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Happy Birthday My Valentine! (for isabellamartinez5)

                Isabella woke up and sighed at the day. She should have been happy, since it’s her birthday, but how could she? Valentine’s Day was the same day as her birthday. It really didn’t feel like her special day. Although, when she rose up into sitting position, she saw confetti and balloons around the whole room. She smiled at the scene, and went to find who did. As she reached the door knob, the door opened and revealed her wonderful boyfriend, Zayn.
“Morning sleepy head,” Zayn greeted giving her a kiss, “Happy Birthday.”
“Zayn you know there really isn’t anything special about my birthday,” Isabella told him, “Valentine’s Day is more important than my birthday.”
Zayn frowned, “No it isn’t! I planned a great birthday for you!”
Isabella cocked an eyebrow, “What is it?”
“It’s a surprise,” Zayn whispered in her ear putting his arms around her waist
                Zayn ordered Isabella to dress nicely, which she willingly did. When she walked down the stairs, Isabella saw a giant teddy bear and a box of chocolate. Zayn laughed at her astonishment, and she thanked him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. He led her outside the house, and she was greeted with a horse carriage. It was decked with hearts and a little banner that read ‘Happy Birthday, love.’ Isabella hugged Zayn in appreciation and was impressed to see that it was a mix of Valentine’s Day and her birthday. They went on the carriage, which led them to a snowy park. The whole park was coated with snow, but the sidewalk was shoveled, so they could let people walk around the glorious park. Zayn, being the gentleman he is, got out of the carriage and held out his hand to help Isabella out of the carriage. While the two were walking, Zayn had a mischievous idea and pushed her, so she could fall over into the fluffy snow. She gasped and gave him a mock glare. Isabella, then, grabbed Zayn and pulled him down next to him. The two threw snow at each other, and made snow angels. Hours later, the sun began to set, so Zayn and Isabella returned home to change clothes. The carriage returned to bring them back to the fancy restaurant.  While the two was eating dinner, a rose was sent to the table along with a charm bracelet wrapped around the rose. Isabella watched the rose with awe, and Zayn smiled triumphantly for making it one of the best birthday’s she ever had.
Zayn grabbed her hand and said, “Happy birthday my Valentine.”

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You Get On My Nerves…(For zaynmalikthedj)

“Zayn you can’t just do that!” Lily screamed
“Why not?” Zayn asked furiously, “They were obviously bothering you!”
“They’re my friends though!” She said, “Just because they were being mean, doesn’t mean you can go crazy on them!”
“Did you see what they were doing though?” Zayn asked
Lily said, “They were acting like friends do!”
“No they weren’t,” Zayn said
“Why are you acting like this?” Lily asked, “You’re acting like a real jerk!”
“Well you’re acting like an idiot!” He said
“Me acting like an idiot?” She asked, “Why? Because I know how friends act like? Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam act like this around you. Now who’s the idiot?”
“Still you,” Zayn said
“You’re really annoying me Zayn,” Lilly said, “Now tell me why your acting so ugh!”
“You want to know the truth?” Zayn asked
“YES!” Lily screamed
“Well your little guy friend, said he like you,” Zayn said, “So, I attacked him. Now you’re taking his side!”
Lily looked at him and said, “He does?”
“Yeah,” Zayn said, “Is that what you can say? Do you like him?”
“You’re really the jealous type aren’t you? You know I love you Zayn,” Lily said and gave him a kiss, “But you do get on my nerves sometimes.”
“Don’t worry you get on my nerves too,” Zayn said 

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Let Me Cook In Peace…(for obsessesoverallfandoms)

