a cloth over Danielle’s mouth, and she passed out. The next thing I remembered was having a cloth over my mouth.

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What I Did For Love…Part 125

The girls and I chilled for the rest of the night. The next day, we didn’t receive any text messages or calls from the boys, so we obviously knew that this little feud will last for a while. Dani, El, Jordan, and I had nothing to do, except watch some movies and eat random food.  As the time passed, my little get together with Aurelian was coming near. I got ready, and the girls were creating a plan to try to follow us somehow. I could actually care less about being alone with Aurelian or not. I’m just tired with my messed up life.
“Are you sure you want to see him?” Jordan questioned
“There isn’t any bad thing that hasn’t happened to me yet,” I answered, “I think I can handle hanging out with Aurelian. Don’t worry, you guys will be there.”
“Yeah, but you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Danielle retorted, “We don’t want you to get hurt like you did last time.”
“I’ve got everything under control,” I assured them
Eleanor snorted, “You said that last time. Look what happened to you.”
I shrugged my shoulders, “Well I need to get going. Are you guys going to follow or not?”
“Yeah we will,” Jordan said, “Let’s go!”
Us four walked towards the parking lot, and we parked far away from where I was supposed to meet Aurelian. Aurelian was sitting at the bench examining the pavement.
“Hey,” I greeted quietly
He looked up and smiled, “You decided to come.”
“Yeah,” I gave him a small smile, “I’m just curious to see what’s going to happen.”
“I won’t hurt you,” Aurelian told me, “I promise.”
“What are we going to do?” I questioned
“We can go get something to eat, if you haven’t eaten yet,” He suggested
“Well, I ate food this whole day, but I think I can eat some more,” I replied
                Aurelian and I went into a small café just a couple blocks down. I had no idea if the girls were following me or not, but I soon forgot about them. Hanging out with Aurelian, felt like old times. It seemed like we were back in high school and that the only problems we cared about was doing our school work. Obviously, it was kind of weird, since he did all those repulsive things to me, but I tried so hard to ignore it. My cellphone was on silent, so I had no idea if people were calling or texting me. After we ate, we just sat in the café and talked a bit. There wasn’t really anything to talk about, but we avoided talking about the “recent” events. Hours later, the two of us departed, and I took a cab back to my apartment. I opened the door, and was shocked with what I saw. Dani, Eleanor, and Jordan were with their boyfriends.
“Uh, hi,” Danielle greeted awkwardly
“What the hell happened?” I asked confused
“I think Zayn can explain,” Louis retorted harshly
Eleanor smacked him and warned, “Lou!”
“Why were you with Aurelian?” Harry questioned
“We were all here trying to get you guys to forgive us for our stupidity,” Liam explained, “You weren’t here though. We texted the girls and they came back. They said that you were with Aurelian.”
“Where’s Zayn then?” I asked
“Try your famous rooftop,” Danielle answered
“Where’s Niall anyways?” I questioned
“Somewhere,” Jordan responded, “No one knows where he is.”
“Well, I’m going to be going to the rooftop,” I said, “You guys keep my apartment clean!”
“Don’t worry we will,” Liam assured me
                I took a cab towards the rooftop. Danielle’s suggestion was correct. Zayn was at the rooftop looking out into the city. I cleared my throat, and he looked at me. His soft expression turned into a glare.
“Why are you angry?” I asked, “Thought you wanted to make things better.”
“I can’t believe you did this!” Zayn exclaimed, “Why the hell would you go see him?!”
“I told you that I was going to see him!” I retorted, “Don’t act surprised Malik!”
“He could’ve hurt you!” Zayn replied
“Will you just butt out of my life?!” I asked, “You’re suffocating me!”
“I care about you!” He said
“Then you’re caring too much!” I responded
Zayn leaned in and kissed me softly. He pulled back.
“I can’t help it,” Zayn retorted, “I just love you so much.”

a/n: i know it’s short..sorry! i’m just tired..but i just needed to update! 

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