“Bianca,” Zayn said as he kept poking her, while she was trying to cook lunch.
“Yes Zayn?” She replied
“Oh nothing,” Zayn said with a smile, “You’re just beautiful.”
“Thanks now let me cook,” Bianca said
Zayn left her to cook, but a few minutes later he came back. He poked her once again, and said, “Bianca.”
“What do you want Zayn?” She asked in an annoyed tone.
“I’m bored, hungry, and I have nothing to do,” He complained
“Well I’m cooking, so leave me alone and you’ll get your food faster,” Bianca said
“Hm okay,” Zayn said, but he stayed by her side
Bianca resumed cutting some vegetables on the cutting board, while Zayn kept on poking her and saying her name. A few minutes later, Bianca lost it and turned to him with the knife in her hand.
“What do you want Zayn!?” Bianca asked, “Why do you have the need to poke me?”
“I’m bored, and I like to see you mad. You’re cute when you’re mad you know that? But you’re beautiful in whatever mood you’re in. Oh, and put the knife down you might hurt someone,” Zayn said innocently
“I’m gonna hurt you if you keep bothering me Zayn Malik! And don’t you go sweet talking me,” She said
“Oh come on Bianca,” Zayn said, “You know you can’t stay mad at me.”
                He wrapped his arms around Bianca and kissed her neck. She smiled and elbowed him in the stomach. Zayn went back and looked at her shockingly, while grabbing onto the spot where Bianca hit him.
“Oh I know,” Bianca said, “But you can’t get off that easy.” She went up to him and kissed him.
“Here let me help your wound,” She said, and grabbed an icepack in the fridge. Then Bianca said, “Now be a good boy and go do something while I cook okay?”
“Okay,” Zayn said in defeat. 

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Tell me what you’re feeling

“Man, (y/n), I loved your date!” Niall says, “He’s an awesome guy.”
“Ha, thanks,” You say, “Glad you approve of him. You boys approve of him?”
“Yeah, I think he’s amazing,” Liam replies
“Yeah he’s quite cheeky,” Harry says
“Oh, and he’s hilarious too,” Louis says
“Do you like him Zayn?” You ask
“Hm?” He says not really paying attention to you. You repeat yourself and he says, “Uh, he’s an okay guy.” He gets up and walks outside of the restaurant.
“What’s wrong with him?” You say, “He’s been acting all moody this whole night.” The boys look at each other, and you look confusingly at them.
“Oh you know Zayn,” Liam began, “It’s one of his moody days.”
“Oh,” You say not believing Liam’s words, “well I’m gonna get some fresh air, while you guys wait for the car to come.”
“Okay,” Niall says. You go out and see Zayn outside of the restaurant leaning against the wall, and looking at the stars. You walk over to him, but he doesn’t realize you there. You stand next to him, and stare out in the sky. Zayn turns his head and looks at you.
You look at him and say, “Hey.”
“Hey,” He returns, “what are you doing here?”
“Getting some fresh air,” You reply
“Oh, okay,” Zayn says. He looks at you and realizes that you’re cold, and puts his arm around you. He pulls you close to him, and you lean your head on him.
“Zayn?” You ask
“Hm?” He says
“Can I ask you a question?” You reply
“Sure thing babe,” Zayn says
“Why are you moody today?”
“Oh reasons..”
“Will you tell me?”
“Maybe, ask me some other day.”
“Why not now?”
“ ‘cause I don’t want to mess anything up right now.”
“Oh nevermind.”
“Okay…can I ask you another question?”
“Uh, why didn’t you like my date?”
“I don’t think he’s right for you.”
“Oh and who’s right for me?” You ask staring at him.
“Hm, I don’t know,” Zayn says staring at you.
You look at him disappointingly and say, “Now this is why I you frustrate me.”
He looks at you confusingly and says, “What are you talking about?”
“You send me mixed emotions that’s why I gave up on you, and moved on!” You say, “I don’t know whether you like me or not. If you don’t well then I’m probably embarrassing myself right now, and if you do well then I don’t know.”
“me,” Zayn says to you.
“What?” You say confusingly.
“I’m right for you,” He says and kisses you on the lips.
You stare at him and say, “Great to know what your feelings are.”

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blinded by love

You were going to see the boys today at Zayn’s apartment. Once again you wore another long-sleeved shirt, and you made sure that it went all the way to your wrist. You also wore your gloves, and grabbed your bag. Before you left, you made sure that you fixed your make up. Then you went out the door to drive to Zayn’s apartment. On your way there you get a text from your boyfriend saying, “Babe, I’m sorry you know I love you.” You text back, “Yeah, I know you do. ;) See you later okay?” He responds saying, “okay, see you later.” A few minutes later, you arrive at Zayn’s door, and were welcomed by five lads. They each gave you a hug, and you gave them a smile.
“Hey babe,” Zayn says, “How’s it going?”
“Fine,” You reply
“How’s your boyfriend doing?” Harry asks
“Fine,” You say again, “So, how are you guys doing?”
“Great!” They say
“So,” Liam say, “Are you going to take your gloves off? It’s warm in here.”
“Oh yeah,” You say with a shy smile, “How silly of me.” You took off your gloves carefully, and pulled your sleeves towards your hands.
Louis looks at you curiously and says, “Are you cold, babe?”
“Nah,” You say, “I’m fine.”
“Then why are you pulling on your sleeves?” Niall asks
“No reason,” You say quietly
The boys decide to stop questioning you, and you all decided to talk about the new things that have been happening. However, you failed to notice the boy’s staring at you, especially Zayn. In addition, you have failed to notice that your sleeves have been riding up your arms.
“(y/n),” Zayn says and you look towards him, “let me see your arm.”
Your eyes became wide, and you quickly pull down your sleeves.
“(y/n),” Zayn says again sternly, “let me see your arm!”
“There’s nothing wrong with it,” you reply
“Well then let me see it,” Zayn replies
“Yeah,” the other lads agree
Once again you disobey his command. Zayn goes up to you, and tries to get you to pull up your sleeve, but you try to fight back. The boys help him, and hold you down, while Zayn pulls up your sleeve. There on your arms were bruise marks, and the boys stared at shock.
“Who did this!?” Zayn screams
“Who was it!?” Harry asks
You look at them with tears in your eyes, and keep quiet.
“Come on babe,” Liam says, “please tell us what happened.”
“I-I can’t,” You stutter, “He-hurt-again.”
Zayn goes in front of you and stares in your eyes saying, “Please, did your boyfriend do this?”
You keep quiet and they became outraged. The lads stood up and ran out of the door. You get up and scream after them telling them to stop. Then you ran after them and saw them getting into the car.
You stop in front of the car and say, “Please don’t go after him.”
Zayn gets out of the car and goes to you and say, “I’m sorry, he needs a lesson okay? He’s not going to hurt you. You can stay in my apartment, so you’ll be safe.”
“No just please don’t go after him. I love him!” You scream
“How can you love someone like him?” Zayn asks, “He’s hurting you! He could even kill you! Please think about it (y/n), there are thousands of other men who would love to be with you, but you’re with him! He’s hurting you!”
“He loves me!” You say
“No he doesn’t!” Zayn yells, “Why would he hurt you if he loves you? You’re being such an idiot right now and it’s really frustrating! Stop being blinded by his stupid lies!”
You look at him with anger in your eyes and say, “Stop! Just leave me alone with my love life okay!? Why do you care anyways!”
“I CARE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU OKAY?! I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE HURT, ESPECIALLY BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTALLY, BY AN ASSHOLE!” He screams at your face. The boys in the car stare at the two of you quietly, but the two of you pay no attention to them. You look at Zayn shockingly, and he looks at you angrily and says, “If you don’t want us to help, then fine be that way.”
He returns to the car and tells the boys to get out of the car and go back inside the apartments. The boys sadly return to the apartment, but look at you sadly. You go back to your apartment forgetting your gloves at Zayn’s apartment. A couple of days later, your boyfriend visits you and starts physically abusing you again. However, this time you decide to stand up to him and fight back. As he was hitting you, you grabbed a lamp and hit him in the head. He fell on the ground and you called the cops. The cops came and arrested him. That night you went to bed thinking about how much Zayn was right. You were being an idiot. Additionally, you remember your gloves were at Zayn’s house and you needed it back. The next day you slowly went towards Zayn’s house and knocked on the door.
He answered it, and looked at you coldly and says, “What are you doing here?”
“Forgot gloves,” You say, “Listen, uh, Zayn…you were right. I am an idiot; I don’t know what I was thinking.”
He gave you a soft look and says, “No, I should be sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things. You were blinded by love, and I know it’s hard to face the fact about someone abusing you.”
Your eyes started to tear up and they soon streamed down your face. He took you in his arms and brought you inside the room. You calm down a few minutes later and you say, “Is it true that you love then?”
He looks at you says, “Yeah, loved you the first time I laid my eyes on you.”
“Oh really,” You say, “prove it.”
Zayn leans in and so do you. The two of you kiss passionately. The follow days consisted therapy, and the boys helping you. However, the bright side was that you got to hang out with Zayn.

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Leave it to Louis to Save the Day

“You know what Zayn?!” You scream, “I’m done!” You take your things and slam the door.
You hear Zayn scream, “Fine!”
Instead of taking the elevator down to the lobby of the hotel, you decide to take the stairs to get out as quickly as you can. You run down the hallway, but was soon stopped by the four lads.
“Let go of me Liam,” You demand.
“No (y/n),” Liam says, “I don’t get why you’re leaving (y/n). What happened between you to?”
“What are you guys fighting about anyways?” Niall asks.
“Everything! We don’t agree on anything like we used to okay?” You say, “I don’t even know why we’re still together. Just let me go!”
“(y/n),” Harry says, “Come on you don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I know what the hell I’m talking about Harry Styles!” You say, “Now just let me go!”
“Think about what you’re doing first” Louis says, “Think about what you have gone through with him.”
“Just please,” You whisper with tears in your eyes, “please let me leave.”
Liam looks at you sadly, and let’s go of your grip. You run down the stairs and call for a cab.
“Where do you want to go miss?” the cab driver asks.
“To the airport.” You say quietly thinking about Zayn. You didn’t even know what went wrong in your relationship. Every single day there was always fights over nothing. You sat in your seat thinking about the time he finally asked you out (read mission accomplished). It was all thanks to Louis and Harry for your relationship with Zayn. Then you thought about all the good times you had with him, like talking to him late at night, and cuddling with him. You especially thought about how much you love his lips were on yours. “Oh well,” you thought to yourself, “Maybe things just don’t last forever.” A tear escaped your eyes, and slid down your cheek.
Zayn came out of the room, and saw the boys in the hallway looking sad. He ran up to them and says, “Guys have you seen (y/n)? I need to talk to her.”
“Sorry bro,” Niall says, “She left.”
“What?” Zayn yells, “Where’d she go? Why’d she leave!”
“She needed to be alone. She went to the airport. Aren’t you guys over?” Harry says.
“I have no idea, but I don’t want it to be,” Zayn says, “Lou, drive me to the airport?”
“Right ahead of you,” Louis says.
The other boys decide the stay to distract management, so that they wouldn’t know that Louis and Zayn left.
“Man,” Zayn says, “I’m so stupid.”
“No you’re not Zayn,” Louis replies.
“Yes I am,” Zayn says, “Can you drive faster?”
“Easy there,” Louis says, “Calm down. Here let’s turn on the radio and listen to some music shall we?”
The whole ride to the airport was quite, other than the music playing, and some tension.
You get to the airport, and pay the cab driver. Once you got your bags checked and ready to go back to (name hometown), you go through security and wait for your plane to arrive, which is fortunately in a couple minutes. However, you still think about Zayn, and your wonderful memories. Minutes later, they announce that the plane will be boarding, so you grab your coat and go on the plane. You find your seat and look out into the window for a second, but then deciding to close your window. You hate airplanes so much, but you just couldn’t stand being here anymore. This makes it even though, because it reminds you of the time when all the boys kept checking on you every single minute during the plane ride, which was quite funny. Paul had to tie them to their chairs, but they would always find a way to get out.
Louis and Zayn arrive at the airport, and ask the people about the flight to (name hometown). They say that it is departing soon, so they drove off to the place where the planes are taking off. Zayn spots you on the airplane, and sees you close the window. He gets out of the car and runs towards the airplane. He asks one of the workers to let you in, but they refuse saying that he is not a passenger, and cannot board the plane. Zayn starts to try and get in, but the workers pull him back. The plane was departing, and it flew off into the air. Louis grabbed Zayn and took him back to the car.
Zayn was standing next to the car and hit the top of it and says, “Damn it!”
“Zayn calm down,” Louis says.
“I can’t!” He cries.
“Everything’s going to be fine,” Louis assures.
“No it’s not!” He yells, “I let her go! It’s all my fault!”
“Come on Zayn,” Louis says, “Please calm down, you don’t know what you’re saying.”
“I LOVE HER!” Zayn screams, “and I blew it! I love her…”
“Maybe there’s another way to catch her,” Louis says thoughtfully.
Zayn looks at Louis confusingly and says, “How?”
“I know a way,” He says mischievously and gets in the car. Zayn follows Louis into the car and they drive off.
You arrive back to your hometown airport. Throughout the plane ride, you felt like it was a terrible decision, but it probably was the best. You grab your bags, and head outside. As you went outside, you see Louis outside of his car, and Zayn a few feet from you.
“What are you doing here?” You ask.
“I couldn’t lose you,” He says stepping closer to you, “so, Louis and I took a plane that would arrive earlier than yours.”
“Zayn, we’ve been fighting for days,” You say.
“I know, and it’s stupid,” He says, “Please don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you. When you left, I realize I made the biggest mistake in my life. (y/n), I love you.”
You look at him with tears in your eyes and whisper, “I love you too.”
Zayn wiped the tear that was sliding down your face and kissed you on the lips. You turn to Louis and say, “Once again Lou, thank you.”
He smiles and says, “Don’t mention it.”

a/n: this has been one of my favorite imagines to write :) hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Don’t fight…

Imagine the boys getting into a huge fight and you had to lock them in a room together to try and solve their problems.
“Come on boys!” You say, “Just talk to each other, please! You guys have been friends for a long time!”
“Can you please let us out (y/n),” Niall begs, “I need food. I don’t even want to talk to them.”
“All you do is eat!” Harry screams.
“Why don’t you shut up?” Niall yells.
“GUYS! STOP!” You scream, “I’m trying to fix things!”
“Look,” Liam says, “We’re just not going forgive and forget this time.”
“Yeah, (y/n),” Zayn agrees, “We’ll get over it sometimes next week. We just need time apart from each other”
“No it’s not,” You say, “if you guys try to work things out right now everything will be okay. What if this ends your friendship or One Direction?”
“Come on babe,” Zayn says, “You know it’s not gonna happen.” He stands up and puts his arms around your waist and kisses you on the cheek.
“Stop Zayn,” You say, “Not right now. I want you guys to make everything better. Louis, Harry, and Nialll, STOP BICKERING, PLEASE! I beg of you I want you to stop!”
“You know what?” Louis says, “I just really think it’s a waste of time having us in this room.”
“No it’s not okay?” You say.
“As much as I hate to say this, but Louis is right (y/n). We can’t stand each other right now,” Liam says.
Liam picks you up and moves you out of the way to get to the door.
However, you say, “Too bad I locked the door. Now look if you guys don’t make up right now, I swear your friendship will be over! This is what’s going to happen. You guys will just end One Direction, and stop being friends. Then you guys will lose touch. After that in the future, you guys will meet each other somehow, maybe something Paul related, but you’ll realize that it will be awkward to talk to each other, and see how much you guys have been lost in touch. You wouldn’t know what happened to each other, and maybe you guys will act different. Just who knows?” You start to have tears in your eyes, and the boys look at you sadly.
Your boyfriend, Zayn goes up to you, and hugs you tight and says, “Look (y/n), it’s not going to happen alright?”
“Yeah,” They agree.
“We’re like brothers,” Louis say, “We love each other no matter what.”
“Yeah,” Harry says, “We’ll never lose touch.”
You look at them and say, “Good, now make up with each other. Your fight was pretty stupid.”
The boys look at you, and smile and get into one big hug.
“Sorry boys,” each of the boys say, “Love you.”
Then they turn to you and say, “Thank you (y/n).”
You smile at them and hit them on their heads and say, “Don’t fight over stupid things ever again.”

a/n: was watching boy meets world. episode: seven the hard way. I don’t own Boy Meets World, but it inspired me to write I kind of version of it but with one direction. hope you enjoy!

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I’ll make love to you…?

Imagine…being mad at Zayn for who knows what. You decide not to talk to him for days, and you would stay in your room. Zayn and you stay in the same apartment, but have separate bedrooms. Anyways, Zayn has been trying to make you talk to him, or even smile at him.  He just wanted to get some kind of emotion from you. Right now, it is around 5:00 p.m. and you are sitting on your bed with your legs hanging off the edge. You are reading one of your favorite books, or magazines, and you hear the door open. You take a peak and see Zayn and the lads. The lads smile at you and you just role your eyes and put the book down. Liam has a radio in his hands and turns it on. Then the boys start singing, trying to get some kind of emotion from you.
Liam starts singing:
“Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We’re gona celebrate, all thru the night
Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I’ll do anything, girl you need only ask
All the lads:
I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I’ll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
'Till you tell me to
Girl relax, let’s go slow
I ain’t got nowhere to go
I’m just gonna concentrate on you
Girl are you ready, it’s gonna be a long night
Throw your clothes on the floor
I’m gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you
Girl whatever you ask me, you know, I’ll do
All the lads:
I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I’ll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
'Till you tell me to”
Baby tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life
All the lads:
I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I’ll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
'Till you tell me to”

After the song, Zayn looks at you hopefully, and you crack a smile. The boys cheer and Zayn takes you in his arms. He looks at you and says, “So do you still hate me?”
“I could never hate you Zayn Malik,” you say back, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” He says. He kisses you and the boys jump on top of the both of you.

a/n: i was listening to the song the other day, and i thought about how the boys could sing it. If you listen to the parts, most of it sounds right for them, especially Louis and Zayn’s parts that I have chosen. I don’t know what you guys would think, but it’s my opinion. oh and i know louis and niall’s parts are short..:/ oh and it is by Boyz II Men, or Babyface :) xx

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Imagine…Those glasses of yours

You decide to go and buy some coffee at a cute little café down the street. You decided to wear your nerd glasses, since you loved them so much. Even though they weren’t prescription glasses, you still wore them because they are your favorite accessory.  It was your favorite, because there was a special symbol at the side of the frame. Anyways, you took your wristlet, and put on a pair of UGGS. When you arrived at the café, you got in line. It was mid-fall, so it was getting pretty chilly. While you were waiting, you noticed 5 lads entering the coffee shop. They were all good looking, and they seemed like they were having the time of their lives. Four of the boys had to excuse themselves for a bit, and told the tan boy their order. The tan boy caught you staring, and you smiled shyly at him. You two get into a nice conversation, and it was your turn to order. While you were ordering, you didn’t notice the boy admiring you. You took your order and sat at your special little booth at the corner of the store, and enjoyed the warmness of the coffee. As you look around the coffee shop, you notice that there wasn’t that much room, since it was packed. The 5 lads bought coffee, and started searching for a place to sit. The one with the curly hair, spots you and points out the table to the boys. You just sat there, but pretended that you didn’t notice them heading your way. You set down your nerd glasses, since it was getting foggy from the heat of the coffee.
“Uhm, excuse me,” the curly headed boy said, “Do you mind if we sit with you? There’s not much room here, and you’re sitting alone..”
“Sure,” you reply. The tan, and mysterious looking one sat across from you, and the curly haired boy and the blonde followed. The two other boys sat next to you, and for some reason, it felt comfortable.
“So,” the curly headed boy said, “I’m Harry.”
“I’m Zayn,” said the tan one.
“Niall,” said the blonde.
“Louis,” said the one right next to you.
“And I am Liam,” said the one at the end, “And your name is?”
All of a sudden your cellphone rang, and you answered it. It was your boss saying that they need you in work today. You reply with an okay and say, “Sorry boys, it was nice meeting you but I need to go.” You rush out of the store to get to work, forgetting your glasses. After a long day at work, you went home and realized that you left your glasses. The next day you went back to the coffee shop to see if your glasses were there. The employees said that there were no glasses left at the table. You were upset by it and went home. A couple minutes later a car pulled up at the coffee shop, and Zayn stepped out of it. He had the glasses in his hands and went into the café to see if you were there. Unfortunately, you left before he showed up. When you arrived home, you decided not to go to the coffee shop, so you could save money and get a new pair. However, during that time, you didn’t know that Zayn and the boys returned each day to see if you were there. A week later you decide that you really needed a coffee, and went to the coffee shop. You enter the coffee shop, bought a coffee, and sat at your special booth. A couple minutes later you notice Zayn walking into the coffee shop looking hopeless, but when he saw you his face lit up.
He went over to you and said, “Finally, you’re here! I’ve been coming here each day at the same time to try and give you this.” He took out your glasses, and he handed it to you. “I have also searched other places trying to find you.”
You look at him and say, “Thanks so much! You shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble for me.”
He looks at you and says, “I had to because I couldn’t get you out of my mind, and I needed to see you again. Also, you never told me and the boys your name.”
You smiled at him and said, “It’s (y/n).”
He then said, “That’s a beautiful name. Do you uh, wanna go out for dinner later?”
“It would be great,” You said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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Imagine….Mission Accomplished

Hanging out with the boys at their photo shoot, since they have invited you to go. You have been friends for a couple months now, and you have developed feelings for Zayn. The only person who knows other than yourself is Louis, since he got you to admit it, which is a long story to tell. Anyways, during the photo shoot, you decide to sit down and read a book. While reading the book, you hear the boys laughing, and you take a peek at them. They were doing the weirdest poses ever and it made you laugh to yourself. You go back to your book, and you get into the story that you don’t realize that Louis and Zayn have appeared right in front of you. You were biting the bottom of your lip because you were so engrossed with the novel, and you wanted to see what happen. Louis clears his throat, and you look up at the two of them. You see that the two of them were smiling, and you had no idea what they were up to.
“You guys done with the photo shoot?” You ask curiously, while trying to figure out what they were going to do.
“Yeah we are,” Zayn replies.
“Yeah,” Louis agrees, “so watcha reading?”
“You know,” You say, “the kind of romantic comedy kinds that will probably bore you to death. Now what are you two up to?”
“Oh I see, you want to know? Well you see here.” Louis says, while resting his hand on Zayn’s shoulder, which made Zayn turn around to look at Louis.
“Go on,” You say.
Louis then points to Zayn and says, “This young man has the hots for you and wants to know if you will go out on a date with him.”
Zayn wasn’t expecting that to happen and he looks at Louis surprisingly. He grabs Louis and starts saying quietly, “Shut up.”
While on the other hand, Louis kept on going on how Zayn likes you. You then notice Harry behind them giving you a thumbs up, and mouthing the words “Louis is telling the truth.”
You watch Zayn and Louis go at each other, and start laughing at them. A couple of minutes later, they settle down, and you say, “Well I would love to go on a date with you if you were serious Mr. Malik” with a wink.
He looks at you surprisingly and says, “Oh, uh, yeah..Saturday sounds good?”
You laugh and say, “Yeah sounds great.”
Louis and Harry then high-five each other, and say, “Mission Accomplished.”

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imagine…The Ideal Date

going on a date with Zayn. He decides to take you to a restaurant near his house. the restaurant wasn’t classy, but it was nice. The lights weren’t too bright nor dim. the table you sat at had a silk table cloth and a rose in a vase. However, the food that was served there was the thing you would least expect. You both ordered a cheeseburger with fries. You weren’t like those girls who would order “healthy” or a small amount food, which Zayn loved about you. After eating your meal you two decided to order desert. Zayn ordered chocolate ice cream, since he loves chocolate so much, and you ordered vanilla and chocolate ice cream. While you two were eating, Zayn took his spoon full of ice cream and touched it at the tip of your nose. You make a face when it made contact with your nose, and Zayn laughs at your cute reaction. After you ate desert, Zayn payed for the dinner, of course. Zayn shyly takes your hand as you guys exit the restaurant. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful scene. you two were walking back to Zayn’s house to watch a movie. Zayn took you to the basement, where there was a flat screen and a leather couch, and put in a horror movie. You both sat on the couch and he took a blanket and wrapped it around the both of you. You snuggle up against him, and rest your head on his shoulders. He looks at you lovingly, but you don’t notice. Throughout the movie, you grabbed on to Zayn and buried your face into his chest whenever something scary happened. He laughs at your reaction and you playfully hit him. Even though he laughed, he held onto you, and you felt protected. After the movie, he took your hand. “Uh where are we going?” you ask “Just trust me okay?” he replies “okay…”you say after a few seconds Zayn takes you to his room and opens the window. He goes through the window, and you were quiet scared. He pops his head through the window and says, “come on, i swear nothing bad will happen. Take my hand.” You were a bit hesitant, but you trust him. You take his hand and climb through the window. Now both of are you are on the roof and you relaxed when you notice that it was flat and that it would be hard to fall off of. You then notice that Zayn has laid a blanket on the rough and he leads you to the blanket. The sky has turned dark and there were bright stars in the sky. You both lay down on the blanket and he holds you in his arms. A couple minutes later he turns his head towards you, an you do the same. You both lean in and have a passionate kiss. You pull back, and he says, “I’ve always wanted that kiss under the stars and on the roof top.” You smile and think, “this is the best date ever.” The two of you watched the stars, and then you two fell asleep on the roof. The next day the boys came to visit Zayn and discovered that you were both on the roof. As a joke the took a bucket of water and poured it on you too.

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Imagine…Weirdest first kiss

going on vacation with the boys at your family’s vacation house. The boys and you have been friends for a couple of months, but it seems like forever. You are walking to your special “secret” place, which is the gazebo in the garden. You get along with the boys equally, but you have always had special feelings for Zayn. Unfortunately, Harry has figured it out by asking if you liked Zayn one day. You replied with a no, but he didn’t believe it and he has been bothering you ever since then. Anyways, you walk to the gazebo and stare at the tiny pond near it. Suddenly, you feel hands on your shoulders, which caught you by surprise.
"Oh my gosh! What the hell?!" you start yelling random things, since he scared you. However, Zayn thought it was funny and started cracking up at your reaction, "Stop laughing!"
A few moments later Zayn calmed down and says, “I’m sorry but that was a cute reaction.” He then gave you a wink
"Hahaha," You say sarcastically. You stare back at the pond.
"Okay, I’m sorry!" Zayn pleads.
"Yeah whatever," you respond, "So how did you find me here? No one could ever find this place."
"I have my ways," Zayn replies while wiggling his eye brows, which caused you to laugh, "so…is it true?"
"What’s true?" You ask nervously.
"That you have never kissed someone in your life?" Zayn says, "I think it’s weird since you’re cute and have a cute personality."
"Oh, uh yeah that’s true," you reply awkwardly, "and please that’s not true."
"It is though, but why haven’t you?" he asks
"Um, I haven’t found the right person?" you say. When you said this, you didn’t notice the Zayn going towards you inch by inch. Now he was beside you. He turns you around and grabs your chin and tilts your head up, so you will be making eye contact with him.
"Well if it’s okay with you," Zayn whispers, "could I be your first kiss?" You did a slight nod and he closed the gap between you two. It wasn’t intense, nor long. It was just a 3 second peck. You two pull back with goofy grins on each of your faces.
"Well, uh that was great," you say happily.
Zayn laughs and says, “Glad you enjoyed it.”
Suddenly, the other boys came out of no where and screamed multiple things such as, “FINALLY!” “YES!” “WOO!” “YEAH!”.
The two of you laugh, and you spend the rest of the day with the boys. You and Zayn got closer on the trip, but didn’t date yet until a couple months later, since you wanted to take things slow. You then discover that “trustworthy” Harry told Zayn the things you have told him when Zayn admitted he has been crushing on you.

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